The Prophetic Promise
God Still Speaks

by Dedric Hubbard
May 24, 2010

As Pentecost has passed many have not realized the significant events that have transpired. It is with that knowledge that if people miss the supernatural he speaks through the natural for there are still God-ordained watchman that have been put in place to warn the bride of the arrival of the Grooms return.

1. This is the first time that Pentecost and Israel were aligned on the same day. May 23

2. How did the wise men find Jesus? They followed/aligned with a star.

3. Pentecost represented the birth of the church. Shall we fail to mention that many of you celebrate his birthday on the Dec. 25th?

4. By aligning the two most important feasts, God is telling you that you are two days off.

5. If you observe the Lord supper individual or corporately I would suggest that you decide to take it on the 23rd of each month. Although I understand the biblical numerics for the number 23 you should do it and see what God speaks to you.

6. We were in the third watch. Jesus was crucified during this time and the Holy Spirit was given during this hour. Which means between 12 a.m. yesterday and 3 a.m. yesterday most of you slept through a whole watch, those who were not sleep were preoccupied doing other things. And then there were those he woke up before 12 a.m. to tell them to get ready it's your shift. Meaning you could not watch with him for one hour.

7. Which means if you are going to observe the Lord supper I would suggest you do it on the fourth watch first hour. The watchmen Apostles and Prophets will receive the message from God between 3am to sunrise; they will relay the message from God to the congregation and observe the supper if instructed between sunrise and 9 a.m.

8. Which means this will only work if a church is in unity, the foundations are in place, the gifts are operational and in order according to God's standards. You must make your calling and election sure, if you are not an end-time vessel or ministry, do not attempt to go along for the ride to build a ministry. God is building a kingdom. You must find yourself an end-time vessel and/or ministry who has God's insight and plans; counterfeits will stick out. Do not let God visit you for deceit, manipulation, etc. If you are a vessel and you have not received relevant information you are either in rebellion, pride, out of line, or you have been relieved from your duties, or perhaps you will be of an apostolic nature and will be used in the final phase.

Be blessed, for the kingdom is here!

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