The Death of a Funeral
eulogy of the church

by Dedric Hubbard
May 9, 2010

As I was sleeping last night my Spirit was summoned by the Lord. As we made our way toward the heavenlies the angel spoke “come witness a funeral.” As we came to our destination I noticed a desert area where several coffins were placed. I was escorted to the stage where there sat other people, some I remembered from previous heavenly encounters some I didn't. Out in the audience I saw pastors, prophets and other ministry gifts. Some I recognized by tv, personal relationships and some I didn't. As we sat watching the funeral an angel appeared and came upon the stage and handed us I guess the funeral program but as we took the program it was a list of words I couldn't understand. As I sat puzzled I sensed a power from behind and a bright light began to show. The angel instructed us not to look back. It was then told to us that what we had in our hands was the eulogy of the church. It was written in words but it in the language of the spirit. The angel stated the son of God will read the eulogy for it is not for man to understand but the spirit of the man. As we heard the Lord speak from behind, the words left the paper and entered our spirits. As they entered we felt a power surge as if we were being sewed together in our spirits. When He finished we were asked to stand and pass by and view the bodies which were lying in the casket. As we passed by the caskets we saw disfigured bodies lying inside them. It was at this point I noticed that the people in the pews never moved nor were their expressions changed. God then spoke and ordered us to stand to the right of the caskets. A door appeared, then the angel opened the door and said “it's time.” As I walked through the door I awoke.

It is with that encounter that spiritually I realized that the sons of God are about to manifest. Although I couldn't read the eulogy with human knowledge my spiritual knowledge has increased as I feel the release to speak without measure and for those who are “here but not here,” their understanding of the plans of God shall increase. It is with this intent we must realize the disfigured body represents the church in this present age. Some had big eyes, heads, lips while some were missing parts (legs, arms, brains, etc.). The people in the audience represent the congregations of most churches in this present age lifeless, unchanged, and morally bankrupted listening to people whose consciences have been seared with a hot iron. 98% of church leaders have replaced the word of God with the word of men, using centuries old theology based on a man's perspective of his interpretation of what God spoke to him. Commentaries, schools, and the such is replacing the revelations of the Holy Spirit. Some even claiming not to read the Bible because they have somehow thought they have mastered every verse, scripture, and number, even having the nerves to write them again according to their interpretations. It is with that ignorance of man that I prophesy God is about to turn the whole world upside down and inside out. The problem quite simply is people have mastered reading the word of God in only one-dimension and that's from Jesus perspective. In order to get the fullness of the scriptures they must be read and studied in the way it was written and that's from the perspective of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost which will cause an individual to learn from an interpretive revelation standpoint instead of a revelation interpretation standpoint.

So what is God about to do? He is about to put the church to rest so he can raise his bride in which he will use his handpicked individuals to perform his word according to biblical standards. Those who have taken upon themselves to become an idol to the world must now be knocked down off their pedestal. We have taken the spirit Of God out of the church and have replaced it with the spirit of man. We have pastors who have taken over churches with full pastoral authority, we have deacon boards and families controlling churches, we have prophets and apostles claiming they are the most powerful, anointed vessels on earth and are holding people and churches hostage with spiritual manipulation, and threatening prophecy. The release of the end-time prophets will bring about a change both spiritually and emotionally. People have mentally been robbed of their decision-making process when it comes to the things of God. We have people and churches who pride themselves on being excellent and in order; the news is that the church has been out of order since it has failed to operate according to the biblical standards set forth in the Bible. So what has to be put to death to be consider a church ready for the bridal party?

1. The foundation of any church that calls itself following Christ has to have the correct foundation.
Eph. 2:20 - An apostle and prophet must be the foundation of any church, it doesn't state pastor, evangelist, teacher, prophet, apostle. It states apostle and prophet together God doesn't state how much they love God, man after God's heart it states what it states. GET OVER IT!

2. The bride will operate in unity. Any church that calls itself following Christ must operate as unit, there are no denominations in heaven (Catholic, Baptist, Methodist etc., speaking in tongues, miracles) if it is part of a particular denomination it is not of God. In my heavenly experience everyone is as one. There is no race, denominations, or class; it's spirits communicating with spirits.

3. All gifts must operate in unity and in order and in submission to one another. God will not accept disfigured brides. The apostle will have the vision upon ministry, missions, etc. The vision is passed to the pastor; this is order. Anything outside of this is a disfigured bride.

4. GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. I plead with you from the depths of my heart do not try and shortchange God. Do not nominate yourself as an apostle or prophet to try and remain in a position of power; these gifts are functions and not titles. Therefore, no one is more important than the other and for you to have the wrong frame of mind and try to establish yourself for privileges, power, etc., you will bring death upon yourself. God has specific people assigned, anointed, and appointed for this move of the kingdom. Be mindful you will not be dealing with man but the Holy Spirit himself.

5. There are prophets and apostles who are spiritually connected to ministries that must now receive them, not because they are looking for recognition and/or monetary compensation but because they have the information needed to take the church into this next dimension of God.

6. What happens to the pastor of a church? A pastor was never intended to have the power that has been given them but because of incorrect interpretation of scripture and fear of the prophetic anointing they have gained this foothold. When the end-time prophets are positioned according to scripture then people who will see who is a shepherd after God's own heart. God will show who is the hireling and who is a pastor. Those who follow the biblical pattern and allow the church to function as stated are pastors. Those who worry about their money, reputation, and other cares of the world will dispute what is being said and opt for pride and position. The hireling will flee because he really didn't care for the sheep.

7. There will be no self-named ministries allowed to operate. Many have taken the position to name ministry after themselves and have been allowed to preach and prophesy around the world basically unaccountable to anyone and therefore have become idols unto themselves and the people that follow them; This was not part of God's intent. If we look at the biblical structure, anywhere Paul preached or taught was within a church he himself had started which meant if they believed in the words he spoke he appointed overseers in that region to preach and teach the word until he returns to check on them. Anyone operating outside of a local congregation is not working in unity according to the standards God is laying for his true foundation.

Although I could go on we must realize that God is not in a playing mood and you have a choice either to go with the flow or try to kick against the bricks. So as I wonder why God will allow a revelation to be released on a day such as today? He spoke it was quite simple: For the children of the Bride of Christ it's a “Happy Mother's Day,” but to the children of the mother of all harlots you have been exposed.

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