The Pentecostal Papers
The Gospel of Enclosed Faith

by Dedric Hubbard
Thursday, November 25, 2010

As I understand the different doctrines that have infected the people in the gospel of enclosure, there is nothing which has handicapped the church more than the faith that non-denominational ministries preach. It's an enclosed faith in which the people cannot grow as much as their pastor. We understand they found the scriptures which say the anointing flows from the head down. We understand they found the scriptures in which God took of Moses spirit and placed it on the 70. We understand and know this to be truth for its written in Holy Scriptures and yet Eph. 2:20 states a ministry with five foundational gifts with the apostle and prophet as the foundation of the church, and yet they have allowed a pastoral foundation to be the foundation of the church. It is ignorance of this key scripture which has allowed the faith of the people to be enclosed to that of a pastoral foundation. The reason the church has adopted this practice is because the prophets were scared and the apostles have no power in that they have been institutionalized to a religious mentality in which they point people to a pastor instead of pointing the people to God. It is then the Elijah anointing is confrontational and aggressive in which you have to prove you possess the authority you say you carry. We then take their famous scriptures and apply them to the plumbline of the spirit in which we find numerous violations of grace and they have added the law to substitute the grace God has extended the people. If the anointing flows from the head down when God calls a prophet is the pastor a prophet or better yet are the whole church prophets? If God calls an apostle is the pastor an apostle or better yet are the whole congregation apostles? If God releases a gift of healing to a vessel does the pastor has the gift of healing or better yet does the whole congregation have the gift of healing?

If so it would go against his word when he gave some to be apostles/prophets... so now we understand the anointing can't fall from the head down for then the pastor would have knowledge of who God calls and what they are called to. And yet many don't have a clue in which that is why they name everyone "ministers." It keeps them at a level of authority in which is not their's to begin with and in such they are out of order. We understand that God took of Moses spirit and placed it on the 70. The problem is that pastors are reading Holy Scriptures with no spiritual experience. Shall we run to the spirit and see what God really meant by this deed? The number 70 represents 'universal' in which he was telling Moses the anointing on your life is universal. Everyone has it that has a relationship and a destiny in God and Moses your job is to quit worrying about everyone for my spirit is upon everything and yet you worry yourself to death. It is here God took of Moses spirit not by choice but because of sin. Worrying is a sin that leads to depression in which God had to relieve the pressure from Moses spirit. When you attend anyone's leadership class you should not be partaking of their spirit but the spirit of God. They should be teaching their hardships and happiness, but in these classes they manipulate your minds and you get the spirit of a man and not the spirit of God. This is how they preach enclosed faith for they teach you to look up to them and not God. Jesus didn't teach a class on leadership, he taught a class on discipleship in which he allowed them to realize who and what they possess in God when their life was disciplined to be used by God. Jesus chose 12 disciples for each one represented his authority individually. He chose them, even Judas, not because of who they were but what they represented in the kingdom of God together as well as separate:

1. Vision

2. Compassion

3. Communication

4. Authority

5. Movement

6. Seperation

7. Preparation

8. Limitations

9. Connection

10. Identification

11. Reproduction

12. Production

In a real leadership/discipleship class these are the only 12 things that should be taught from Jesus perspective in which you don't get the spirit of a man but God. This is the mindset Jesus had to learn before he came and which he demonstrated while he was here. The key is inside of 9 of these positions of authority are representations of and connections to the fruits of the spirit in which your anointing flows. In this you won't get disappointed when man lets you down because this is Governmental Authority in which it's not limited to the enclosed faith of one position but unlimited in all positions. Without the other five gifts inside a church the faith is enclosed to one individual and if he does not operate in all five the church is limited in faith and such. To not have all five gifts means the church is in rebellion in which you may be healed by fallen angels and not the angels of God. Anytime a church has ministries named after a man/woman the faith of that church is in that one vessel, but God moves through people not positions.   

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