Who is the Bride?
Believers Rising In Discrete Examples

by Dedric Hubbard
June 30, 2010

As I was sitting quietly observing a woman with a strange anointing and God says “they don't know who they are,” it was the bride he was mentioning. The church has to understand what God means when he says the bride; it is the formation of who he is, his spirit, his person, and his power. We must understand that the bride can be a single person as well as a ministry. In God's eyes it's whoever understands his purpose for his kingdom and walks in his kingdom authority, meaning you are operating in heaven and earth and with the knowledge of how you operate as well as the operation of heavenly things. A person who speaks kingdom words and does kingdom miracles in this season but does not have the knowledge of God's kingdom is a tinkling brass and a loud cymbal. Outside of demonstration they have no knowledge which means there is no God-love in this person at all. Many may disagree with that statement because it is spiritual, therefore we will explain in earthly wisdom: If you go to college and want a degree in some kind of electronics you must know the ins and outs so if anything goes wrong you can know where the problems lies and fix the problem and you depend on the teacher to be knowledgeable in that field to help you understand. Many have depended on present-day leaders to teach you on certain gifts. Chances are they may have helped you to a point, but sometimes you have to go to a specialist and usually many go to an apostle and/or prophetic person to get some in-depth understanding and there is nothing wrong with this if you understand the gift and the nature of the person you are going to.

Many Christians have been caught up in the boldness in which some of these gifts speak and yet they have no idea what has taken place; they just got excited and believed and in some cases many may have been blessed. The question is where or who sent you that blessing? It has been quite hard for most individuals to tell if a prophet is walking in witchcraft or in Christ but you must understand we are in a season where God is revealing the true nature of people through people who actually walk with the Lord. And I thank God for this because many have been duped and are getting duped because of inadequate people in ministry posing as the ones always in the know and are nowhere near it yet. But because of pride they don't want people to know they aren't knowledgeable as they should be or they hear another prophet say it and they are off and running and haven't confirmed it. Well, I hate to expose the weakness in the wall but it has to be torn down before God can build his foundation. The standard for the apostolic/prophetic ministry has risen so high that if you don't know the basics, how can you operate in the office? It's in this season many people in these two offices and/or gifts will have to be taught again this time but in perfection. In this season just being a prophet and hearing God is not enough, the standards are above and beyond. God states we have people operating in high-level witchcraft, spiritism, witches and warlocks, and yet many pack up every Sunday and conference time to be beguiled. Many have perfected the power and the performance of their gifts as well as knowledge of the Bible, but yet have no knowledge of the heavenly things that comes along with being an apostle or prophet. So while many are and were being duped God has been raising up his masterpiece who will represent his bride.

These are the individuals who have taken time and learned directly from the throne room of God during their trials and tribulations and this has gotten them the intimacy needed to walk with God and thus they have entered and have access to everything God has to offer. Because of their relationship they have unlimited power and knowledge that they have not even tapped into because in these throne room encounters they understood his limitless love for them. As I talk and relate to some of the individuals I can tell their hunger for more sometimes is over powered by their need to belong. I remember talking just yesterday with one and he mentioned the season has changed so looking I understood he heard this from someone else who was a prophet so I said “what season are we in?” He had no answer and yet he was so sure when he first said it. I didn't want to discourage him, but we are in a time when the truth has to be revealed and you just can't go by what you hear someone say. For the Bible says study to show your own self..... So as I begin to tell him my testimony it lead to the season and I told him how the seasons operate and the rivers that God exposes in certain season to allow you access into his plans for you as well as his kingdom. Meaning I was teaching him discretely, not telling him he was wrong or right but that he needed a more in-depth relationship with God to understand the fullness of his access to the throne as well as behind the mantle he wears. The feeling most prophets feel in the past week is not a seasonal change, but a river change meaning God is stopping the flow out of the river Hiddekel and pushing back toward the river Gihon. But the season has not changed, just the flow of the anointing.

Most prophets won’t tell you or don't know because when the call came in for me to stand and learn I left the religious traditions, mindsets, and spiritual fathers/mothers most people have taken to because of traditions. And I stood before the throne being taught by the real spiritual fathers of the faith and the real elders of the faith, not some people with a name and a prayer. Yes they called me mentally unstable, crazy, or whatever but one thing I learned whatever you call me in this end-time season I will have the plans, workings, and revelation in my spirit before they reach the earth for most people to start comprehending. That's why many of you are misinformed and led astray by most prophetic people. Anytime you feel something in the spirit they holla shift, season, hour and have no idea or knowledge of what's going on in heaven because they have only been there in words only. It's time many of you find your end-time prophet and/or apostle and learn what season you really are in. Because God is moving between the two rivers giving his remnant, ministries, and harvest to get in place before the seasons change. This next phrase is spirit but I will speak with ease so you can understand. The anointing that flows out of the river Hiddekel was for the prophets to reveal the hidden parts of your life that have held you captive and leading you astray that is why it leads to Assyria. God is going back to release the anointing through the Gihon river because he wants the prophets to release the revelation of what is holding you in bondage that is why it leads to the land of Ethopia meaning there is one major stronghold that holds your entire life, ministry, anointing, gift, marriage etc in bondage.

But then again many will never hear this nor what has you bound because it may be the leader, ministry, prophet, apostle, pastor, etc that has you bound in a stronghold. Because some don't realize they are doing it, some do, and some are just unknowledgeable. Where some are prideful, you have to realize that God is coming back not in a nice form but a judging form meaning he may say or release a revelation that may be hard to swallow but it's because he loves you enough to get you into place. Like you tell your children you love them before you put the belt on them it hurts but it will heal. So what does God do? He brings a person like Bro. Hubbard who owes no man nothing for his gift, calling, anointing, or relationship with God. He owes no ministry nothing for his gift, calling, anointing or relationship with God and why is that? Because everything was in place for foundational purpose which means you keep building until you find your way to God. So if it seems harsh and anyone thinks I owe you something, take it with God and when I go up to talk and he says “do this” or “say that” I will, because he gives out rewards and accolades not me for I am just a mere spiritual man with a relationship with a spiritual God. So the only ministry or spirit that he has said he will show his favor on is the last step that I made before I saw my heavenly reward and I haven't been too many. But as the Lord stated and I agree the spirit of love at that church in -----will be shown through the state then the world; can't mention the name yet, don't want no imposters running there. So you can listen to them and say the season is changing, but when I went before the throne the only change is the flow of the anointing.

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