Prophetic Witchcraft
proceed with caution....

by Dedric Hubbard
April 23, 2010

As God gets ready to release his end-time warriors be advised that the devil has his own warriors as well and God has allowed me a glimpse into things to come in prophetic witchcraft. These are people new and old who will come in all phases of the prophetic. Most people think they are easy to spot but this deception is so well hidden by the time it's expose the damage has already been done. Below are just a few clues to get you started. Most important the word of God and the spirit of discernment will be key.

If a person of a prophetic nature is always using the phrases that begin with “I,” enough said. There is a spirit of pride that hasn't been dealt with and until then their prophecies will be mostly flesh empowered.

If a person is trying to separate you to give a private word and caps it off by “don't tell nobody,” red flag it. A witchcraft spirit generally tries to separate you from getting sound counsel.

If a person says they only submit to and listen to the Holy Spirit, chances are witchcraft has sat in on this particular person and deliverance is mandatory. The reason the prophetic has been hindered is by these kind of renegade prophets.

Then you have prophetic people who will prophesy to manipulate you into doing what they want you to do. This is a spirit of control that is also associated with witchcraft.

People who brag about their ministry accomplishments and self-worth are also prime targets for witchcraft.

People who read horoscopes and astrology are prime targets for witchcraft. Women who refer to themselves as “divas” are also prime targets. Diva is short for divination which is a false form of seeking Godly counsel.

Prophets who refuse to address the sin in a person's life are also prime targets. This however, is a touchy subject because of immature and/or untrained prophetic people who just have no tact about themselves. There is a kind and gentle way to address certain issues that may hamper a person's walk with Christ without embarrassment and condemnation. For a prophet not to address an issue when unctioned by the Spirit, in God's eyes you have become a partaker in that issue. Not responding to an unction of the Spirit is rebellion which leads to witchcraft.

The prophetic Elijah anointing that God is releasing is confrontational, prophetic, and of leadership caliber which means if you are emotional, afraid, and/or have not submitted fully unto God, you my friend are in big trouble after Pentecost passes.

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