Revisit The Vials,
Rebuild the Walls,
Renew the People
or remove yourself from religion....

by Dedric Hubbard
July 17, 2010

1st Chronicles 12:32 The sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.


Somebody ought to pray:

It is with expedient expectation that we who chose this faith as Christianity follow our Lord and Saviour back to our heavenly home for he says that the Lord of Host awaits the final trump call to rescue his chosen people of the faith. It with utmost urgency that you choose this day whom will you serve, for time is dwindling down. Although my language is somewhat strange I feed from the connection which is given when you have fully borne your cross. Therefore, some who have finished have need of assurance that the Lord speaks in a multitude of ways and therefore, he has expressed that many of you who are awake are in 3 stages:

Awakened scared - Is that the Lord moving?

Awakened frightened - God where is all that coming from? Are you talking to me? What should I do?

Awakened terrified - That ain't God! How in the world?

It is with those tainted thoughts that God has expressed the needs of his people to think outside the box, for your taskmaster has you making bricks without straw. Howbeit that a person of flesh will judge a Holy Spirit through a spirit through a flesh that is not mine? Howbeit that one who speaks from the Holy Spirit calls it accursed? You rebellious stiff-necked people, for how long will I call and you don't answer because of your rebellious ways.

I was among the throne in the spirit chatting with the elders and exchanging wisdom for knowledge (for that is the barter system in heaven among the elders), when I gave Moses wisdom about his situation to help his spiritual child. He told me for my obedience to revisit the vials for the world is having prophecies being fulfilled and yet no one has the spiritual connection to access the fullness of heaven as I have. Moses states that they have watched heaven and long for someone to actually be able to reveal the information to. We are in a season where most people start to do revivals but we are doing them according to the traditions of men. Moses states that revival is a time that we revisit the plagues of when Moses brought the children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt. Paul states that revivals were used to assure the remnant that God is on his way back for his bride, not the church. This means the only person who has an anointing to call a revival and teach or preach it is the Apostles/prophets to whom God reveals the season we are in, for they have the words of life. God states that the revival is a holy day for he speaks strength in his people that he says have been living holy until his return and to those who have been pressing toward the mark, and it all signals the start of another season of harvest. But most importantly God says it is the way he brings in his new officers, anointings, gifts, and releases his new apostles and prophets into ministry with a fresh fuel of fire to revive those who are battle worn.

But the church has used it as a season in which they draw souls for money and never release a fresh word, anointings, or anything for they still only speak the same revelatory scriptures. So as we moved from around the throne unto the table God told the angels to bring in the scrolls and as we looked them over we who still are a part of the earth and haven't manifested in the spirit completely are heading into a fast-track of destruction for treating holy events as common, for you worship God in spirits of familiarity which adds no truth or fullness to the gospel.

God had an angel bring out the book of Life (and this is a sidebar, the Book of Life does not contain people actual names but it contains the way you live your life in heaven for instance. When he says “repeated fornicator” everyone is brought before the throne in that spirit and judged according to the vessels who overcame fornicating; if you haven't you are all sent to hell). Because when you enter into kingdom status your name changes and when you pass into your inheritance your name changes and you are assigned to your tribe which made it into heaven. God wrote in the Book of Life that because I now understand the actual meaning of revival. Anyone who preaches, teaches, and/or calls a revival from here on out and is not connected, not able to receive and understand, or is not learning the things of the end-time of the Elijah mantle is cursed within their curse. Which means the vial(s) that is released in a season and that person partakes of it are cursed with that vial times 10 twice. This means every 10 days they will receive a Moses-type plague until they find the prophets and it has to be two that are powerful enough to remove the curse and then release the intended anointing for that season. If a person attends one of these revivals and comes to believe it is not of God, they should find the prophet and inquire of the season God has them in. Why is this important? As I was behind the throne and witnessed it in an earlier revelation, people’s souls are actually being sealed according to their tribes in heaven as in Revelation 7 and your seal is the color a person of apostolic authority sees glowing around you.

If you don't remove yourselves from religious bondages, traditions, and mindsets you will lose your inheritance and will not partake of your kingdom heritage. God is not mocked for if you inquire of a prophet/apostle of your season it requires them to operate in their priestly anointing and before they tell you they will warn you of the consequences for what you ask and will tell you if you don't adhere to them you will incur the full wrath of God as in the days of old, which means you will be judged on the intent of your heart for that information. When an Elijah prophet for his spirit is on the mercy seat of flesh for this end-time move goes behind the veil they are talking to the person of God for their flesh has been crucified. They are actually walking priests on the earth. Your second wrath will be the sins they had to conquer to receive their anointing times 10. Meaning you will be better following the Spirit of God in their revival anointing than trying to trick an Elijah prophet for like I always state they are kings kid's sitting behind the throne waiting to go home. If you seek a revival this year you'd better know it's God because if not it releases a cycle of bondage to keep you in a religious mindset. Below are the status of what the angels have released so far. Somebody better pray!!

Revelation 16:1 - 4Then I heard a mighty voice from the Temple say to the seven angels, "Go your ways and pour out on the earth the seven bowls containing God's wrath."”


Vial 1 - The beastlike mentality of man - poured
Vial 2 - Releases the spirit of Wisdom - poured
Vial 3 - False prophets/apostles start to be exposed - poured
Vial 4 - Pentecost Holy Ghost - poured

Insight - The spirit of Wisdom and the Holy Ghost has been released (spiritual death number 1) Day 1

Revelation 8:7-8

Angel 1 - Represents the hot and cold church that doesn't understand the meaning and power of the Blood, man's wisdom destroyed and structures, idols, posing as a covering over the sheep. A third of men don't want to yield to the Holy spirit and thus die in pride.

Angel 2 - Represents God destroying all idols and religion that is blocking the unity and the power of the church. Third part of the sheep that believes these men and refuse to repent and follow the Holy Spirit.

Insight - (Soulish death number 2) Day 2

President elected by the multitudes (unity)
health bill fought (blood)
Earthquakes in divers place (God speaking)(one shifted the earth axis) Movement
Oil spill in the south (darkness covering the deep) Beginning
Whale attack (power move)
Earthquake Chilean - promises
Earthquake Haiti - forces of darkness

Insight - God says if the church does not move in unity representing the kingdom, He will use individuals as kingdoms. It does not matter to him, as long as they move to conquer the forces of darkness on the earth to fulfill his promises to his remnant.

The Fourth Watch - First Watch

God says because of your unbelief it is up to you to figure out the rest of the prophecy. He is warning us even before he releases his prophets that he knows who they are, and they are in him for you are his angels on earth so this does not apply to you. The following prophecy can be found in Daniel. There is a man of pride that always professed his faith and helped his people when he was a figure of authority. Many of you ate his meal and left him in his time of need. When a Man of God professes his faith before the world he is a believer and he is a friend of mine. Because you failed to acknowledge and apply the Blood correctly because of man's wisdom you uncovered a man's nakedness who stood before my throne so I answered according to your prayers for you unite in what you believe and unite to destroy what you cannot understand. I have changed the time for you to sanctify me before the world for you know whom I speak of. He was judged unfairly and without cause for he was innocent in my sight. You must unite to free this man of the south for he was taken out of your sight for you fail to apply the blood correctly you must unite to free my son.

For I speak not in wisdom but in plain English to my people, the blood is not a cover but a revealer of sins that are hid in my sight. Did I not say sprinkle and not cover for you to apply with ease for you were in your emotions you failed to heed my speech. Did not Abel cry out to let me know his deed? For you look at the outer and fail to cover your souls where that man of sin lies in wait to control, for you read with human eyes which fail to make sense. Is not the Word spirit? Should not that give you a hint? It was the spirit behind the murder that tells the story of us all. The spirit of pride had entered in and Abel thought with pride for he had sin in his heart when he came before the throne, but he brought what I required as it was told from a man who failed to regain his authority and he stuttered in his speech and his son did not understand and failed to ask the man. So I allowed it to happen to for Abel looked without and failed to look within. The blood cried murder but I called it justified, for it was done within the place where my spirit now resides; that is why the Holy Spirit was sent. For you kill within and never open your mouth. It is the spirit that speaks and kills without a cause and as you set your mouth on my chosen people who will lead the way, I will destroy your thoughts one at a time. Till you eat grass for your carnal ways and to the gentleman who is afraid to show your hand with your undercover ways: if you do not repent I will visit your land of sleep for you talk with wisdom but you speak of what you do not know. I pray before you sleep you realize who is in control for your underhanded thoughts and your deceitful ways I will deal with you on your term for we are in the beginning and these are numbered clear. Your days are numbered according to the filth that you spoke. In these days you know I the Lord speak. Before you go to bed son tell your dad the devil to watch between you and thee. I the Lord have spoken Selah... justice in the heavens.

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