Spirit Watch 2010
don't fall asleep when Jesus ask you to watch

by Dedric Hubbard
Aug 3, 2010

Watching the spirit over the Orlando conference to be held on Oct 7-10 from what I am actually seeing in the spirit, the main focus will prophetic evangelism or power evangelism; but what I see and hear is that the worship anointing will be released upon the Elijah prophets that will be attending. God is going to release an end-time worship anointing and revelation that will be universal. When the prophets leave the conference those that are called to hold conferences and speaking engagements will have to make sure that the people worship in the way God will reveal in the conference. This will ensure that the bridal churches stay on one accord without saying much because it will be revealed at the conference; the music will vary but the order in which worship will be instituted will be key. What will happen is that this will cause the prophets to echo back to heaven what God is saying and when the rapture comes they will have a grace period which to reveal to the people to get ready for departure.

There will be 7,000 endtime prophets equipped in this conference either from attendance or by teaching and evangelizing what happens at this conference. These 7,000 will be assigned to the 7 mountains that must be taken in the world because their filth has spread to Christianity by way of sports, movies, music etc. It will be essential that these prophets know their assignment as to not interfere with the other assignments. But God has made it this way to provide a system of checks and balances meaning when it's time for the next group of prophets they will release partial revelations of the next mountain and that prophet will use their connection to bring that prophets revelation to the forefront. There will be 7 kinds of anointing released upon the prophets:

Power Prophets - These will be the ones who will be the leaders of the movement and will possess everything a church and/or ministry needs. These will walk in the indwelling of the God-heads and will be the most important prophets to identify. They carry a spirit of judgement because God will use these vessels to watch over his words and identify those who are defiant in this endtime move. They will hold a spirit of repentance meaning when Jesus dwells in them if they look behind the spirit and see your motives are evil they will spiritually lift your anointing and when they leave your anointing goes with them. The last is the most dangerous spirit to get caught in when the Holy Spirit dwells in them and they speak or ask questions and you lie to them read the book of Acts when they lied to Paul. The strange thing about these vessels is that they will know which spirit dwells in them when it happens but they will never say a word because of their obedience and their holiness.

Miracle prophets - Will be those that operate just in miracles and revelation of miracles.

Prophetic Evangelists - These will be power prophets that are always occupied in the spirit by a legion of angels for when they come into each town. When they announce it the people will run by the groves just by the name of their revival.

Prophetic prophets - These will be those assigned to bring a people or church into their season.

Jesus prophets - They will mainly carry a spirit of healing and deliverance

Holy Spirit prophets - These are the prophets that will speak wisdom and acknowledge a person gifts and equip them.

God's prophets - They operate in all of the above plus each one has one special gift, calling, and anointing that when lined in the correct season and time when they call for God's glory God's glory will show.

As I mentioned before about the oil spill in Michigan doing research about Michigan I found out there is a city called Birmingham in Michigan. It lines up with the revelation that I revealed that the mantle of Elijah sits over Birmingham, Alabama. Now what I found out surprised even me, there was land purchased by a man named Elijah Willets the house was occupied by, get this, a man named Elisha Hunter. Now I have to research those two but there may be a conference that will be held there where the Elijah mantle will activate the mantle of Elisha. This conference is so powerful already in the spirit that just the revelations I am allowed to see and the anointing that I sometimes go in the spirit and partake of just speak the language of God.

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