The Disembodied Body

by Dedric Hubbard
March 20, 2010

As God let me partake in a vision last night I almost feel fearful for what people have been accustomed to and have called church. The devil has planted so many simple seeds in people's minds that he controls them at will; most of them unknowingly. These are people of successful ministries and mega churches which have reproduced themselves in such a way that most of the churches are inbred carbon-copies of fatherless fathers and intellectual devils. Using whatever method they can to attract their kind as they meet in their weekly service routine they are constantly feeding theology and intellect at it's best but with no real power or demonstration of the Holy Spirit. The results are disembodied bodies that make up the body or in other words walking zombies. Using excuses such as “my church doesn’t teach that” and my favorite is the one I heard last night “if God wants us to use our gifts why would he let us build megachurches? How are all those people going to operate in their gifts?” I was floored. God says build disciples and kingdom. The word “megachurch” isn't in the Bible. These dead teachings and doctrines of devils are taught in a way to attract people in but never allow escape. They are drawn by carnal thinking mixed with religious righteousness which confuses the unconverted mind.

So I explained to this individual that why would God say stir up the gift if he didn't want you to exercise what's in you? Why would he write about imparting spiritual gifts? The church will be brought to its proper place because of two gifts that God is masterfully putting in their rightful place: the prophet who has the ability to impart, stir up, activate, and equip the gifts for the body (if they have been shown and taught the right way). Then there is the apostle who has been gifted the ability to straighten everything out along with other function that I will mention when the time comes. God is calling a remnant of people who are tired of bastard experience wherein there ideal of the spirit falling or having church is when the pastor speaks a powerful word or when worship sometimes goes over a few hours. And most leave out the same way they came in still wife-beating, lying, shacking, smoking blunts, drinking etc. A real worship experience with God leaves you feeling change and takes you from glory to glory not from sin to sin. I thank God for a Pastor who first told me when I got there “I want all my gifts operating and placed where they should be.” A shout-out to Revelation Knowledge Bible Church. And that's a true pastor's attitude, not intimidated by who is called to what but what is that person's destiny in God. The unsubmitted bride will not make it in the coming years, God is looking for a church that is operating in all five gifts or has access to them when needed to bring clarity and support to a local body. As I release specific facts of what the church is coming to denominations will be a thing of the past, titles will not be used as an expression of power in the kingdom, and the pastor will not have complete leadership of a church it will be shared by the people who hold the other 4 offices of the ascension gifts.

But before it comes to that God has released his plans of unity. In this move he is calling all remnant spirits to connect and through this connection God will use certain individuals to lay foundations according to biblical principals and practices. Through this you will see the power of God move like in the days of old. This will bring God's kingdom down to earth. I and other prophetic watchmen like myself have already been put on alert in the spirit by God to travel and help the end-time movements that are about to take place and the coming moves that God has planned. What we have is fresh-wine revelation for this season. Is this a shameless plug for invitations? Of course not, I have enough to keep me busy and anytime God uses me to give a message to a person and/or a church and it points or aligns them to their destiny, this the greatest joy I have known. God is not speaking how people and ministries think, the level has increased and the demand is greater. Your prayer today is “Lord am I part of a disembodied body?” And if you don't like the answer you need to find a safe place.

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