The Pentecostal Papers
The Apostolic Address

by Dedric Hubbard
May 22, 2010

As mentioned yesterday, I shared God's revelation of why and how you go through trials that are ordained of God and the accessing of authority that they hold according to God's will for your life. Although I did not complete the entire revelation, God stated that it is symbolic of people revealing half-truths, incomplete trials, incomplete authority, and raising men to a standard of idolization that wasn't intended from the foundation of the earth. For if God raises what fear can you have of falling, unless his wings move and you are exposed to the son. Are you not then lifted up by the son to be shown to the father and be placed in your seat? For many have called themselves apostles, prophets, chief prophet/apostle, master teacher etc., and men have recognized them as such. It may have been well for them to do that, and I do not get in the affairs of men but of God. Those who claim God understand authority, for is a man ever sent in authority unless he understands authority and being sent from God? It is now time for those who claim authority in these positions. As I look over toward the others work stations I see them not, for they have not left earth to touch heaven. Therefore, it is not my God's power they receive but of the one that was sent to test their power in authority. Although it brings me comfort to know that I see the angels gearing up for an earthly invasion of sorts, they are packing their bags with instructions, authority, flaming swords, and power. As they see me at my desk laboring for the human race I see the assurance in their eyes that all is not in vain. It is therefore necessary, that God express his displeasure at the defilement of his name according to the measure of authority one has placed himself in. If you are a master it is time for a crash course on authority. As we noted yesterday, the 12 dimensions of the creation mindset were in the first 12 verses of Genesis; don't have time to review much therefore I will move on. In the next 12 verses we understand what we were created to and this is what represents a sent one from God:

1. Representation - Patience

2. Spiritual Agreement - Experience

3. Ownership - Hope

4. Power - Unashamed

5. Reproduction

6. Manufacture

7. Completion

8. Separation

9. Kingdom

10. Authority

11. Broadcast

12. Life

After you have completed these 12 trials there are four keys you must possess to be called an apostle of God so by the grace of God that has been bestowed upon me and the grace of he who sent me, how can you claim ownership of something that you did not build? And how can you master something that you do not operate? And how can you show someone the way that you never accessed? And how can you access that for which you have not the keys? It is for the people's sake that you are a robber and a thief and if you be found holding the sheep when the master visits the pasture are you not worthy to be put to sleep? For I speak with a forked tongue for I must speak in deceit for the sheep have been deceived, not that I am a snake unto God but to man who has deceived the people by manipulating their minds. I speak out of order that I may bring you in order to the mind of him who sent me. It is of that cause that when the angels arrive at the set time they give you orders that may bring light into the hearts of men. For the Gospel is not a threat to the unlearned but to those that are learned, for the unlearned worketh by the spirit of him who speaks and the learned worketh by the spirit of this world. As the master of the vineyard passed by my desk he smiles and says "all is well my son, for what man teaches a son life lesson and does not allow him to go on his own? He is not a man but a grown child for he who raises him is afraid to fail. Does not a father give his son a blessing even when he is wrong? Not because of the mistake he has made but life victories he has won? Did not the prodigal return to the best so what more has the Lord after Pentecost then to send his best wrapped in human flesh but full of our Lord.

So do I consider myself an apostle, prophet, etc.? Because of the knowledge we must reveal unto a dying world I have passed those stages for my test. Trials and tribulations have already been won for they were nailed at the cross. The road I have traveled has led me to sonship where God teaches us all face to face, but upon the earth when I return from my duties here I must constantly still make myself the least upon this land for satan has many forms, people, and tricks and I can fall into the workings of his trap. Therefore, class is over you who think they have arrived. If you haven't mastered yourself how can you access the keys? It is in your best interest that you find the ones who will have access to show you how the victories are won according to God's plan and not what man thinks for to be friends with the world is to be a disgrace before the throne on judgement day. For what man holds God's right hand and his left at all times? It is one fitted for war inside of earth domain; fire for the Holy Ghost and ice for the deception of man which has been exposed. Your foundations are melting and are being built in front of your nose in pure gold.

So it's your choice to receive information from those who are authorized to fight for the kingdom is now. There is no excuse for ignorance when it comes to the coming of the Lord unless satan smites you with pride as he did that day in the garden. Adam was afraid to speak for he thought his bride was too good for him and Eve thought she was not enough. The old serpent played both sides of the field transferring himself into an angel of darkness for the man and of light for the woman he played both sides of the field. Until they both ended up on his label passing blame to everyone but themselves for they were responsible for what they heard. Now God has turned the table; he is exposing the light. Everything is out in the open because after Pentecost the Holy Ghost will burn bright.
Please be warned I will not be wiping noses, tears, or sweat for my assignment is to make sure all demons, strongholds, traditions, and mindsets are exposed. Heaven has now touched the ground, it is up to you to gain access. Please be advised your feet will be washed at the door. For everything is out in the open

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