One Prophet - Three Tribes - Seven Gates
and the lion will roar

by Dedric Hubbard
Oct 12, 2010

As I sat within my own purposeful understanding of my destiny it was then the Lord spoke “open the Dung Gate“ in the spirit for it is time to cleanse the house of the Lord. It is then I heard the lion roar for there is a mighty shaking that is commencing in the spirit. If those by choice have read our previous revelations on Elijah this will put the kids to bed for the mantle of Elijah is about to come forth with wisdom, power, and glory. If those who have been caught up in the spirit with the spirit of Elijah must now understand that their work is now come to ahead, the church, end-time ministries, and individuals must understand that although many will claim the mantle and anointing of Elijah they must be proven before the throne of God. In as such we that are here now must know or at least have knowledge of our inheritance from back then, a person with the mantle of Elijah cannot just say they are of this lineage but must have proof. They must know that Elijah comes from 3 generations of prophets. They must know he is connected with three tribes of Israel. They must know the order in which the heavens are set. They must know that only one generation of their lineage is able to teach the levels of heavens. They must have the blueprint of the bride, and they must know the workings of heaven's kingdom and this is just to acknowledge that you are who you say you are.

They will have to prove their power and spiritual authority. They must be free from religious traditions and bandages and with that Elijah is responsible for three tribes Judah, Issachar, and Zebulon. These three tribes will have access to seven spiritual gates that are starting to open in heaven; they are the Dung gate, East gate, Ephraim gate, Essene Gate, Muster gate, Sheep gate and the Golden gate. Each gate will open in seasons and times and as such will remain open 24 hours continuously until the coming of our Lord. The Dung gate which God states is open is for the people who are held in low degree to come out of bondage and be used by the power of God to common change in your locations. These are the ones who have been looked down on, blackballed, talked about, been thrown away and are considered ineffective in the things of God. Their anointing will hit the earth when God speaks through an Issachar anointing upon the earth that will reveal a disgusting act representing the Dung gate is active. The outcry (roar - Judah) representing that he is calling Elijah forth will be muffled (representing everyone who has an ear will hear), but the cost will be minor (representing Zebulon that Elijah is not looking for honor among men).

And when that event happens anyone who considers themselves a remnant of God will be amazed as they watch unsuspecting individuals begin to emerge with wisdom, authority, and power to destroy everything and the best things religion has to offer. And with that I sit and watch these events unfold from a place in the Spirit that my obedience has taken me to and my faithfulness has rewarded me with and as such I call it Eternity in disguise for the dwelling of earth has already been destroyed in heavens and the remnants that remain true to God will have that which was promised for living a life pleasing to God.   

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