Releasing Elijah
fire by night

by Dedric Hubbard
Oct 12, 2010

As I sat yesterday in the stillness of the Lord, God revealed that he is releasing Elijah in his fullness, order, and authority (as revealed in a previous revelation titled Stay in the Flow of God) and Messianic Angels the time has come that these angels have come to one accord to their assigned vessels. There will be a mixture in the anointing of Elijah. Their voice will be likened to John the Baptist, with the leadership of Joshua and the wisdom of Daniel and will flow for a season out of the river Havilah. In this many will laugh, judge, and ridicule their revelations, speech, visions, and dreams until they return fire. This will be done by those who have the mantle of Elijah and who have recognized him as their spiritual father. For these individuals will disgrace, destroy, reveal, and release every hidden iniquity in those who have laughed and scorned at the ones who operate in the anointing. Their reason? “Judge not for whatever judgment....” in which they will use the very tool and words they preach to slay the religious demons within this sick religious structure. For the Elijah prophets with the mantle are protectors of God's end-time plan and in this season God has given them the authority and power to release his judgments upon renegade prophets, misaligned foundations, and incorrect revelations. These prophets observe and never respond for they are released in seasons and times. They announce the change, release the information, judge the response, and return to their secret place. The secret to their mantle is their connection to God, their covenant with their generations, and their understanding of the plans of God.

The most dangerous soldiers in this Elijah army are the ones who operate in a priestly anointing, meaning their spiritual eyes are constantly open for they have a secret assignment and an eternal post that has already been established, for some will be gatekeepers for people to walk into their inheritance. The gatekeeper's assignment is to connect the remnant with the right anointing to release the fullness of God in their life. Many will go unnoticed for a season until they see religion begin to tumble and they will search for previous revelations, words, and knowledge that the Elijah prophets have said. And for some it may be too late for when the gatekeepers reach kingdom anointing God will remove that assignment for a season and it will be transferred to the last release of the prophets in which many will have to prove their faith in God (and to many this will be the tribulation). As many are already releasing revelations of the rapture the world and church must understand that God will not rapture the church until the world sees his power working on earth in flesh and blood vessels and when this becomes consistent then and only then will God show his power in which he will rapture the church. The Elijah prophets being released in this season will be specialists in revelations, kingdom assignments, heavenly encounters, and equipping the church. Prepare to be amazed by the wisdom of God.

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