Snail, Slugs, Snakes and Serpents
Operating in the enemy's camp

by Dedric Hubbard
June 16, 2010

Matthew 24:24 “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”


Summoned by the Lord earlier today in a spiritual encounter to have a roundtable discussion about the plans he is putting into action. According to the scripture they will fool everyone but the very elect. God states that because he is fair he will start on even ground in the dirt. He will use the enemy's tactics to expose the works of the devil in which the very elect will begin to get down and dirty. The church, remnant, end-time ministries and individuals must recognize when God brings a tradition, revelation, or mindset to the forefront our immediate response shouldn't be a negative response or resorting to defaming one another, but rather to seek clarification on the issue through God, The Word, and if need be that individual. We must understand that God is releasing end-time revelation, anointings, individual to get the job done. Some of us will have to admit we were trained wrong, taught incorrect revelations, etc. We will begin to realize that we have been tricked by the enemy taking someone else's words, advice, and not seeking the truth from God. We must no longer read the Bible from our interpretation-revelation standpoint, but from spiritual eyes which require us to use revelation-interpretation to reveal what God is speaking in this season it is with this thought we deal with the craftiness of the devil but the wisdom of God.


- God understands and knows he makes and has all kinds of snails, but for the purpose of this revelation we will only deal with the tongue, shell, and their environment. God was stating that the remnant, end-time ministries, individuals, and some of the prophets are moving like snails getting into place to launch, locate, connect, and receive instructions from the Lord. The reason being is they have a shell over them holding them back or in the church language it's called a “covering.” These end-time devices must understand that the church is out of order so when God gives you a direct order you are to move where he says. God is moving the church from a covering mindset into a connection mindset meaning everyone is equal in all phases of life. A person on the street should receive the same respect as a person behind a pulpit. Before we enter heaven this must be established because everyone in heaven is equal; no one is more or less than the other. The shell of these coverings has hardened the hearing of God because we look to certain people to be the spiritual authority on things when they are not. Some seasons have passed, but we continue to run to them and certain leaders for advice, support, and assistance and have built a dependence, need, or a human idol unto ourselves.

We understand that in the natural we pour salt on the snail and the chemical reaction stops, immobilizes, and then eventually kills the snail, thus in the spirit some people that are closest to us are pouring salt on us. We take advice from leaders, prophets, and people who we think are helping us, but in some cases it denies us the ability to go forth. Holding you back until they feel you are ready and not when God tells you that you’re are ready. In that we become Josephs and tell people our dreams, visions, and plans that God has given us; they internally reject us but externally receive us. The remnant must understand that God is moving now and the reason you have not received your orders is that you have rejected the one who carries it, are out of order, under a covering mentality, or are not asking for help from the one who possess the 'now' word; or perhaps you are the problem. We must understand that a snail’s tongue has many of microscopic tooth-like structures on a ribbon like surface that works like a file. It scrapes and cuts the food before it enters the throat. Some of your words, revelation, and destiny are being cut and scraped out of you because you are revealing your destiny to people that God is not planning to use and they are twisting your revelation to feed their need. In other words many of you are being used from the very people you trust. Your anointing, destiny, and purpose are being contaminated and destroyed in the spirit by the same coverings, fathers, mothers, who you claim birth you out. Read with spiritual eyes and relate with Godly wisdom.


- God's choice for delivering the massive blow to the enemy’s camp. These are the end-time prophets that are reckoned dead in Christ with no covering but God, but plenty of connections; some they have not even accessed yet. These are the generals of the end-time movements. They carry the blueprints, anointings, and armour for the end-time bride. They realize the importance of what God is doing and revealing the revelations to those who are elected into this effort. Their greatest weapon is that they are naked and open, not relying on man's protection but God's protection. Their nakedness is also their bait for strength for the remnant will wonder and admire how can they speak with such boldness and authority. It is because they have been walking with the Lord, their mission is simple but yet complex: seek and destroy anything that God says has become an idol, tradition, religion, or bondage to the people. They are outspoken, powerful, bold, and fearless. They are in place to expose the hidden darkness the devil has planted within the church and they will begin to become visible in their nakedness so they can be eaten by one of their enemies, the snake.


- When the slugs are eaten by the snake they then become double-agents. In other words they will start to speak with a forked-tongue, meaning they will raise up the serpent for who he is and expose what once healed you is now hurting you because you won't let go in the forms of people, places, ministries, coverings etc. Although many will not understand them the remnant will start to pay attention because the slugs will become irritable in the snake’s belly with the words and arrogance many will think they have. But what they call “arrogance” is just the confidence that the Lord has specifically called them to for this mission and failure is not an option. These hidden spirits that are operating in certain leaders will begin to emerge and will lead the snakes to run to their master and the spirit that is controlling these people and ministries, the serpent.


- The people God has in place and anointed to operate in this end-time mission is really after this demon Leviathan. This spirit is a Nephilim spirit and extremely powerful and the devils' handyman. The remnant when faced with this spirit must not only have a knowledge of demons but their spiritual hiding place and the techniques in which they use to beguile Christians and ministries. Why is this revelation so important? Because we must understand that if you portray to be an end-time vessel, ministry, etc., and God has not put his seal on it then you will be doing more harm than good. We have to realize God has taken control and is using vessels he sees fits for the job. The voice you used to hear and believe may not be the one for this season. When Joshua took them over Moses voice was gone. Some of your favorites voices are going and gone, but yet they don't have a humble enough spirit to sit and watch. If I be who God says I am, for a person who tries to be a part of something that you are not you won't have to wait to see God, he will remove you himself. Therefore, even though your calling and election is true the seal of the end-time remnant must be upon you. If not, let the slugs do their job while you sit and watch.

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