Unacceptable Acceptance
The Death of a Prophet

by Dedric Hubbard
June 24, 2010

Jeremiah 20:9-13
9Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay.
10For I heard the defaming of many, fear on every side. Report, say they, and we will report it. All my familiars watched for my halting, saying, Peradventure he will be enticed, and we shall prevail against him, and we shall take our revenge on him.
11But the LORD is with me as a mighty terrible one: therefore my persecutors shall stumble, and they shall not prevail: they shall be greatly ashamed; for they shall not prosper: their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten.
12But, O LORD of hosts, that triest the righteous, and seest the reins and the heart, let me see thy vengeance on them: for unto thee have I opened my cause.
13Sing unto the LORD, praise ye the LORD: for he hath delivered the soul of the poor from the hand of evildoers.”


God says this morning the remnant is looking for acceptance in two worlds, knowing you are called to deliver those out of the prison of religious bondage and yet holding on to those who you need to let go of. God states you have developed within your destiny a season of unacceptable-acceptance and thus you are double-minded, torn between God and the world. This is unacceptable knowing the preaching of the gospel is a lonely job, knowing the preaching of the true gospel doesn't bring friends but enemies, knowing you have counted the cost but choose not to experience the loss; this is unacceptable. God states do you not know friendship with the world is an..... to him? Why? Because you have taught and learned the Word, but have not connected with the spirit of the Word. You are unfit to be a mouthpiece for the Lord in this season because you choose to hang on to the law rather than be released in the spirit. You understand the nature of God's mission but consult with the transgressors for answers and opinions and thus you are tainted before your destiny even begins. Who are thou to understand the ways and the will of the spirit when you hold onto those things of the flesh? This is unacceptable when trying to raise above the flood. For you seek, watch and listen and say “who are they to speak in that manner?” Those are they who have fire in their bones. Are you not chosen? Are you not equipped? But yet you speak with forked tongues in the midst of the heathens. When you speak of another in the midst of a spiritual fight, consulting with the enemies some times in plain sight.

For I God have numbered your transgressions, I have placed this on your file. For your unacceptable behaviour I will turn my head from your life for you will no longer be my child. For you help speak against the people I have chosen to save my bride. You are siding with the enemy on a train heading to perdition and your fate will be sealed in stone, for your heart is growing hard against the vessels who speak in stones. You are judging what you know not of and thus you pray for a leak, a chance to expose darkness in a vessel that is calling for the deep. For I the Lord have raised the sea of revelations and yet you cannot see for you are not operating as individuals that are representing my one and only son. For your fear has caught up with you and thus you must be taught the same thing that you wish upon a vessel of honor that is covered in a righteous robe; that judgment has to be sent back to you and delivered seven-fold. For you like the company of transgressors and say you speak the mind of God; for your arrogant, prideful attitude your words will be snared for I the Lord will capture them in mid-thought and release them unto the wolves. For the deceit you speak to my people will be the deceit that comes into your life. For you have become a persecutor of righteousness and an enemy of the faith. You fail to humble yourself and learn the move of my spirit and thus you try to create your own. This is the death of a prophet who choses to go the way of Baal and insult the words of the living God; all so they can remain in plain sight. For your trespassing in unknown territory and failure to yield to my Holy Light, I the Lord will knock you down again and this time I will not restore your sight.

For you speak in presumption, pride, and earthly insights; all because you want to have everyone run to your ministry thinking you are a woman of God. But my hands are far from you daughter for now you have crossed the line. You have no power to predict a person’s death because you are intimidated by their words, for now I will show you how to predict yours. Since you like to be in the limelight and the center of attention with your fleshly anointing and your evil wicked ways, when you recognize I have removed your anointing and you still try to prophecy any words that come out of your mouth deduct the years of your life times 10. When you say that you see and your vision has been removed, deduct from your life years times five. When you say that you are releasing something that you do not possess when you bring your arms back to your side measure your arm's length. The words that you have spoken against my vessels were harmful and crude; you are intimidated by the vessels I choose to use, because of your earthly wisdom and fleshly insights using a spirit that you know wasn't mine yet in order to not look weak or unlearned you made up a lie. This is the way I the Lord bring judgement back to you. Since you like to predict death over a prophet's life, I will give you a prophet’s death and thus I will even the fight. Because you spoke prophetically the 10 represents the testimony and responsibility you have to speak the truth, but you spoke a life. The five is the grace I gave you to operate in a prophet's life. The combination of these gave you the ability to rest in your anointing and perform your duties as unto me.

But because of the hatred in your heart I will give you rest from your duties, for I the Lord have warned you daughter time after time. The spirit of pride has corrupted your anointing and lifestyle and you must be punished for your crime. Oh how I have protected you every day of your life. But to curse my firstborn and speak death over their life you are not speaking to a human but a spirit that I placed inside to give life. You have chosen the wrong battle to fight because these are my seeds; supernatural births in a season of destiny release. You have picked the wrong battle to fight and thus you are no longer a prophet in the presence of my throne. Your unacceptable behaviour cannot be near my throne. When you have your fender-bender this will be your sign that I the Lord have given the devil permission to attack your life. After this follows the lifting of your anointing and you will see it when it takes flight for your last vision will be you seeing me place your anointing upon another person's life. You have to be humble to operate in the end-time and fighting upon prophets is punishable by death in this end-time. When you see the signs come upon your life, know that the only way you can stop it is to send for the prophet that you predicted death upon because they have heard every word you have said; but to predict death you have risen yourself upon my throne. Let this be a warning of what not to do. I have ears in the spirit searching for those who are too weak to speak and have servants that will say everything I want to say. My daughter if you don't repent and turn from your wicked ways you will be the first to experience the death of a prophet in the end-time days. Your spirit stripped, my presence gone and I will leave you like I found you in the midst of your storm.


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