Situation critical!
Separation is a must!

by Dedric Hubbard
June 18, 2010

Well, I had a good prophetic roundtable discussion with my spiritual fathers this morning as God the father comforted everyone with a Rhema word. The remnant must understand that if you haven't died completely yet, this is the season in which death must be attained for according to the Lord it is only going to get worse. The saints in heaven are fired up for a battle and many Christians who have been knowing God for his love must now recognize he has a vengeful side as well. Being summoned to the throne whether you are asleep or awake speaks to one thing: you are dead in Christ and therefore, he doesn't have to wait until you are asleep to speak because your cares are above and not beneath. We have to understand that God didn't put Adam asleep because he wanted to, it was because he had to for Adam was already contaminated before the fall. And why would I say that? Adam says his lesson wasn't revealed until he died and went back to God. He took his eyes off the work. Seeing everything else having a mate he wanted one too so his mind had wandered to the cares of the world. Some of us have to know that God is enough for us when we understand the seasons we are in. They won’t teach you that in your Bible classes because that is spiritual wisdom and not earthly. So as I begin to chat with the fathers of the faith they each imparted fatherly blessings upon a son. Why? Because a manifestation of the sons is being prepared for release upon the earth. Many of you think you are going to heaven and you are, but you must remember there is a seat called judgment that you must pass through to get to the mansions. So while you preach being "saved," remember to tell your congregation that that just gets you to the judgement seat and is no guarantee of whether you will enter into paradise and everlasting life.

Many of you have taken foundational gifts and biblical standards, revelation, and words and have turned them into idols and entered into competitive spirits with levels and standards that men have set and not God, putting people into unseen bondages and having become taskmasters of the Gospel instead of co-laborers (you know who you are). Requiring quota's and standards that you yourself never had to endure to achieve a level of acceptance to preach or teach the gospel. Jesus endured all and anything. Instead of his example you have raised yourself above the throne and have become a God in this generation. We have people in bondage to so-called "ministry classes," taking 5 and 6 years before being allowed to preach God's word. All for a piece of paper that is temporal instead of looking at the sign that is everlasting. For what does that paper do? Gives worship to a man recognizing that you passed his qualifications and his standards as to how he thought you should preach and react. This is no less dangerous than a woman losing herself entirely to a man and when he's gone her whole life is gone unless she knows who she is in God herself. You have coverings that cover not because God is the author and finisher of our faith, but you have allowed a man to take the place of your individual relationship with Jesus (who gets no more respect from you than a bum on the street). You can never idolize a man or woman to the point in which you drop everything at their beck and call. You are like a woman waiting on that special man to call her. Jesus and him alone gets that kind of treatment. You have to understand that everyone on this earth is equal, the only difference is talents and foundational gifts. You are no more or no less than that person just a different assignment. A person that runs to somebody that they call a covering is just as guilty as the catholic sitting in that box and confessing sins, you are both in it.

You never look to a man/women as spiritual fathers/mothers for they are earthly and limited to experience and intellect to what their relationship with God is. Your spiritual fathers are in heaven and the ones that you claim are really just midwives who are there to show you and mentor you when God is about to release out of your desert into your destiny. Anyone who knows my testimony should recognize and trace it all back to God and can't deny the power of God in my life and situations, but that's another story. The remnant must realize if they don't separate themselves and make themselves known they will become drowned in the river of revelation God says he will release and will forgo destiny in the manifestation of the sons of God. Meaning God will operate in heaven on earth and the releasing of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit will take place in certain individuals who are dead in Christ, meaning you will no longer be lying to individuals but the Holy Ghost himself (and we all know how that goes, according to the book of Acts). With that said, we must understand the seriousness in which God is speaking this day and hour. It is in simplicity through his first creation, earth. God always goes to the beginning before he brings for the end. Although the prophets are guessing and suggesting, the apostles are commanding and declaring. It just shows the weakness of the church and the gifts within the church, because the people are praying and agreeing and all to no avail. God is trying to get the church ready for battle and he is using the oil spill to show the weakness of the world, church, and the people for the devil has devoured and infiltrated most of the world except for the remnant. The current gifts are one-dimensional and earthly because they have fallen to traditions, mindset, and religious ideas that are built up idolatry and dictatorship, this oil spill was a sign for the world and the sons of God it is with that oil spill the sons of Issachar should have risen but at last they are held in bondage too.

So when things get bad God does not send gifts, but sons. This is not an attempt to degrade the true co-laborers in the Gospel, but to show our weakened state as the church before the world. God stated at the roundtable discussion that the oil spill is three-in-one and you have to be spiritually connected or a son to understand. You have to look at it with spiritual eyes, wisdom, and Holy Spirit interpretation: We understand what BP stands for but spiritual eyes and wisdom with holy interpretation says it stands for basic principles and what are basic principles? that the Word does not lie. Oil is black, the sea is deep, is not that darkness covering the face of the deep? and God is calling for a Holy Spirit separation. What is being affected? seafood, which mostly consists of what? shellfish. Did God not command us not to eat shellfish? What is the basic principles behind shellfish? You have to work to get the meat because it's encased in a shell. God is trying to tell the remnant, the world, and the church you are in bondage to your so-called shells and what are shells? coverings. Meaning you are working too hard for a man just to serve God, the spirit of Laban has you captive. When God calls you he equips you, trains you, ordains you in the spirit and the mid-wives are just there for mentorship, direction, and support when you may not understand. You are being tricked and duped by people who have wounds in their life that have not been healed by God and you are being held captive by another person fears, desires, rules, and revelation according to their interpretation and not God's. So how is the oil spill prophetic? The three-in-one nature of God is speaking the darkness of the world, the church, and the people; money, pride, and status, three sins in one mishap. Everyone was making money until this happened, no one was willing to spend what it cost to fix it so they keep passing the blame until someone takes ownership. But the remnant sees this as their time for God is releasing the treasures of darkness in which he transfers the wealth of the wicked to the ones assigned for the end-time harvest, for the kingdom needs finances to operate.

What is the harvest? God says it's in the price BP offered, 20 billion to be released by a third-party. We understand 20 represents 'redemption.' Basic principles says God is looking for a remnant, which means the monetary value in human eyes are humans in spiritual eyes because we are important to God: In which he requires 10 percent (that is about 10 billion), but because of pride, hardened hearts, etc., the remnant would come out of that 10 billion. God will allow the oil to stop when it reaches the number of sin the world has committed to the church. Out of that will be 10 percent of the sins of the church to the world, out of that will be the sins of the USA to the world, out of that the sins the church committed to the USA, but first God must judge the church to bring his bride to judge the world before they leave and who says God is fair. Although we could complete the revelation we won't for the sake the very elect will figure it out and the imposter will make something up (which are you?). Because the church is in serious judgement status and the remnant must understand that many of you have been in hiding, working undercover for God to expose the workings of the devil by overcoming, but camping out in a place you should have been just visiting. The reason you don't know it is because you are being held hostage by your own environment and/or ministry sitting by the pool waiting on a move but you are the move. But what do I know? I am just a dead man speaking to living people

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