Elijah Wonders
a trip through heaven's gate

by Dedric Hubbard
October 28, 2010

As God begins to introduce his Elijah prophets without an introduction it is of urgency that those who thought they knew everything about prophets, prophecy, apostles, apostleship begin to rethink the box that they have put them in. For as I know it’s not like God to introduce all of himself at once for then many will get cocky and prideful and think they are the authority of knowledge over certain gifts that have been given by God. And yet I claim not to be the authority over nothing. I do know something and the fact that the standards of holding these gifts has risen so high you have to be holy just to understand the plans he has for bringing in his end-time harvest. Many people have been called prophets/apostles in the form of seeking religious hierarchy and yet you see no visible manifested proof beyond seeing a prophecy coming true and as such the well-trained soothsayer can give you that. And yet you see them having their big confirmation ceremony in which they invite all those to see someone say they are prophets/apostles by man's standards and as such they become these new wave of gifts with their same old ways. So I sat before the Lord in the spirit laughing and wondering what will become of these man-made apostles and prophets when these simple unknown Elijah prophets display the glory of God among these highly worshipped individuals. So I ask the Lord a question and he said “wonder around the throne and heaven until you get the answer for the answer is among the Holy place.” And I laugh for it was God smart wisdom that many need to learn the difference between the real and fake so I got up and walk the path I have taken as the fathers of old looked on while I was wandering wondering:

I wonder what they would say when Elijah begins to speak and tell them Heaven is 5 floors high and 50 levels deep.

I wonder what they would say when Elijah speaks and tell them the first level of heaven belongs to the Holy Spirit and wisdom is always present and it starts when you are knee deep in sin.

I wonder what they would say when Melchizedek invites them before the throne. Would they accept the real meaning of tithes? Or will it be each man to his own. Doesn’t matter much when they see their gifts are stored here and they have to walk to the right or left to understand the time.

I wonder what they would say when they see King David upon the thrones. He and Jesus will work together to cleanse the sins of your youth. But be careful, you have to understand we are walking in a spiritual atmosphere. Faith has caused some of us to see heaven’s beauty and experience glory for sure.  

I wonder what they would say when they enter the heart of God. For Jesus the intercessors are always on call. If an intercessors doesn’t know their level how do you know you are called of God?

I wonder what they would say when they enter the throne room of God, for all the spiritual fathers that have been neglected for years sit still while they watch as men of flesh have stolen their honor and their jobs. Now they must find them if they want to enter heaven’s gate. It’s all about tribal inheritance when you get to this point in God. There are 24 elders who sit around the throne of God. Now how do you enter into their presence? Only the Holy ones will know. I speak to the elders and they all know me by name; you have to have a relationship to play this end-time game. Elijah has the third seat that sits around the throne. I have my own key to open the door just in case he leaves to talk to the other sons of his seed. Walked through the door, fifth door on the left Enoch is home and as I entered guess who appeared: Talvi, Casamaran, Aradatel, and Farlas, the angelic governors of the seasons of God. We had a brief discussion about Farlas plan to reveal the false apostles this year for how can one command a season to change if they don’t which angel controls the wind. Enoch laughed and turned to the guest in the room and said “my grandson enjoys his authority. I long for this day as he ushers in the inheritance of the saints.” Then the whole room goes quiet so I turned and looked through the door; it was my warring angel Nemamiah with a frown on his face. So I asked for the news. He had to cut a connection and he mentioned the name and asked what should he do? I laugh and said doesn’t matter to me, ask God. Besides, we have greater works to do. So I wonder through wandering in heaven’s atmosphere shaking my head and thinking those who are called to be apostles and prophets.... do they understand the risk of operating in an office by name only with limited powers at their commands? Or do they operate in the spirit and converse with the forefathers and angels about God’s plan? So I found a piece of grass and laid down wondering myself to sleep. And as always, as I have grown accustomed to I saw Nemamiah in the background preparing my spiritual transport back through heaven’s gate so I can enter into my body safe.    

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