The Bridal Structure
Part 2

by Dedric Hubbard
June 12, 2010

God summoned me this morning for a balance check. I've been doing too much earthly ministry and my heavenly ministry is almost lacking; thank the Lord for a Holy Spirit that talks. Entering my office in the Spirit everyone gathered around my desk. We have to realize before I go any further, that everyone who lived before us is alive and well in Heaven waiting on that day. The reason some may not have encounters like others have is for one or two reasons: One, you really haven't gotten to a place of total surrender like you should, because of the hidden things you try to hide. Two, it may just not be your time yet because you stopped at a place that you should have been just passing through. This revelation is not for everyone, it’s for the ones to who have had God tell them that they would be end-times vessels, end-times ministries, or the ones he is just now waking up to report for duty. This remnant I have just named must realize every time God gets ready to move a group of people to the next level, he always has specific spokespersons in specific areas to whom he gives details, objectives, blueprints, and revelations. Whatever your area God has called you to, before this summer is over you must find your spokesperson. You must also realize that because God is only trying to reach the remnant, some may have more than one duty because of the election of grace God has given them. God doesn’t care whether you like them, he doesn't care if they are not your race, he does not care if they have not been preaching but for 1 year, he doesn't care if they don't have a piece of paper. All he cares about is the information and the anointing inside of these vessels he is releasing and those who consider themselves in authority. If you do not have the right end-times vessel in front of God’s people because of your failure to recognize a person for who they are due to personal differences, you are the one that God will deal with, with no remorse on that day. Despite this, each person is still responsible for their own personal relationship with God. For your failure to find your true voice and instead have a leader dictate your actions to the point in which they control you spiritually, you are going to have your day as well for idolizing an individual who you know is wrong, yet because of fear and intimidation you are afraid to speak.

1. Coverings - You can keep your traditions, religion, mindsets, etc. God says he will release no anointing or revelations, and will not allow partaking in his end-time harvest to any who operate in this practice. For those who have never had an in-depth experience in heaven which allows you to see the operation thereof, God covers everything in heaven; the people are all on one accord. There is none higher than the others, they are all equal. A man is not your spiritual father/mother, your spiritual father/mother can be accessed in heaven and they may be one (or a combination) of the elders which sit before the throne. Many have been taught the 'covering' practice and it is wrong. All your needs are met in heaven, a covering hovers over you that is the Holy Spirit's job. A connection brings you to a point of understanding and then lets you go but is still accessible for information if needed. A person who demands payment or an offering to help you find your place in God and then promises to 'cover' you spiritually is not a part of the bridal structure. However, if that person and/or ministry wants to give, it is up to them if spirit led. A person demanding or hinting to a monetary compensation should not be considered.

2. Tithing - In the Bridal Structure tithing has been the most taught in the church system with different revelations. God states that tithing will not be used as a performance bonus, meaning it can't be used to be a factor if a person works in ministry, gives input, or is allowed to stand before the people to release a word or revelation. Anyone using tithing as an identification of a person has put themselves in a judgmental position. You are judging a person’s worth in God according to monetary value and then deciding whether they are fit for ministry based on their consistency in tithing. Jesus says the thief on the left carried that cross. He did not have a clear revelation on tithing, but he had a revelation of Jesus. Meaning if Jesus did not hold tithing against the thief and allowed him into paradise, who are you to stop a person from operating in ministry because of money? Operating in their gifting may be the tithe God is requiring of them, tithes are not always monetary. So the church is the one that has been cursed with a curse for allowing money to dictate a person worth to the ministry and to God. Tithing is between that individual and God and man has no say-so in a person’s tithing in the bridal structure. Let us go a step further, if you as an individual have been tithing and receiving a tax refund from tithing, you have not given to God but unto yourself. Meaning you have been recycling money when you give to God's kingdom, you expect both a return from God and a return from man in the form of a tax refund. To prophesy the future, there is going to come a time when the world's economy will be so messed up the government will pass a law requiring the church to pay taxes. By this time the remnant bride will have already risen to kingdom status. The government will start visiting churches and taking taxes as soon as the service is over, returning to a Roman-style government.

3. Leadership - The people will recognize that the end-times vessels are God-sent, especially in the area of the Apostles and Prophets. You must know if a person is watching over your soul or just prophesying mysteries. The people must understand who holds the office of these two foundational gifts and who are just a part of the foundation of these gifts. A person can be apostolic without being an apostle or a person can be a prophet with being prophetic although this can be tricky. You need to identify the person who holds the office and they will have all the answers you need. A God sent Apostle and Prophet will be recognized by their spiritual authority which is connected to the revelations they receive. I am not talking scriptures because they always have special interpretation methods. We need to know if they know when God is moving? What God is doing? How God is doing it? Why is God doing it? Meaning they have specific information, not "I believe?" "I think?" These are not specifics, these are people searching for information and a place in a move they may not be involved in but the spirit of pride has set in and they don't have enough God in them to say "I don't know, but I know somebody who does and I will see if I can get them over here to get us on one accord with this move of God." This move of God is intended to humble everyone who has built themselves up to idol status. Soon they will be the ones having to be taught, not the ones teaching. For a person to deceive the people they are entrusted with of a move of God because of their ego or other differences: God says you will have your place in the lake and this is a thus saith the Lord.

An Apostle/Prophet in the office must have knowledge of the seasons, times, rivers, and the movement of God at all times because he is moving by his spirit and these are items God only teaches in face to face encounters because the angels must see you with God in order to operate at your command, this will signify you governmental authority on heaven and earth. The end-times prophets who have not had these encounters can be taught the basics by a designated human representative, but authority will not be released until you have a God encounter with infallible proofs. For any leader to attempt to release, teach, train or equip any persons and/or ministry into this end-times move by falsehoods, deception or any other means, God stated in a thunderous voice to tell them he will visit them personally and remove their breath. Therefore, before you try to bypass any end-times vessels in this season to create a counterfeit because of intimidation, dislikes, or pride, I would suggest you pray and hope that the person you need has the love of God (and most do) and will come and help you in this end-time transition. In the bridal structure their strongpoint is that all their connections will mostly be teaching and preaching the same thing because they will be on one accord in the spirit.

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