The Burial of a Eulogy
Death to the pastoral foundation!
12 count Guilty verdict against the foundation of a pastor

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 19, 2010

Fresh in from a Bridal service and the prophet preached “are you willing?” and just in the midst of it the Holy Spirit took over and she went to speaking about Jonah. Many leaders and sheep have been warned through God, prophets, and other confirming incidents but on today a lot of you have these churches in judgment. Just as Jonah you know God has told you to leave for your time is up and yet you continue to sit on these pews. Unless you leave and find your place and let the fish spit you into your destiny you will be the cause of churches exploding, electrical fires, fires, leaders having heart attacks, marriages being ruined, anything that you have or are a leader in will be destroyed for failure to do as God willed. Many of you are the catalyst in this end-time movement and if you won’t move for God into your assigned place, then the place you are in will be destroyed and when it happens you will know that it is all because of you and your rebellion.


And with that God has released the 12 count guilty verdict against anyone who stands in the position of a pastor:

Failure to allow the gifts to operate as the Holy Spirit Leads - Guilty  

Failure to operate God's vision before your own vision - Guilty

Failure to have in place a center/training for the five foundational gifts of the church - Guilty

Failure to allow the Holy Spirit to speak in the church meetings - Guilty

Allowing non-ministry items sold in sanctuary - Guilty

Failure to have the foundational gifts of the apostle/prophets in place - Guilty

Allowing yourselves to be honored among the gifts that God has given - Guilty

Proclaiming yourselves as the authority of God's house - Guilty

Teaching a gospel that has pastor submitting to others - Guilty

Using theology as tool to introduce false doctrine - Guilty

Using God's tithes as an income to honor one foundation - Guilty

Allowing yourselves to be beguiled by the devil in which you sidestep rebuke - Guilty


God’s anger against any pastor who has refused, ignored, and/or failed to train the gifts in the house in accordance with Holy Scripture is so intense that as I went before the Throne in worship I seen him with the soul of a well-known pastor before him and as he was speaking I seen the fire of God come out of his mouth every time he spoke. Pastors are in a season where their best option is to either give up preaching or humble themselves to the prophetic movement that God is throwing in the church's face. Many will fail to understand why God is doing this but those who are called to this movement are ready and willing to show the world the power of God when you are truly holy unto him.

As the climax of this spiritual battle comes to a head there is only one thing that everyone must do and that is watch your mouth. God has a special group of enforcers whose job is to provoke the church to wrath, meaning the revelations, gifts, anointings on their life are designed to make anyone who stands in their presence jealous as Israel to the Gentiles. When this happens, God will release the fury of his wrath on these individuals for the power of God has always been here but many were afraid to access it for it causes you to become what you preach. And if their dying reveals his glory on the earth, then your dying will reveal God's glory in hell. In this season if you are called to any gift and/or office and you haven't passed through the fire of the dreaded one Elijah, then all you teach, learn, or witness is for naught for Elijah has come to clean that which is dirty and that which is dirty is the place of gathering that is called the church.

You’d rather become a snake charmer than walk in anointing that hasn't been confirmed by God's choice this season, and frankly I don't care what the others are saying I am speaking what I see. For there is a difference when you speak or see, but when you both see and speak then there is authority that has to answer to the revelation that is being given and that authority is God. I don't care if it's The Potter's House to the Dome of Nod  your foundation has been tested and found weakened by the spirit of pride and therefore, I will laugh when your evil days come.   

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