Prophetic Storm Report:
Watch them wolves that sit in the valley of pride and deceit
mocking the prophets of God

by Dedric Hubbard
April 26, 2011

Five dead, up to 60 unaccounted for after storm wallops Arkansas

VILONIA, Ark. -- Five people were dead early Tuesday after a massive storm front smashed across Arkansas, while up to 60 residents in one small town remained unaccounted for in the wake of the destruction.

* Location- Vilonia is the misspelling of the name Vilsonia which means the land of two valleys

God picked the state because of its state bird (Mocking Bird).

* 60 means a spirit of pride

God says many are mocking the spirit of Elijah and it is those who are leadership position if you dont swallow your spirit of pride you will be destroyed quickly and without warning.

In Vilonia, a town of about 3,000 people north of Little Rock, Department of Emergency Management spokesman Tommy Jackson confirmed two people had died while local fire chief Keith Hillman said between 50 and 60 people had not been located, the Log Cabin Democrat reported.

* Starting with those who have congregation of 3,000 or more God says he will begin exposing and tearing down those who don’t operate according to his will and way. Those who listen will experience jubilee (50); those who don’t their spirit of pride (60) will be destroyed. In a cycle (7) of early morning and late night destruction that will just happen.

Hillman said a severe storm had "wiped out" part of downtown Vilonia late Monday and that fire crews would resume work at 7 a.m. Tuesday. Earlier Monday flash flooding in the state was being blamed for three deaths.

* Those who resist calling on the prophets of Elijah for wisdom, understanding, knowledge, equipping, and any other needs to help you understand the flood of wisdom that has entered into the earth will be destroyed in your mind for not understanding God's wisdom, in your spirit for not understanding a move of the Holy Spirt and/or obeying, and in your body in which many will be behind the pulpit and suddenly drop dead for disobedience.

A woman, named by the Washington County Sherriff’s Office as Consuelo Santillano, from West Fork, Arkansas, drowned as her car was swept away after she attempted to drive through rapidly moving floodwaters in the state's northwest. Her 11-year-old son was rescued.

* The Lady wisdom has a body and it is flowing through the prophets God has called to speak in this hour. God has raised the standards of prophets through the Elijah prophets. They are causing disorder (11) to bring order to the church and rescue the gifts that are being abused in the church. They are assigned to kill all wolves in sheep’s clothing in or outside of the pulpit.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office also said an elderly couple died after they were swept away in their car as War Eagle Creek rose in northern Arkansas on Monday afternoon.

* Those who consider themselves wise (Eagle Creek) and stay in religion will die as a result of the spirit of familiarity and being stagnant.

Power was knocked out to nearly 100,000 customers, while most of the state was under a flash flood warning as the storm moved towards Tennessee.

* Many will see the power of God when the death of name-brand pastor happens suddenly this will begin to scatter the sheep as God begins to smite the sheperds who operate in whoredom.

Classes were canceled in at least three schools due to damage, as forecasters said another bout of bad weather could arrive in the region Tuesday.

* If God has told you to move, get in that state because your ministry will be the one assigned to catch those who will be displaced by the horrors happening in the church.

The Little Rock Air Force Base was reporting on its website that a tornado had struck at 8:00pm Monday and at least four homes in base housing had been damaged. The statement said crews were assessing the base's aircraft. Gov. Mike Beebe issued a state of emergency retroactive to April 19 for the entire state.

* The ones who are already positioned to begin training and teaching new revelations have already positioned their ministry on the internet to open up new exposure to what God is doing. Many are trying to destroy their reputations because of not understanding themselves and as a result they are already being called false for the gospel of freedom there are releasing, revelations, and the way they attack leadership. These are the rocks that are crying out because they are solid in their knowledge in what God is doing.

The system hammering Arkansas and Louisiana with torrential rain and damaging wind storms is expected to track through North Carolina later this week.

* They are already hammering and destroying wolves as God reveals it to his prophets of this dispensations. The ones who have become household names are being slowly given over to a reprobate mind for the witchcraft they are operating in.

So far this year, tornadoes have killed 41 people and torn apart countless neighborhoods, The New York Times reported Monday, with preliminary estimates showing there have been about 250 tornadoes this month with more to come.

*The Elijah prophets operate as a body (1) out of bondage (40). Therefore, find that body which completes your ministry and begin to train and/or teach the people in their gifts as individuals as to move the kingdom into the world.

The latest threats for the last week of April cap a month of ferocious storms, most recently a powerful tornado that crippled the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport Friday. That storm blew out windows and ripped off part of the airport's roof, forcing authorities to shut down operations. There were no fatalities reported and the airport expected to return to 90 percent flight capacity Monday.

*God says for those who mock his prophets who operate in the spirit of Elijah this is your last warning in that your days are numbered and your household condemned unless you understand what he is saying, who he is using, and that you no longer are needed in this hour. To stay in a position that you are not able to teach, equip, and understand the right now move of God you are marked for destruction. Anyone who preached an "Easter sermon" this past Sunday, God says you have been conformed to the world and must leave that position of authority or be the shepherd that will be smitten to scatter the sheep.

The National Weather Service declared the storm to be the worst to hit the St. Louis metropolitan area in 40 years. There are, on average, 1,300 tornadoes each year in the United States, which have caused an average of 65 deaths annually in recent years.

NEWS SOURCE: Five dead, up to 60 unaccounted for after storm wallops Arkansas


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