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Open Letter to Singles

by Dedric Hubbard
Jan 4, 2011

Sitting in a standing position of authority being summoned to a tent of meetings involving the standard of Christian singles after teaching a Bible Study for Singles. This meeting led to a singles revival that demanded repentance for to leave out the same way was death. Teaching coochie-compromises and penis-promises, although funny to some it allowed for the spirit of conviction to have access right at the point of laughter in which then they were bound by the word of God. In understanding the nature of the season we are in we must understand judgment is not coming, it has already entered in to the house of God. As many slept and faked their way through this transition of power, those who were awake should have been infused with that of our forefathers to run the last leg of this race. In the presence of the throne God revealed that judgment has started on the unmarried Christians, for they are not caring for the things of the Lord but of the world and of themselves. Wondering who their husbands are? What they can obtain before a certain age? What kind of man they want? What he should have? etc. For to care about the things of God these thoughts ought not be, so they who have ruby status have been downgraded to a penis-promise in which many think of sex as a means of release, to gain material goods, and to satisfy sexual urges. Thus many women are infused with legions of demonic, territorial, and generation curses from their penis promise which is a covenant that you enter into for having sex outside of marriage. And thus many of you are silly women laden with lust. God instructed me that many of you owe him and that in this season he has come to collect and thus as you read this many will remember the promises you made to God in your time of need and it's regaring that promise that I as a servant must let it be known in this season it's holiness or hell, payment received or payment denied.

For this tent of meetings included Jesus; his hands were off for making promises to his father is the same as making a promise to him and the Holy Spirit. You have entered into a season that if you are a single Christian, your body in this season belongs to God and as such if you refuse, deny, or ignore him access death is knocking at your door. For in this you will not die by the hands of man but God. Many of you will leave in your sleep as you lay next to a man that's not your husband and God will leave the man alive so that the shock of a dead body with children in the next room will be enough that the man becomes a walking vessel for God, for that man has made no vow but the woman has. For the penis-promise who has snuck his way into a woman with offers of marriage in confusing her thoughts, as he has made promises to God when the woman wakes and sees a dead man this will cause her to be a vessel yielded for God. In that life-for-life and vow-for-vow, the thief has been released. As such many whorish Christians will be found dead on that day of now as they have allowed the pastor to introduce a slogan-turned-doctrine of “God knows the individuals heart.” In doing so they are denying the Gospel which says God knows the heart of man is evil and “guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life.” The Gospel will be preached in death unto life not life unto life for the conviction of sin has not been introduced into the stream of churches not like it is about to be, for if I be not who God says I am I lie unto myself and then unto God and thus God does not become a liar but a judge in which I am responsible for that which I say and how I say it and the acts which will result from that. But if I speak as that of God then how much more does God increase in me? And in being single I speak as whole for nothing of less than what I am should be added to me if so doing it takes the value away from God.

For single men and women I do not speak from flesh, but of spirit. Not out of revelation, but of fear that those who have made the promises to God also sit in my own household of family, friends, and associates for to not mention that which is close to me takes away from that which God has said and thus many will begin to see sudden sicknesses on children God has healed, stupidity on those whom has given wisdom, rebellion on those whom he has given piece and as a result death to anything that God has released to bring joy into a single man's/woman's heart and home. In that God will see and realize that you enjoyed your pleasures past your season and for not yielding to the voice of the Elijah Prophets who have told you to get in place, this has caused you death.

For entertaining that which was not of God has now caused God to show the love many of you have never witnessed: the judgmental love of God, for failing to keep your vow unto him. And as I get ready to head back into that which I know for a season as home I see the move of the systematic chain of evidence that will release revival to the singles, for in doing so many must become free of sin or die to the sin that enslaves them. There is a major prophet who is single who is about to be exposed and in doing so it will be a sign of what I spoke for when the prophet is exposed and you have taken part in the reading of this revelation whoever is in your bed, whoever has your attention, wherever you are your judgment will be marked at that point. For you would rather be in sin but in place getting rid of sin than to be in sin but out of place and enjoying sin. When this prophet falls do not judge the attitude of his action. He is just a symbol of that which I have spoken and he will be reserved and come back as a sign for the Elijah prophets to attack another stronghold of religion. In that watch and pray for no one knows the hour and day but yet it gets close. Woe to those who have children that give suck! Meaning those of you that have children and are in sexual sin, God will take your child of promise for making his son of promise as a laughing stock among the heathens. Christian singles, God says you are being judged! 

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