Top 10 Things You Don't Want To Have In This Dispensation

by Dedric Hubbard
Feb 10, 2011

1. A pastoral-only foundation.

2. If you are starting a ministry, don't file 501c3. This is the secret weapon of the Elijah prophets (you will be sorry if you do).

3. Not having five gifts in place in the church, in order, in submission.

4. A prophet/apostle who ask for money after preaching.

5. To be in the presence of an Elijah Prophet and not hear what is being said.

6. A co-pastor of a church

7. Dual-foundations ie. pastor and prophet, teacher and pastor

8. In a place God has warned you to leave.

9. Watching and looking instead of moving to your destiny.

10. A “I am better and more than you” spirit of pride.

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