The Dispensation of Glory
Part 2

by Dedric Hubbard (November 5, 2010)

I marvel at the wonders and surprises God has endowed me with these past few months and I stand in awe of the unlimited measure you are able to obtain if you really let go of the world. I was taken into another spiritual experience in which I awoke standing by a door. It was then I heard God's voice say, "open the door" and inside was a massive collections of scrolls all neatly tucked in order. So as I sat at the chair looking at how sometimes the scrolls disappear and reappear I asked God, "what is this?" and he stated, "a collection of your life’s work past, present, and future. Every time you right a wrong according to my standards the angel assigned to you takes it and destroys it and replaces it with the plans I have for your life." "Now close your eyes." The Lord stated, and in a matter of whatever time when he told me to open my eyes I was in another place in God’s vast kingdom. It was then that he spoke and told me where I was and that this place should not be mentioned in this revelation. It was then I saw my warring angel Harael as he smiled and laughed at me he stated, "you are offending many and putting the fear of God in them all and for your obedience God instructed me to introduce your cherubim of protection as you enter into your next level of Glory."

It was then two cherubim appeared in the room. They smiled and they introduced themselves as Haniel and Camael; guardians of The Dispensation of God’s Glory. They mention they were the ones who gave Elijah the meat in which he went 40 days and night. Camael explained he was the one that came to me yesterday. It was then Haniel stated that the scroll is only read in the presence of the room we were in and with them present around me. It was then I heard God speak, “turn son and read.” I then turned to read the scroll which appeared on the table feeling like a child being home-schooled. I was told not to read from the beginning. Instead, start in the middle and read upwards. The scroll states that the seven I mentioned yesterday which contained five churches and two ministries, they represent the seven churches that are seen in Revelation. The two ministries are a type of the apostolic and prophetic the way it should be in the church. For they are lead by Jesus, who is the cornerstone. The five churches are a type of the five foundational gifts that should be operating in the church. Each church has a dominant gifting in their house. God’s plan is for these two ministries to equip these five churches. The reason there are not seven churches is because the two ministries are churches within themselves that God has not established, because they are the essence of what God is looking for in the church. As a result, they have redeemed two of the seven churches that God warned in the book of Revelation.

One of the ministries has the key and the other knows how to open the door for you can not come to God any kind of way. Just because you have access to the throne doesn’t mean you can come to the door. Now all these church and ministry destinies are being born in this season. If they don’t yield to the spirit of God and learn the ways of God the two ministries, because of their obedience and knowledge of God, will be instructed to start a bridal church and everything that God has will be given unto them. They will then set-up the structure that will lead people into the kingdom at rapid pace and according to the guardians of the scroll those who will not listen to the Holy Spirit in this time of war will not have access to these bridal churches in the time of fulfillment. Because they will have aborted their destiny and they will not be able to redeem it because these are the ones who are assigned to rule and reign with Christ. So as I wait to pen the letters to the unsuspecting individuals when the spirit gives utterance, let it be known this Glory has come to seperate the wheat from tares; some will grow, others will fall to the wayside.    

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