My God Versus Your God
State of The Bride Address

by Dedric Hubbard
Thursday, July 29, 2010

I now understand how the kingdom of heaven works with more clarity then I ever realized. You have to be invited to see the king so when you have an answer, problem, concern, or whatever your spirit knows the way back for when you are a king's kid everything that he has is yours if he brought you too it. There are also those things that even if you have been brought to, common sense in the spirit will say "let me ask God about it." Many have been bewitched by leaders unknowingly and some leaders have bewitched people knowingly and unknowingly with their excuse being, "that's the way they were taught." The question is, does that make it right? For we have ignorance indeed of who you are and where you are supposed to be. I reflect back to when God first called me to ministry and when I sat down and did my repentance (or reviewing the standards of my life), I then sat down and entered into Pentecost (meaning I wrote down the vision of what God gave me and counted the benefits of eternal life). After this I went back to God with my proposal because I understood that God is a businessman who loves order. I said, "this is who you say I am and I don't know nothing about a prophet so I'll answer the call but this is what I want: No one else's revelations, no one else's gift, calling, or anointing. As a matter of fact, I want everything that will allow me to see you face to face because I don't see you." See, if you're bold in your sins and you have an encounter with God, it's up to him to prove you wrong and make you realize there is more in you then a beer, bed, and lies.

And so I stand not like anyone because I want what belongs to me. You have ignorant and unlearned persons who try to call learned people ignorant and yet we have learned and mastered all of satan's devices and thus you who think you are? A fool's for Christ's sake or actually fools for another man's foundation? It's a fool who follows a mega ministry all across the world giving thousands of dollars thinking they will give an impartation of that ministries anointing. It's a fool that run to every prophetic voice they hear thinking you will get an impartation of that anointing. It's a fool that will sit under a ministry for 10 or 20 years and the only level that you can obtain is a minister. It's a fool to follow a man's visions that have no knowledge or the fear of the lord in their heart. It's a damned fool that thinks God would continue to operate a church God's son established without the 5 foundations he left to start the church. I thank God that he allowed his angels to come and get me and take me before his throne where when the time came he showed me the treasures in darkness many would have never knew existed and this is the inheritance of the saints. As I sit still in my prophetic office with the angels bringing forth people's thoughts, prayers, complaints, etc., I see that many would like to know the secret of how am I able to see and know things of heaven and they wish to see also. One thing God taught me when he first appeared, he only answers thoughts and prayers of holiness; everything else is dung and is judged accordingly. My secret is quite simple, while in my minister position my spiritual father came and got me. See I may not have known the revelation of a scripture but I can read and it said, "call no man father." So when I asked who is my spiritual father Elijah appeared in a dream (God doesn’t appear to a person in the flesh until they are stripped of their self-will).

There are too many born-again Christians walking around with instructors calling them mother and father, building themselves a hell on earth for not even understanding the scriptures in plain English without a revelation. I say you and your human made spiritual father/mother are heading toward hell, you for acknowledge them and them for accepting it. Unless Matthew 23:9 is lying or me, whatever the case I know what’s in the book. So I thank my God when he came and got me to take the time when he could to show me the workings of heaven and what I need to know with his own personal guided tour. See many Christians have been deceived listening to leaders who say they are battling and interceding in the spirit for them and yet they have no clue which angel to call, which river there anointing flows out of, nor which room to go and get the armor to help with the warfare. But yet they shout and scream and fall and yet let me give you some common sense: anytime God moves and the glory falls on you for real if you hit the floor, always ask God what has he given you, don't just jump up and say you fell out. There has been a spiritual transfer but if you had a spiritual father they would have explained this to you.

Which means as I looked back on my rainbow room experience, things needed clarifying so as I ponder on them I saw the demonic structure and I went into the spirit for a closer look. As I studied the fallen angels position I saw where the fallen angel throne that was empty was filled by four lesser demons that are sat up like the bride with four demonic gifts: apostle, prophet, evangelist, teacher (because in the bridal church there is no pastor position). I saw the spirits come up from earth and communicate with the four and they transfered to the three, which means what God did was tell the enemy the plan so they can adjust because God knows who the power belongs to. The demonic structure is simple in the spirit yet complex on the earth. That is why Jesus just spoke to them the way he did, because he had seen them face to face and they understood who he was. When a person just calls demon after demon in a deliverance section they just come out because they have been exposed, but not the demon that is actually controlling things; you have to go to the head. The structure is a pyramid type structure similar to what's on the dollar bill, but the demons are only one dimensional. That’s why the eye is above the pyramid. Because they can't see and hear everything so they go by what they hear (sounds like half the Christians in America). They are named in the spirit according to the class of destruction they cause in a person's life. The reason for the five foundational gifts Jesus left is because he knew that if you laid the gifts down in order and respect, the spiritual authority will speak to the gifts as they echo back to heaven (meaning the first shall be last and the last first). So apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, teacher in God's eyes according to scripture the teacher gift if it was to be titled would be the greatest of the gifts. Keep that in mind for those of you who sought the high place out of ignorance of spiritual matters and title authority and not from submission. The teacher in God's eyes is the most favorable gift because it's the least among men. The Elijah prophets that God is releasing, although powerful in all five gifts they are mainly teachers of the bridal structures and gifts and they hold all the wisdom, knowledge, and power needed for any church, ministry, or individual to operate in end-times ministry. While most prophets will start speaking about going into the secret place, the Elijah prophets are already there as comfort, judgment, and confirmation. This means the demonic spirits that are about to be exposed will try to hide under the Elijah anointing and if you speak of the secret place and have no revelation nor knowledge of what's there, to us you need cleansing for you cannot enter a holy place dirty.

God has the Elijah anointing fool-proof which means you can't occupy any place in heaven that I and the others have already been to and continue to patrol, and mention it in words and yet have no detailed knowledge of what's there. So why is my anointing different? Because I followed no man to God, no ministry, and Lord forbid stole, sat under or bought into no man's anointing, so I and those like me owe no man nothing. I remember telling a person that when I left their ministry you never knew the level I was operating in and yet they said they did. I laughed afterwards for if they did they would have seen God looking at them through my eyes. What's wrong with the church is everyone wants to be a leader there are no leaders in the bridal church only spiritual authority in the Holy Spirit and that is why no man's name will be on the building because is going to show himself and not a man. So you can follow behind the jakes, bynums, olsteens etc., all you want to, but watch this: there is no package deal entrance into heaven. You have to come by yourself so following a man will not get you in. You have to know who you are in God, what you have accomplished in God, and how you used your foundational gift. The sad part of it (and I am going to help somebody) is if a prophet reveals your call and/or your ministry call and you never reach maturity in your gift nor operate in it, you are judged more harshly because you failed to seek after the heart of God for your purpose. That's why it's a dangerous thing to fall into the hands of God. So if you are hindered by man, emotions and/or mate based on their feelings of man, emotions, or advice when you get before that throne it's just you and God and the man you love with all your heart could be the man who leads you to hell. This has been an upper room service announcement.

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