Elijah Is On TV
Strange fire is seen on Christian campuses

by Dedric Hubbard
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As God tries to make his church recognize the subtle deception the devil uses to impart his spirit secretly into the church, we must understand the deception of the idiot box or television. Many Christians fail to understand horror movies are controlled by the spirit of fear in which blood and killings enter Christians as they see this as a way of so-called “enjoyment” and yet they are being imparted subtle spirits of fear. We understand that hours of Lifetime release fear, doubt, betrayal, unbelief, and deception as they have Christians glued to the television. Then you have these romantic romps in which they carry the spirit of perversion, masturbation, and homosexuality as we laugh at these individuals lifestyles on TV they are slowly sabotaging the words of faith that many may hear. Yes, we cry “Jesus” loud and clear and yet run home to watch B.E.T. awards and such as we look at the glamorous lifestyle of these entertainers because somewhere in the beginning of their speech they say those words “I thank God” or they have the gospel idol of the year opening up and with that we deem it ok television. And we answer the questions for those who are heavenly minded, no we don’t know their relationship with God, no we don’t know if God is using these people and yes, God can change anybody. But we have to come to realization that just because a person mentions God or acknowledges God doesn’t mean they have a relationship with God. What God is concerned about is your relationship with him. Many people (in church especially) try to gauge people’s knowledge and relationship with God and yet 99% of what they say is taught by a man who may or may not be hearing the voice of God.

It is those men who sit and watch their religious shows Word Network, TBN etc. and see others and then either teach their revelation, and/or contact them to teach their style of preaching, revelations etc. The question is who is it to say they are right? And yet many are operating in copycat reproductions and no originals. Every generation should go farther than the next and how can that be possible if everyone wants to be titled as the next Jakes, Long, Bynum, Pierce, Clement? etc. When is the next you what God called you to be? It is then these leaders of this age have the nerve (and I use this next example as fact not fiction) and if you are offended you grab your ankles and stand tall. How in the world will you call a women’s conference based on the television show Hawthorne. Do you know what this symbolizes in the spirit when the main character of the show practices a religion known as Scientology and you bring this into a Christian atmosphere? It is considered strange fire unto God, and with this brief introduction we intend to offend every ministry that brings these types of concepts into God’s holy atmosphere, saying we are doing it for God and yet you are only doing it to appease your fleshly natures. It is with this revelation we have been notified that war has been declared on any church who brings television programs, names, sayings, and structure into the church as to draw and/or allow the people to become comfortable in their sins.        

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