Top 10 Judgments That Will Happen This Year

by Dedric Hubbard
May 26, 2011

“For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?”

Many are failing as leaders of God's church and are pitiful as prophets and yet I understand all are not the same. When God speaks a word it's for the group who possess that gift and I don't care who is good or bad, I care who will be the fool that wants to set the example for being a rebellious leader. In this season, don't be too quick to pray and/or attended the service when someone passes away. You are coming into a season that the dead will bury their own and as such we begin judgment:

1. Pastoral leadership will lose their houses signifying they have not been God stewards of the house of God.

2. Pastoral leadership that takes salary from the church and still has another source of income will come under a heavy financial burden in which they begin to lose their money.

3. Pastoral leadership will lose their cars, signifying they have no authority to operate in ministry.

4. Many leaders will just abandon their churches because they will see the judgment upon other leaders being fulfilled.

5. Prophets who fleece and make engagements for money will die in their sleep and/or while they are accepting their filthy lucre.

6. God will arrange speaking engagements in which many who pervert the Gospel will not make it as their planes will crash, cars wreck, unexplained explosions will take care of these people who call themselves working in the kingdom.

7. Many leaders will commit suicide as their reprobate minds will not be able to hear even one word from God.

8. People will get up to minister in song, teaching, preaching, or dance and the Holy Spirit will take control and they will begin to reveal their double-life. Upon finishing they will never utter another word and/or they will drop dead for playing with a Holy God.

9. Many will retire early and/or call people in to teach their ministry because they will be fearful to stand behind the pulpit unclean.

10. Many churches will be destroyed and the only ones protected without damage are those which were approved by God.

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