Top 8 Reasons To Know If Your Pastor Is A Hireling, Fired,
And/Or Occupying A Position

by Dedric Hubbard
March 1, 2011

God states every man of God has a heart for God's people and to be a man after God's own heart on this season below are 8 basic qualifications. If your leaders fail all eight they are fired, hireling, and occupying. If they pass 4 out of eight they are hirelings; 6 out of eight they are occupying. If they come short in any way they are not pastors but mere teachers.

1. They have never released a revelation about heaven, past a revelation they say came from God.

2. They have never spoken personally to you about your destiny in God.

3. They have never asked you how to go about progressing in your gift, callings, and anointings.

4. They have not never asked you how does God go about trying you for your specific gift ie. apostle, prophet, evangelist, teacher.

5. They have not once asked is there someone they can bring in to train, mentor, help, or equip you in your gift, callings, and anointings.

6. They never acknowledge you as the prophet, apostle etc of that house.

7. They have never put together a class, instructions, or guidelines for helping you in your gift, calling, anointing.

8. They have never told you about your burden, assignment, gifts, callings, etc. in God.

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