Hell In Heaven
make your callings and elections sure

by Dedric Hubbard
July 25, 2010

While everyone is asleep in religion, theology, traditions, and denominations there are those who have tapped into the free-flowing oil of God and are drinking from the waters of everlasting life. I realize now that the longer I press into the heart of God the more he shows the waters rise, for attached to my feet in the spirit is a plumbline. Just as the priest went behind the veil and when the bell stopped ringing in days of old you pulled the priest out, in my case when I stop revealing what's behind the throne either I am raptured up or I have said “God I am tired” and I walk into what I know already is there. So I feel Paul, stuck between going home or at least trying to make sure as many are on the right track to heaven's gate as possible. Never the less I write not for the church anymore, for God already established they are a building living on borrowed time and his spirit no longer dwells in the filth of the flesh. It saddens my heart for family as well as friends to be so caught up in the world that they cannot see God is not among them and has not been since the start of the year. It shows the wisdom of God to us who are the elect to see those who we thought were in tune are merely people who are caught up in gifts and people and not the spirit of God. But yet as the play by gifts and words we who are the elect move by the spirit of truth who has come and is now leading those who are hungry deeper in the presence of our Lord's heart. As I type I feel my spirit of Paul anointing relaying the deeper parts of God that I will soon walk into for I have made me a path home in the spirit, but yet am now more of an outcast on this earth and yet we still are required to help the foolish and ignorant at all cost. For when the day comes (and it is quickly approaching at hand) when you don't make it where you thought you would end up, you will quickly remember the Elijah-anointed prophets who warned you in advance.

As God summoned me into the judgment he questioned my knowledge of heaven levels as he showed me in previous encounters and I passed and he smiled and called the elders of the throne into the hall. As they came in he motioned me to sit and as I sat there was a whimper such as one screaming for their life but couldn't make a sound (is the way my spirit interpreted it). And God sat looked at me smiled and said “behold the enemies of your soul” and the whole judgement hall turned upside down but yet we remained as if we had never moved. And God said “we are looking above and the false prophets, leaders, spirit guides, and people that have spoken evil of you I have their souls in my hand.” As I looked I saw various people in my life held in a circle of darkness and God said “It's called self-glorification. Every time a person speaks against anyone behind the throne the circle gets smaller until their souls merge as one and I allow their words of judgement destroy each other for they speak amongst themselves.” God then looks down and the room looks downward and the angels bring up a cube and God says “behold the enemies of our soul” and he states “these are the souls of those who were to prideful to ask for help” and I saw people in my life as well as some I have never seen but my spirit knew them. God states “the lower they feel, the smaller the box gets on either side.” And God said “I send them into depression for not looking upon my throne and yet they rebuke me and I rebuke them for if they ask I will tell them my hand is pressing into them for life, but they run to man and seek his ways and yet lie and said they have sought my face.”

And God smiled and said “come son, let's go into end-time hell and see the new rooms.” We walked to the right of the throne and God opened a door and I asked what's end-time hell? And he said, “my storage room of fools.” I looked down the halls and there were 5 doors all in a line. God states “when a person dies starting in 2011 I judge them according to end-time revelations that the spirit of Elijah releases and their fate is twice that of the end-time harvest for this is where the gifts that were and were not established will be kept: pastors who controlled prophets, prophets who controlled people, bishops who controlled churches, apostle who controlled ministries, pastors without my foundations, my foundation without my control. I call this the witchcraft hall and I deal with them personally one by one.” God states “As I redeem everything back to me I will remove each gift from the bride until there is only an apostle and prophet foundation and then they will wait for our return and when I gather my bride unto myself they will have the same foundation as Adam and Eve, apostles over the stars.” God smiled and said “come, let's go over the water.” We went across the judgement hall to the left side and open a door and as I looked down there was actually water pouring in a huge room shaped like the earth. The hell in heaven was situated in 6 levels: the churches, ministries, and people who fail to change into bridal attire when they die in the end-time. They will be judged according to the judgment of the world, for not accepting the knowledge of God. The ones who say they are being led by the spirit will be judged by the Holy Spirit in the 1st level of heaven. The ones who have no knowledge of their foundational gifts, callings, and anointings will be judged in the 2nd level of heaven by the persons of God for not being in his image and likeness. The leaders who fail to acknowledge or allow the foundations of God will be judged in the third heaven for the sins of their youth and pasts for allowing their human weakness to interfere in God's plan. The fourth level will be judged by Jesus for sins of the heart, when you know a person has spiritual authority and you don't look past their faults and allow them to be used for kingdom needs. The fifth level is for those who call themselves fathers, spiritual know-it-alls, chiefs, masters etc. Here you are tortured in your mind by the elders 24 hours a day with questions by all 24 at once until you die in knowledge for thinking you are knowledge, then you are sent to the first level to be held unto the day of the lake of fire.

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