Religion Thou Art Loosed
The Demonic Structure of Non-Denominational Religion

by Dedric Hubbard
Thursday, September 30, 2010

Since the demons of religion are being exposed and destroyed by the Elijah prophets, it is only fitting that God wishes to show the legions of demons that are in religion. In this brief revelation we will only highlight the key principal demons of these people who worship in what they call non-denominational religion (and to be fair to the others of denominational religion, we will name your demons when we prepare to destroy your foundation also). And they are as such:

Azazel - is the principal fallen angel over non-denominational religion his name means God-strengthens this fallen angels enter into the vessels when the watchers and/or fallen angels who are assigned to watch a move of God notice that God has given a person a vision or place to be the spiritual authority in ministry. Without the counsel of a prophetic vessel for confirmation the vessel proceeds to develop a ministry under which they say God instructs them. In order to develop a ministry the person must have an understanding of basic biblical principals but yet they fail to institute the foundation of God in their ministry plans (Eph. 2:20) which turns the ministry upon birth into a breeding ground for demonic activities. All because it was started on the wrong foundation, Azazel, who has them thinking they are moving in the strength of God.

Ananiel - is the guardian for Azazel for he is a watcher in which he looks for and notices the pattern of prophetic people only because they understand the damage a true prophet of God can bring to satan's kingdom. This fallen angel is the one responsible for the foundation of God not being in the church for he seeks to enter the prophetic vessel in order to bring them under the control of Azazel in which people think the pastors are the spiritual authority in God's church. It is through Ananiel that Azazel knows when a prophet is being birthed by God and thus when they can't access their spirit they use the vessels to begin condemning the prophet in which the prophet leaves so the fallen angel can still operate undetected by other prophetic vessels under their control.

Arakiel - is the evangelism angel for non-denominational ministries. This fallen angel uses the spirit of agreement, familiarity, and inferiority to prey on those ignorant of God's true foundation. He promotes the church as one of a kind and is usually quite bold in speech and manner to those who are unfamiliar with God's true evangelistic nature which is power evangelism. This fallen angel uses stealth, deception, and the fear of the Lord in their deceptive speech.

Marchosias - is the fallen angel that controls the knowledge of false prophetic vessel. This fallen angel operates in intimidation, fear, manipulation, and witchcraft. The vessel that is controlled by this fallen angel has pin-point accuracy in prophecies and revelations. You can only tell this angel by their order of authority in which they will point people to a man instead of the foundation of God. When confronted or exposed they will always retaliate in secret, for they are abusers of authority. This is the demon that has 98% of prophetic vessel in religious bondage for it enters a religious prophetic vessel.

Naamah - This is the worship demon for the non-denominational religion. It's no more than a singing whore selling her gift to the highest bidder. This is also the demon that many prophetic people/speakers are in bondage to in which they charge you to hear the word or song of God. Their motive is money. This demon fights for attention and will best be shown in a person of authority in which they have to lead all the songs, be loudest in the choir etc. This is also the demon that pairs with the homosexual spirit which is why most gays like to be the in-thing in worship.

Now it is of interest to note the order of the fallen angels is correct but their position of authority is what I found amazing, for we understand God works in straight order according to those who have the most spiritual authority in God's foundation. Although Azazel is the leader, it is of interest that Marchosias calls the shots for it must be among the people to communicate with Annaniel in which pastors who have prophetic anointing or who operate in a spirit of fear receive their messages from Marchosias and thus the sheep think it's a word from the Lord. Because Marchosias is an abuser of authority, he uses different vessels to speak boldly of your spiritual leaders to keep everyone in fear of the weak vessel that the fallen angel Azazel has taken control of. They feed off the inferiority of the sheep to feed Azazel. Once the vessel has been strengthened with enough dead spirits, the other angels enter into the leader with stolen dreams, ideas, and knowledge. When the leader (Azazel) wants to know how much power he has he brings an idea before the church and the vessel who had this knowledge comes forth in agreement. It will usually be one in authority and thus your non-denominational religion gives all their power to a leader and thus when they pray because of the covenant with these fallen angels they think they are talking to God but it's Azazel who answers their prayer. Thus when they go outside of their covenant and come to a prophet such as myself, it goes against everything they have been taught and have heard, because we listen to the God of a man and not a man who many have made a God. And with this revelation revealed in short form, to any congregation: when I mention your pastor's name and/or his doings please be aware that I am not fearful. From Jakes to Long and anything in between, if you don't have an Elijah prophet you, your pastor, and your congregation are going straight to hell.

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