There's A Jailbreak In Religion
Whores First

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 24, 2010

 The Bible is full of what many consider “whores” and thus these are women whose names are forever mentioned in the Bible and as such they have a purpose much like anyone who attends the average church. Whether or not their profession, looks, and manners are desirable to some people they were used in key moments in the Gospel and yet sad to say and glad to be some or better yet all of us owe our Christian faith to whores in Jesus bloodline for without the whore dare we say there would be no Master. Even those in religious bondage now wonder why is the man writing about whores? Quite simple, the church has been whoring after false doctrines, theology, religion, members, money, traditions, spiritual father/mothers of flesh, and people who you have made your leaders-turned-king and yet they kill you slowly for you have given your spiritual life to a person and are bound by their rules as they use what you got to fulfill their needs and then you are as dung to them. Spiritual pimping, the church's oldest profession. We are entering a season where some of the people you so-called leaders have been whoring, God says before they leave he wishes that you pay them for their services. After all your false revelation of tithing, church foundations, and man-made anniversaries have got you living good. Remember before they left Pharaoh they borrowed the silver and the gold and left to serve the one true God. Spiritual pimping has made some followers who are leaders into millionaires, not because they are perfect but because they have mastered pimpology 101. Every whore wants to be wanted and thus why they find a few whores, build a church and invite other whores until we have a house of ill-repute, a brothel of sorts where we allow them to hear God but serve our gods while making them think they are in God's will by using the subtle art of spiritual manipulation and the pimp controls everything going in and out of their house.

So you can have your houses of ill-repute but before God allows some of the slaves to build bricks without straw and/or theology without revelation. Learn that without the correct foundation God wants the pimp to let his people go, but the catch is that you reap what you sow before the whores go and with that being said.

Rahab has some generational whores which many men of God have slept with while claiming the word of God in which you seduce them in that back office with the door closed, the hotel room, and that weekend preaching trips where you told your wife it's men only. Either you tell it or let God share it, either way darkness must come to life.

Tamar says she was royalty handpicked by God but you spiritually raped her all because you want to be the man and then shame her before church folks because you didn't understand the hand of God was upon her life and yet you made her look weak. There is a present from God waiting on you and it's called don't look for an expansion for your days are numbered and weak your church is under judgment watch what happens in one week.

Now Tamar was married to Ur  and she was doing fine until a man of influence came looking for a whore on the state line and yet she belittled herself to inherit the promise of God for Judah is roaring loud for the time has come that these descendants are about to come into their blessed place by the hand of God. All they need to do is show the pimp in charge his pledge to her and no more will she be monetarily robbed.

Now David left Tamar and never went into her again but have you ever accessed the spirit to hear Tamar speak before the women of the land how she was David's sex slave and he never told her about God and yet he stands before the people and worships without a care and yet he never let his wife express herself for she has a calling, gifts, and anointings. But the only gift he wanted to use is that which was in the bedroom and yet David speaks before the elders of the throne thinking of himself he did his wife wrong for only allowing her to speak behind closed doors. Now which pimp has a wife and she needs to express herself? Give her a pulpit and let her clear the air.

Now find your whore line, it's very easy do. If Jesus used whores back then, then why can't he use you too? To bring the kingdom forward all it takes is faith. Each whore had a plan but only one has access to the throne. What path are you taking? It's best you leave religion alone and seek the king for advice of where you need to be. Its judgment time for individual ministries and he doing it by threes. 

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