Two Rivers Of Anointing Will Be Released
time to separate

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 25, 2010

As we head into October being in the will of God, those who are called in this season are revealed in the plans of God, not for status but for perfection in which he called us unto good works. The month of October carries with it some major revelations that the remnant should be aware of. Jesus will show himself fully in this month. It will be a season of revealing Christ's gifts in full measure. The prophetic will be purged even more as it flows out of the throne of God. There will be only two rivers of anointing flowing this month and they will be coming out of the Pison river which compasses the whole land of Havilah and the Gihon which covers the whole land of Ethiopia. Why is this important? It is to train the people and the remnant on the pure, sent, and called prophetic voices of the Elijah generation. Many will come to understand as they begin to have out-of-body experiences that the Bible is coded on earth and decoded in heaven, meaning when you have access to certain parts of heaven new revelation will flow more smoothly. The Pison river is interpreted in the spirit as “pieces only,” along this river is bdellium and onyx. It is essential that you study the stones in these rivers for they represent the jewels that God is releasing. Bdellium is considered as a fragrance and onyx is an actual stone in the breastplate of the High Priest and considered one of the costlier ones. The land of Havilah is interpreted in the spirit as “have a laugh.” This is important as the river and the land with the bdellium and onyx releases an anointing to specific vessels; in this you will find who is flowing in end-time Elijah anointing. The revelation is God is giving pieces of honor to Elijah prophets it will be a sweet-tasting fragrance to the remnant for they are speaking from the presence of a high priest; when they speak, God will have a laugh for religion has been warned. Everyone has to realize that Elijah is a taunter and mocker of anything that is not God; read how he taunted the priest upon Mt. Carmel. This is God's way of getting revenge back on those who have fallen away from the true gospel of Christ.

By doing this, those who have ears to hear will begin to flow from the river Gihon which is interpreted in the spirit as “giving honor.” The land that they are stuck in is Ethiopia which represents bondage and struggle. Now as the Elijah prophets release knowledge, revelation, and understanding in a manner some will consider as being less than humorous, they will allow the people to see who they have been giving honor to and as a result they are stuck in bondage to these religious spirits. Elijah prophets are bold and fearless and will take on anything that God says or reveals for they are the prophets that are coming out of their caves. They reveal the Bible according to revelation-interpretation and not interpretation-revelation. The difference is because of their relationship with God the Bible speaks to them the revelation it wants to release and not the way that others may study. Their conversation then flows from the throne in instructions, anointing and advice. You do not want to be in religion when this anointing begins to flow for they will leave no stone unturned. The harder the stone the harder the hammer swings, for it will dash anything that is not on God's foundation. Now you can still listen to what they say is about to come and yet we are telling you what's here for many prophets have went astray and are not hearing the accurate word of the Lord. You can tell a Elijah prophet in this season from his taunts for it's a part of his spiritual anointing. So if a pastor asks where his sheep have gone, tell him to the shearer so Elijah can cut the layers of religion so they can breathe.

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