What Is The Tithe's?
Out Of The Mouth Of Melchizedek

by Dedric Hubbard
July 22, 2010

When you begin to really operate in heavenly authority you no longer have to pray your way in and through, for they summon before you constantly when they want to reveal final truths before the end-times. It was during a walk in the heavens with God that I was again summoned in the spirit but this time by Melchizedek. It was then I had to walk down to the second heavenly place where his throne resides and there spread among the grass were the rest of the elders from around the throne and he said “sit, we will discuss tithes.” The church has built a wall around the priests of the house all because of tithings, Mel states that there are four natures of man that a person must conquer before they even receive a visit from him. It was illustrated when he appeared to Abram after the battle of the kings. In this conversation Abram recalled all the battles that he had and during that conversation every small detail that he forgot, Mel recalled them in full detail right down to the last second of his life. Mel states it was then that Abram gave him a tenth of all he had, because he recognized that anyone who knew the order of his past life and told him about his future life and not only told him Abram can behind the throne and stated he showed me in the picture of his mind who and what he was. It was at that point that Abram introduced the tithes because in his battle he was made to understand he only needed two natures, each with five different gifts: the apostolic to make order and the prophetic to declare, keep, and maintain order; the foundations of God's church.

The tithes were 1 percent of each gift that Abram possessed which were the five foundations of his two natures, because his seed would need knowledge of this when the season of the end has come. That is why an apostle and prophet are similar but a prophet is more warlike because of the battles they have fought to understand who they are. With that being said, if a person doesn't know what they are and what they possess then it's the person of God who understands you do not have to tithe because you do not understand who he is which means you don't know who you are. And thus if you tithe because a man told you and you don't understand who you are or who God is, I am here to tell you that it is a sin and your money is cursed because you have not sought God on what you are to give according to his spirit and not because man has told you. For example, if you’re a prophet and you possess all 5 gifts your tithes is 5 percent of whatever you make; your firstfruits is 10 percent on the day you first acknowledge who you are and what you possess in God. If you wish to give a tithe in face, you give with the expectation that God reveals to you what your gift is in him; this is your inheritance of the saints; this is what Abram lived to see and therefore, he wishes that you understand the nature of his conversation with the high priest which is the persons of the God head as one.

Now to limit a person’s ability based on man's perception of tithes is a sin before the person of God and is blasphemy to the Holy Spirit for he equipped the gifts of man before the foundation of the world and to limit a person's ability to operate in what used to be church according to money makes you a god before God was and that ain't happening. If a person is not monetarily able to pay tithes and has knowledge of their foundational gift in God, this becomes their tithes until God allows them to contribute. This is because before the foundation of the earth God equipped them with his power before they came into the knowledge just to judge a person's reaction to an vessel of God. But what pastors have done has put in a no-pay no-play rule and this has handicapped what used to be church because all prophets struggle with finances because their anointing brings finances to the body as well as inventions and ideas that should have been church-financed. But because we are in a bride-building season it has become too late for most because Jesus has come like a thief in the night. Now pastors and churches that have allowed this practice because you have never sought the face of the one who instituted the tithe, Melchizedek himself, nor did you seek the face of your heavenly father Abram and thus if you get to heaven you must pass the throne of Melchizedek and his response will be “I never knew you” because you debased something holy. Read your bibles now, is an apostolic and prophetic call on someone as worthless as money to God? When you destroy a prophet’s right to operate because of money you destroy a prophet’s soul and thus you destroy God's heart and thus whatever measure you judge them that times two is hereby given to you plus the interest and the souls of what that prophet would have brought into the kingdom.

A double-portion anointing is a prophet/apostle who has come to operate in both offices and all five (now 4) foundational offices. These are power prophets and these are the ones whom God wishes to come and join him behind the throne, for he is about to open a bridal palace that will allow you to operate without a price for he knows that you will bring much fruit. It is with that practice that many pastors have allowed deacons to count and take care of the finances of the church. This is a sin. The only one who should control the flow of any income is an apostle/prophet. Because it's in God's words that the righteous are not forsaken nor his seed begging bread, the church has a traditions that a person in need goes to the deacon for assistance. This is not scriptural nor does it have any foundational basis. When the apostle/prophet calls for tithes and offerings the prophet already knows who is in need. After the money is collected the prophet knows the amount and who needs what and that person is awarded that which he needs. To ask a deacon for anything equates to begging in God's eyes for he knows all our needs and a church that has this practice is guilty of sin for they judge who gets what and how much. When you come before the throne your lashes will equate the hidden judgment of why that you hold in your head of a person's need. Now any church that wishes to reform must (hahahahah) have dealings with an Elijah prophet for nothing goes on without their knowledge for they are manifesting in authority and power daily and when the indwelling flows through them, you will be carried out among those who have worshipped your limited pastoral abilities and your limited access to the throne of God. There are five heavenly places and each one has a standard that you must pass before you go on to the next, but most churches have teachers and pastors with no knowledge of heaven nor know the names of their spiritual fathers. Matthew states call no man father, anyone who has called a man father and given man the worship for your growth on the earth and the power you think you demonstrate, you are a bastard until you come to the knowledge of your spiritual father in heaven. And you my friends, are cursed within a curse for giving an earthly man honor for spiritual gifts. That is why I don't owe no human nor man nothing for my status in Christ or my Christian standards. Selah

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