Burning the Doors of the Church
Elijah calls for the fiery rain

by Dedric Hubbard
August 13, 2010

Jesus states that he has stood before the church knocking and yet no one let him in for we are self absorbed with our pastors who we have lifted up high.... but what is a man that knows the plans of God? An outlaw, disgraced, and even has no love all because the jealousy of human flesh has risen and when God burns the door the church will be no more. For they have used man's device to curse each other with words and scriptures of that tree that should have never been; yet it had to be written to expose the man of sin. In that house they thought, uttered, and mumbled horrible things, all because they knew Jesus but failed to understand what about the God who revealed the whole plan? And yet these are Christians that send secret emails back and forth, wonder where are these revelations coming from? Even a devil who does his very best to lie to a woman on Facebook just so he can impress. Oh how the wicked will tremble when they know the plan of God to send one man in human flesh to give everything in the church hell and show how it hasn't evolved. They still operate as the beast, but this time it's behind a preacher's collar. They fail to see that God's prophets are bold, holiness alone is all they cry aloud. Today the Lord has shown his preview of what's to come: the tribulation of the church begins. There is action on screen because the brother with the loudest voice has reached his stomping ground and will settle in and leave all the howling to the hounds. And who is the beast that needs to know it all? They say a prophet bumped his head and yet they use his speech. Stealing end-time revelation is a crime punishable by death, for when the Lord speaks it's his tongue you need to check. So now your move, what's next? Now you understand that you did not curse the hand of man, but the God who dwells within him and now "has the fire has started smoking or not?" is all you need to know. All because you wanted someone to stay in your den of sin and now you have been snared by the reading of God's word and your soul is in jeopardy.... all because you wanted a word.

Humble holiness is how we do it here. Face to face with the creator is all we behind the throne understand. Now who is the one whose false god has let you down? Man's device Facebook has judged every prophet on his merit and many know they have failed, all because you want to be on top when you see a fresh move of God. Now your licenses are no good in the spirit for the Elijah prophets command the rain. No more end-time revelation, now who is to blame? There are five feasts coming up and God smells the blood. Come to the feast with your heart not in place and the whole world will see people leave this place, for human hearts are so full of self because they want to understand but are too afraid of the power of God to humble themselves and ask the man. So which one big prophecy have you given a person on earth, and that's all you have. Can you not command another purse to curse anyone's works because they don't recognize you? (is satan at its best). If you want to be recognized on earth for a word from God then my son you have made a big mistake. And now for your mishap, what do you want from God since you want to be recognized for your rewards? This is what God will do at one of your conferences, how about a heart attack? And then everyone will know that you are the one for a big show. Though your eyes waxed dull and you are slight of speech, any prophet who speaks and does not know the plan of God.... get your house in order for death will not be far. And how does the earth resemble heaven in everything I do? Four rivers, four foundations, and your pastors will all be gone. Either find the revelation for the people, or continue leading the sheep astray. When my fast lines up there will be no more games on earth for the one with the forked tongue knows how to decipher the end-time code. And his seal was given in a Passover month and you confirm it for him, now you skip a month and find the clue that was right in your hand. Your fear of man has got you in despair, but yet you were warned by your friend a prophet in the air. So we watch the flesh of people and miss their spirit-man for some have come up from walking on the sea and you have the nerve to curse because the prophet was showing the light. Careful of the darkness that made you change your name for the light will reveal the end-time change.       

So for the last post everyone got their wish, you have stopped getting so many from that clown and were removed from his page, and yet you stay glued to the words that he says. Anyone that has a pastor in control, and their name on my house, and my foundation is not in place I the Lord will smite you right in front of your people's face and 30 seconds later they will disappear too, but it will not be where you think for you call my prophets fools. For when you lift your eyes in hell and you see that the prophets speak the truth then and only then will you know your judgment came like a thief in the night because I the Lord always cut the cord of witchcraft and send my prophets home just so they can laugh with me when your smiles turn to frowns when we say "who is the fool now?" And they burned in pride, rebellion, witchcraft, ignorance, and the fear of the Lord. When they left the church like a routine they never returned because they died in their dreams. Selah  

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