Elijah vs. Non-Denominational Religion
A Battle On Mount Carmel

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 20, 2010

As I sat and wondered what methods would be used to overthrow all these religious identities that have come forth since the birth of Christianity God says first things first and in that discussion he says no religion brings more fury than those who say they are of no denomination but worship God. In this religion we take note that many have their foundation built around a particular foundation whether it be a pastor, apostle, and/or prophet and in doing this they manipulate the words while looking as if they are doing the word, for they have made men masters and overseers of their souls, ministries, and spiritual enrichment and follow the plans of man more than the plans of God. In doing so they have left their first love which is Jesus this religion has adopted a tradition in which they call men of flesh fathers, grandfathers etc and in doing so they have brought forth and birthed their own bloodline of followers and religion. They are gods unto themselves for they acknowledge men of present as ones who equip, build, and produce their ministry and gifts, so it is obvious they have no need for God and yet want to continue to use that which was passed down from Jesus heritage. The non-denominational religion has been functioning as a single organism that breeds infestation into the souls of those who come in contact with them for they have developed a system in which you must show honor to their leader of choice while he shows you limited honor. The sheep of the pasture has to know it's not about being called an apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, or evangelist it's about your generation that has died to see what they possess in God so it may be passed on spiritually. It's the inheritance of the saints and they are not titles but channels of anointing in which you can access the throne of God by using the foundations that your forefathers died for. It's a race if you line up each gift on a racetrack with the names listed on five lanes and you have others waiting for you to pass the baton. If you are faster than them are you penalized because you were called to be a prophet out the starting gate and the pastor can't make it to the hand-off point? No, it means your foundation, family, and team were faster than the others. So why would you let the least control the greatest under a false revelation given through the wisdom of men? A pastor does not, will not, and should not run a church in God's eyesight for it states in scripture it's foundation is an apostle and prophet, not co-pastor wife. A pastor is not even listed as a holy vessel unto the Lord; what is listed is an Apostle and prophet as holy. So why would people submit to vessels that are not even considered as foundations neither are they holy? Because they don't want you to know. I don't care if Jakes, Long, Myers or whoever fill out a whole city, unless they come under authority as stated in scripture they, you, and the ones that follow are going to have first-class seats in a place called shame.

And that demon that many of you are following in that arena is leading you to the overflow in hell. God does not called preachers to motivate you, he calls them to take out what the world has put in you for perfection, not tell you how to live your life. For anyone who reads books that tell you how to live, combat, or win anything dealing with your life, God tells you this is as demonic as it gets. Did we forget that the serpent entered Eve through her thought process? Can't no one write a book and tell you to overcome anything in your life because all our struggles, life, etc., is not the same and to read anything to that effect takes you out of your lane in the race and you enter their lane. Which means you have become a follower to a leader who is running his own race and thus you make a man your leader because they were winning in their race or to some you might have lapped them and their in the same spot and others have stopped to look while they are not moving and you mistake it for increase and lose your race following a man that is going nowhere.

Jesus told the disciples to follow him and thus they were leaders in their own race, anointing, and ministry. You are not leaders but all followers, the only time you get to be put in a position of leading is when you turn around, survey the land and tell the others how much longer the race is and what it will take to win. And there are a lot of people sitting in pews who have stopped their generation's race in order to be under people who are going nowhere. They have no foundation in God so they preach messages of motivation, hope, and encouragement but you see no presence of God, because you have based it on the number of people in the buildings. I have seen God move more frequently in churches under 100 with signs, miracles, wonders than those who say they are the best church this side of heaven. The sheep are in bondage waiting on an unholy position to give them authority to do a holy act. You are sitting in buildings waiting on pastors to give you license to preach the gospel. God didn't give Jesus a paper, Jesus didn't give the disciples a paper, and Paul after his experience said he conferred with no one and yet the only thing they had in common was the voice and the approval of the Lord; there was no paper trail then and there shouldn’t be one now. You have allowed these pastors to cripple your walk and I will say it again, the position of pastor is not anointed until it flows and/or is being trained to flow in the foundation of God with all gifts equipped and operating because that is what they are for. I'll say it again, being called a 'minister' is not a foundation but an insult to God and to your generation who stood on what God called them to be before the foundation of the world.

On that note anyone that attends a non-denominational religion you can pray, prophesy, worship, and attend all you want but the glory of God has departed and has moved to the remnant that is building the Bride. The only way you will know if the Glory of God is with you is that first you must depart from a denominational mindset, remove any leaders name off the building and any other place where it shows a man in charge and not God's foundation, change the name to reflect the end-time move of God, call for the Elijah prophet for a heavy dose of rebuke and revelation for the church and it's leaders, then Elijah will call for and/or name the priest of the house. Once the church is deemed clean without spot or wrinkle, Elijah comes back and releases God's vision for the house and places the five foundations in position in which they leave to be trained in end-time anointings. The house is then left to an apostle with an Moses mantle who feeds the sheep with the end-time revelation so upon return the spirit of house will be put in order according to the mind of God.

Yes sir, it's tight but it's right. Failure to conform to these standards means you are rebelling against God, not me. I can care less what a person thinks about the mailman in this season; I just like the fact that all these egotistical pastors and their self-made amen-corners are going to have to either find a new line of work or die wondering where their souls will be. I hate to know the ones assigned to the prophets that have the gate of the Lord upon their life which means they are actual door and you think it's flesh teaching you and God is sitting there in the flesh waiting on you to even think wrong and the power of God will be known in that city from then on.

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