The Passion of a Prophet

by Dedric Hubbard
May 31, 2010

As I get ready to teach my prophetic class God says to throw some nuggets out to people who may not understand the nature and power of a prophetic vessel. The person must notice God is leading them by an increase in dreams, visions, rhema words, revelation and sometimes he sends an angel in pure form or in human form; this is to let you know that it is God dealing with you. I think my first was an open vision of locusts followed by an angel and then you meet the deity who sent for you or prophetic spirit in this case, there could be more depending on the nature of your task. A prophet must know their life will reflect there calling and nothing is every wasted as long as you are true to who you are if a prophet attempts to separate any part of their life from their calling their anointing is hindered immediately for that is why you were called to heal the broken hearted. For example if a prophet was molested, raped, or anything sexual as a child it is a traumatic experience that lives with the prophet until God gets ready to use them and you must come to terms and ask forgiveness if available of that person. If that person is completely healed they forget that experience. If God sends a prophet to a church and there is a person who has been through the same thing, God will lead the person to them under the anointing of the Holy Ghost and when the prophet calls for healing in that area it happens because God's anointing flows through that particular prophet’s pain and it heals the individual.

However, if a prophet has not completely healed they become wounded prophets and thus they may see a person hurt but they will not heal until that person pays them for these are the ones who manipulate. Or if God pulls the prophet's mantle to heal the person but the prophet has a Balaam spirit this means they hear God but because they have not repented they prostitute their gifts and the devil has access and they get offensive and rebellious and wound the person who should be healed. This is witchcraft, for the prophet knows there is no money in it, but God controls and the demon speaks abusive and speaks of the sin in the person life, this is not God. For God conceals hurt never reveals to humiliate. What happens is the demon in the prophet does not want to cast the other out so they speak abusive so that the person being ministered to does not receive the word for they are shocked at the speech of this prophet. God is calling a new order of prophets who understand and know the effects and limits of prophetic ministry. There are many wounded prophets degrading others with unrealistic expectations, all in the name of to get there anointing. All prophets are different, there are really no two alike. There are 21 cycles of prophetic ministry each prophet goes through which allows them to use different anointings; they are tied to the 7 prides of life. In this season if God is calling you and you are not sure or need help, go in prayer for at least 7 days and let God lead you to an appropriate mentor. The minute you notice something that is not right in your spirit about them, God is telling you your time is up and he will train you himself until he needs you to meet another mentor.

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