State of Confusion

by Dedric Hubbard
May 21, 2010

God says that many prophets and apostles are confused about this move of God. You are not getting the rhema words, encounters, visions, and access to the heavenly places; it is not from the devil, it's from him. God says you can't rebuke his correction nor bind his call. He states, “you cause the confusion so you must find your way out. For your disobedient attitudes to words and instructions that were given to you at my command, I reach out to you and you did not recognize my hand. For you thought you heard me and I was speaking through the pain, you failed to make the move so you are stuck in a place I call confusion in which you find your way out. For when I send a call for a prophet to speak did they not uplift my name in their actions and speech, but you shun my words thinking you were strong for I saw you were out of place and I tried to call you home. For I speak through the spirit and it puts ease to the soul, but you try to figure me out and the devils enter in. You analyze my words and action looking for fault and you missed my whole spirit. Because you have become a slave to your thoughts spiritual matters are not discussed in human forms of mind. You have to come before my throne to receive my assurance and my tithes for it is not money I am after, your soul is what I seek. Did not the king of Sodom tell Abram to keep the goods? For he wanted the souls.”

“For the deception you are in is a result of your soul being out of line because you did not heed to my speech did I not say nothing is released until everything is complete. For this is a warning before judgment begins for as Elijah held the rain at my command, so it be unto you now until you change your frame of thought. For to be used in my season in a mighty way you must be on one accord so that my spirit will shine. So what assignments have you not completed and you said “God won't mind” or did you say “God knows my heart and it will be alright.” For yes, your heart was evil because of impure thoughts for you separated yourself based on appearances in the dark and not according to the light. For you must go back and complete the assignment I told you to do. So who did you not bless because of the cares of the world? Who did you not call and give my word to because you forgot? Who did you not visit for the time that I have named? Who did you not ask for information because you did not understand? And who are you not connecting with to access my plan? All these are forms of pride that must be brought down, strongholds of secrets that I will reveal. Unless you complete your assignments on earth, heaven is out of reach. For this is a season when I feed my sheep with fresh bread, wine, and meat; all pride must be dried up like in Elijah's days. I have ravens assigned to feed you until you come to yourself not one more “God said,” for it will be of yourself.”

“For pride is not welcome in a kingdom move. Everyone who works with Elijah this season has to be in their seat for the fireworks to begin. I the Lord have answered your prayers, can you answer me? Your assignments, mantles, and provision are held up until your pride has ceased. Find your dirty birds for they prepare the feast. For what is a spirit who has to no avail brought himself down low to be considered nothing for the gospels sake? It takes a little time but now that spirit has resurrected and everything is fine. For I release a whirlwind of confusion over your mind. The light must be lit to wake up in time as you complete your assignments I will confirm, but open your mouth with a “God said” and you haven't finished your task. I will close your flow from heaven and place you in a daze until you come to yourself and realize that I demand obedience for my name's sake.

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