Elijah Vision
the woman in the purple robe

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 3, 2010

Had a prophetic vision in which I seen a Lady skipping rope wearing a purple robe, hair tied in a bob/knot and smiling. The rope was transparent in which it was hollow on the inside and you could see scriptures on the inside moving. The lady stopped jumping and opened the robe; inside was a transparent box with blood inside. She then closed the robe and continued jumping.

The Holy Spirit said that many of you have been skipped over according to man's tradition for you have entrusted them with a form of tradition that is not according to God's standards. The knot in the hair represents the end of the road for the tradition of covering because it doesn't allow the church to be seen at its perfection. For the covering man adopted is limited to a man and I am an unlimited God. The spirit of man is weak and futile and the spirit has rewritten words in forms of their wisdom. For to travel in my presence in the spirit of my words I allow cover rings which are individuals who are of like spirit and mind that pushes one another forward in prophetic promises. Many of you are skipping over my words and yet claim to preach an unbiased Gospel but you are hollow in your heads and many will be dead for not allowing my voices to speak; you limit my words to what you understand and never allow my spirit to speak. Therefore, you have boxed my son in a closet where you keep his memory on display in the form of a man that speaks for himself because without my foundation the Blood won't speak. I the Lord have an Alabaster box full of my son's blood in which Elijah will break in the midst of the people and they will be awed in his speech for it will release the Glory of my son upon my bridal heirs, then Elijah will protect my bride. As soon as the Glory will released he will go back in time and stop the flow of the anointing upon my church, redeem all man's traditions have stolen and bondages that have made my sheep weak. For what kind of father I would be if a see my children weak and don't send fresh manna so that they may eat? And what kind of father I would be if I didn't send a watchman to protect my sheep while I sat afar? I am a God who provides for my children and while many move to a different beat, I am coming for those who understand my language and wish to come home so Elijah has come to prepare my people to leave this world behind because the kingdom has need of thee. When Elijah's speech changes look for the trail of crumbs there they will be sitting at the king's table and there will be fresh meet for everyone!! 

Here ye!! The parable of God: There are four asses tied to the same tree, but the length of the rope is different which ties each ass and yet they all eat from the same spot of grass. One day a man came and seen the asses tied up and sat there and watched their habits but afar off the man seen another group of asses that were free and yet they never came close to the other asses. After a while the man untied the ass with the shortest rope just to see what the ass would do; the ass went right back to the spot in which it was used too. After a few days of watching the ass the man went and whispered something in the asses ear. The ass took off and the rest of the asses looked and went behind the other asses, breaking the ropes that were around their necks. So the man picked up the ropes as he watched the asses run out to the field and saw they were dry-rotted on the inside. What lesson did the man learn about communicating with asses? *Be warned, to get the answer to an end-times parable and not follow the rules which are given in understanding of Holy Spirit wisdom constitutes disobedience to the Holy Spirit.*  

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