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by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 16, 2010

Florida floods the rankings

“It’s week three of the high school football season and there’s a new clear-cut No. 1.

Florida's finest

Chevelle Buie has at least put Cocoa (Fla.) High in the discussion for best in state.

Not among the teams – Batesville (Miss.) South Panola maintains the top spot over Euless (Texas) Trinity and Sacramento (Calif.) Grant for the second straight week.

But among the states.

Florida, which looked to be down in the opening week, is proving to be a force. This week it has 14 schools in the Top 100, bettering both California (10) and Texas (8).

That’s what happens when you take three of four games in the Florida vs. Texas showcase. That’s what happens when your Top 12 teams in the state go unbeaten.

Bradenton (Fla.) Manatee leads the way at No. 7. Traditional powers Lakeland (Fla.) High (at No. 84) and Miami (Fla.) Booker T. Washington (at No. 94) join the party.

And to think, Florida was the only one of the three power states to only have one Top 10 team a week ago.

California still has Grant, but it was hurt when Long Beach (Calif.) Poly lost and fell from No. 10 to the unranked masses.

Texas still has Trinity, but it was hurt when Abilene (Texas) High lost and fell from No. 5 to No. 25.

Of course, Abilene's loss was legitimate – it fell to Cocoa (Fla.), which jumped from No. 58 to No”


Don't keep up with sports much but in this particular article I was told by God to read behind the lines and many need to ask for this gift for when the bride goes underground this is how God will speak to those who are attuned to his spirit. The headline is “Florida Flood Rankings” and in the spirit as I interpret God thoughts he has stamp of approval on the True Worshippers conference being held in Florida which he will flood with his glory. The conference had a hit when someone didn't agree with a prophet speaking in which in my notes I spoke what God allowed me to say in that situation, The conference will have 14 participants who need to seek the face of the Lord after attending for they will become teachers of how God wants his Bride and presence prepared for his return. The states that are listed are actual cities that end-times people need to hold revivals in, especially the city of Lakeland. You have to research the previous revival to understand what happened for there is still a fallen angel there which needs a glory cloud experience.

The three biggest cities that God wants an end-time movement to start in are California, Texas, and Miss. In the spirit for those who can see California for its homosexual angels, Texas has two demons, and Miss. has a witchcraft spirit. Now the first judgment of God in a church will and has happened in Texas but because the religious spirit is prevailing they mistook a warning for an attack. Inside Texas there is also an antichrist spirit that is manifesting. The people have to understand that when God judges the church he starts at the one with the most influence and power over his people. I'm not saying these pastors are bad, it's that they have been led astray and in man's sight they have become idols and God is jealous so he send the warning before the destruction. The witchcraft spirit that is in Miss. is trying to find an apostle that has been secretly possessed by a fallen angel. If they find one another spiritually this will produce the first false apostle and as God showed me her name and face attempts to warn went unanswered but when a revival comes of an end-time nature she will be delivered. Now Lakeland just has to be flushed out again for the principalities over that state to know who is the boss and this will not take much effort because the glory still sits from the last revival.

Now to attend the Florida conference with a Glory of God showing and you are not prepared to travel and show his power within you is death within itself for this is will be an equipping conference and there are orders and demonic structures that have to be dismantled. Those attending (whether natural or in spirit) will be leading the charge to signify that the time of the end is here. One of the days of the conference is on Rosh Chodesh which was started by two witnesses (check your Bible). In this conference, God will release the Moses and Elijah anointing among the participants (anointing, not mantle) for the mantles are already in place to individuals who will come forth to assemble. God's plan for the end-times anointing can only be activated, released, and equipped by one which carries the mantle for God has developed a system to expose those who are and will be trying to ride on a move of God and if they know what I know they would need to tie their own millstone because this is a serious matter. Which means the after-effects of the conference will be as powerful as the conference itself. To go to these named cities is to search for those with whom God will release the anointing and along with it fresh manna. Now the conference will be of God and is God-ordained but in the future to those who witness it, become a part of it, and organize it spiritual balance will be important from now on and what do I mean by spiritual balance? Ask the Lord for he is still well pleased. The war is on. 

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