The 10 to 1 Anointing of an Elijah Prophet

by Dedric Hubbard
May 31, 2010

1. Scriptural Analysis - These are king's kids. These prophets are wiser and smarter to go deeper into the scriptures for the meat of the word and not the curse for they are constantly looking through spiritual eyes.

2. Supernatural Eyesight - They have the ability (depending on their relationship) to read the Bible in Hebrew format in English text. They can see in the spirit with the clarity of eagle eyes.

3. Spiritual Perception - They speak to and comprehend nature in spiritual language.

4. Supernatural Hearing - They can hear conversations in the spirit through thoughts, words, or spirits.

5. Confrontational - They were sent to uproot anything that is not like God. If they ask they expect an answer. Their anointing is proactive, not reactive. Anything negative towards them in the spirit if not cleared up that day, God informs them and it is addressed in the form of taunts, words, and sometimes details. Meaning God is allowing time for repentance or you reap what you sow.

6. Indwelling Holy Spirit - They are a visible manifestation of the Holy Spirit. At times watch for the glow or red in their eyes, they are then heat-seeking missiles.

7. Protective Nature - If flowing from the right streams these prophets protect each other because of their assignments. They never judge or gossip, they pray and watch for the signal, for they understand the difference in their work.

8. Taunters - Some are taunters to get the hidden spirit to come out and show its head and then they kill the snake and heal the wound.

9. Confident - Their confidence is mistaken as being prideful and boastful. These are the ones who have a covenant with the Lord himself and have signed it face to face. When they speak it is so bold it pricks at a prideful heart.

10. Spiritual access - If their life is in order they have unlimited access to the spirit world and the heavens of God. According to their faith they receive everything that God has.


1. If an Elijah prophet hears the word “crazy” it activates the beast mentality of their anointing which is controlled by the Holy Spirit. It is in this state someone prays “calm down Holy Spirit.” If not the Holy Spirit brings to this prophet’s anointing the passion of the cross and destroys that which he was trying to save. For after all Jesus was a prophet and therefore, this would be the wrath of Jesus.

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