The Disconnected Connection
resistance is futile
connections are a must

by Dedric Hubbard
Oct 27, 2010

Being silent before the Lord gives one that truly understands what is happening in the spirit a chance to look at the plans of the enemy from an unbiased opinion, for many of religion’s children will never understand the formation of God’s kingdom until they come out of religion’s walls. I was invited by God to see a plan of the enemy so deceptive that truly only those with a relationship with God can call it like they see it. As not to reveal all the plans of the enemy for if it be known he was infiltrated then he may change his thoughts and plans. So I speak from a standard of spiritual authority that we all must achieve in order to reach those who are lost and for that the devil has started his plan of connecting disconnected connection. It is those with a religious relationship with God whom the devil is trying to bring back into his grasp and the danger about releasing a revelation such as this is because there is another season of dividing that those who are the called must do in order to stay in the flow of God.

The disconnected connection plan of the enemy works on this wise: it brings those people back to a source of hurt, embarrassment, or a relationship that has been closed by God and yet the unhealed hurt, rebellion, and pride opens this door back up. The vessels still have a spiritual connection because most of them are still suffering from the same need and level of deliverance. The spirit inside these individuals knows the need for deliverance but pride and religious sprits keep them from actually being delivered. The devil knows there is a move of God but the demons don’t know carries the actual anointing and glory that is pushing this move forth. As such when the persons pray to God for revelations and answers of anything regarding end-time anointing, people, and end-time revelations, the demonic spirits search for spirit guides who have been in contact with the Elijah anointing and as such it pulls the person back to what they have been delivered from. This means many people have been victims of false deliverance. Their flesh has been healed, but their spirit is still wounded and as such when needed the hurt vessels communicate unknowingly through spirit guides and they think it’s the spirit of God. Elijah prophets have to make sure that whoever they are connected to that their connection has been approved of God for there are prophets, pastors, and people looking for a connection to Elijah vessels and as such in a religious and/or prophetic atmosphere there can be a spiritual withdrawal made by those who you have submitted your spirit to by partaking of words, services, and/or information. But if this happens because of the mandate of Elijah prophets, those who have been compromised may end up being disconnected from God’s move of the Spirit until they realize they have been used as vessels of transformation. Those who will begin to flow in a priestly anointing will be able to see behind the veil and understand the spiritual transfers that happen in church services and many will be astounded by the demonic activities that take place behind the scenes when one enters the realm of Glory necessary to do real spiritual warfare.

This Elijah movement of God is self-contained in which holiness is a requirement and obedience is a perquisite before you are even allowed to have an end-time revelation. In being a part of an atmosphere of disconnected connection, you begin to see people from your past in ministry, relationships, and jobs begin to show up and you have an urge to be reacquainted with these vessels. And many of these are vessels of war, sabotage, distraction, and destiny diverters. For many one wrong word, thought, conversation and/or image can hinder you in the most important season of your life. And you find yourself separating, going against, avoiding, and/or getting rid of that which was sent to help you. So this disconnected connection, if many of you haven’t figured out, is operating like a two-edged sword cutting you away from God's plans for your life to place you right back in a season of strife. Which means this season you may hear things that sounds like God, act like God, talk like God, and even have things conformed through prophets like God, but it won't be God. The only word God is speaking is being stripped to be equipped, which means sins have to preached out of the church to allow God into the church. Therefore, there is no equipping and/or Glory of God to be preached, confirmed, or released until late December for God specifically expressed that many will finally be able to equipped according to his standards and not man’s for the day that is celebrated of Jesus in that month God will do the unexpected to celebrate this gift that he is giving to his son, for a miniature bride will be born that will show the light of Jesus eyes. Now are you a victim of a disconnected connection?        

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