Time For The R.A.I.N.
revelations adjusted in nature

by Dedric Hubbard
June 27, 2010

Had an excellent heavenly encounter with the commander-in-chief of this end-time movement of God. As the month begins to change the hotter it gets the closer you are to your destiny. Until the winter months start to appear and most of you who have been anointed for this season will begin to be revealed to the world. Those whom God has blessed with an Issachar anointing upon their life will begin to be very busy for there will be shaking in the heavens and earth and other spiritual signs that those who eyes are open will be able to see. Elijah states as the winter starts to appear he will turn back time and release the R.A.I.N. (Revelations Adjusted In Nature) which means as the end-time prophets appear they will speak with spiritual insight and teach through the nature of what God intended for certain revelations and compare them to what man's revelation reveals. The power and nature of a true end-time prophet or apostle will all lead back to God with man totally out the picture in every aspect of church leadership. The Elijah prophets anointing as I have said before because of the nature and depth of their assignments their anointing is 10 to 1 among previous apostles/prophets. This grace has been given to them because they have been tried by the Lord himself and their love for the salvation of souls. Many will be under apostolic anointing to prophesy the word of God. This means their relationship with the Lord has given them the authority for just one prophet has the ability to set a whole church in order as well as delegate the order and release the vision of the church. You have to understand that some are sent apostles and some assignments are apostolic in nature.

Whatever the case may be they are well able to handle the job, but yet these prophets/apostles must realize that God will not release, confirm, or direct you to your assignment until you leave your place of bondage and go to your wilderness to be equipped. A person with destiny upon their lives and who knows God is changing and moving in the spirit cannot continue to have a connection with what he is trying to disconnect you from; there must be the separation before the preparation can take place. It's time to follow Jesus all the way or no way. If you continue to connect with what God is trying to disconnect you from then you get incomplete revelation of who you are and what you are called to be. Elijah states that the standards of Christianity have been raised in order to be considered a bride of Christ because things that will be released concerning ministry will take man out and put God in. Those who are prideful and rebellious will fight the change where the remnant and those God is calling to the forefront will embrace the change and see the power of God in your ministry and your lives. If God is about to release you to start an end-time ministry there are two important facts you must take in consideration: One, it cannot be named after you in any kind of way, it must reflect God at all times. Two, make sure you connect with an end-time prophet(s) for all the traditions God is taking out of the church system. This will allow you to function as God reveals and releases revelation.

Elijah states that to operate in the Elijah mantle in its fullest capacity and be considered an actual end-time ministry or individual you must lose yourself, for when the prophets get ready to put their seal of approval on the Bride the only name that should be on anything concerning the church is the church's name. Any church that has a man's name on it (and God doesn't care who it is) this is not an end-time ministry because the people may be there because of an individual and not Jesus. There will not be any pastors running a church, it will be ran by God's chosen foundation: Apostle and Prophet. If the pastor has the necessary revelation and experience to be elevated to a foundational position a prophet/apostle has to recognize this and acknowledge and confirm it through a prophetic team. A pastor cannot put him/herself to this position. There will be no advisory boards, committees, or whatever men have put in place to control the flow of the Spirit. A church cannot just get any prophet/apostle or whoever to administer the changes needed to be considered a bride. If a prophet has separated unto himself he or she already knows who they are assigned to help equip and/or train. They are spiritually sensitive to whatever is going on. And if a person tries to bypass the assigned voice of that house, God will warn them and note it. To continue after you have been warned is equal to that of rebellion because you have bypassed God's chosen vessel for another to fit your needs and this is witchcraft. Many in leadership need to be humbled for they have established unto themselves God-status and must be warned of their indiscretions.

The remnant must recognize that God states a church must not have a spot or wrinkle, meaning if a man/woman is allowed to run a church with sole control of leadership or of the release of the Gospel this is a spot in God's eye because this person has taken upon themselves that the congregation will get to heaven based on his revelations of Christ alone. This causes the wrinkle meaning their interpretation of scripture may not be Spirit-led for some have interpreted scripture to fit their need or control congregations through spiritual manipulation. That is why the bride must adhere to the God-given foundations to preach the word, it creates a system of checks and balances to ensure correct interpretation of scripture. The standards are rising and we are in a season that we cannot get drowned in traditions, mindsets, religion, and inferior leadership.

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