Elijah appears on the scene
The Dreaded Champion Weighs In

by Dedric Hubbard (November 5, 2010)

In this corner ruling in heavenly authority, prophetic precision, Godly wisdom, and Holy Spirit understanding we give you the dreaded champion of the world: Elijah - The Dreaded One. As God prepares to turn the church world upside down I was invited to interview and introduce to some the prophet who many that know my testimony that trained me in the spirit Elijah. (This may answer the questions why I get first-hand information.) Why should the church be concerned because Elijah has appeared? Quite simple, dread means to fear. Elijah is responsible for putting the fear of the Lord back into the Bible, the church, and the world. Elijah operates in full governmental authority in heaven and earth. Elijah prophecies, miracles, healing, and deliverance are instant with many having the time frame of 12 to 24 hours symbolizing his authority in heaven and in earth. Elijah's first course of action is to confirm his mantle on certain individuals and release his anointing on others. Elijah prophets have spiritual knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and access to the throne of God and everything he has to accomplish their mission upon this earth. Elijah prophets have all 12 of their vital flesh parts under control; this was symbolized by why Jesus only chose twelve disciples to start each disciple represented a part of the body that need to be under control. Once under control Elijah prophets are then taught the weakness of their flesh, symbolized by the occupations of those who wrote the four gospels: Matthew: Money and/or provision, Mark: Historian and/or communication, Luke: Doctor and/or health, John: Fisherman and/or reproduction. It is here in which we sidebar to show the importance and the spiritual dominance that the Bride and the Elijah prophets will have over religion.

The hidden message and language of God for the New Testament are in these four gospels concerning your relationship with God. Your ability to communicate (Mark) with God in the sprit realm determines the amount of power (Matthew) God gives you to reproduce (John) healthy disciples (Luke). In each of these people they had (12) full governmental authority handed to them and yet all of them committed the same sin in which only those of the Elijah prophet will release in this season. Ok, we will tell you this for free: they never understood who and what they were called to be and what they were called to do, and yet they operated in an anointing not knowing where it came from. Until God decided to change the dispensation and bring forth those who would seek understanding. This was demonstrated in the Book of Acts. When God called Paul the dispensation changed for Paul knew who he was called too, what he was called to be, and the anointing in which he operated. And yet being a bad boy and writing Gospels that changed the world, Paul's sin was discovered too and hidden until the end-time and that revelation is the children’s bread.     

Many people will begin to understand why it is dangerous to call a flesh and blood man your spiritual father for the spirits of the forefathers only passed their gifts, revelations, and anointing to their seeds for it is an inheritance. And yet many will have to understand that Elijah, Noah, Paul and Enoch are all related and through the spirit each generation and/or dispensation becomes better than the next. That is why Elijah is the dreaded one and why he could not die because he had to be in the spirit to approve all those who are part of his tribe and that is done in his priestly anointing. So it goes beyond the Bible in this season and enters into a dimension of all-or-nothing for Elijah has come to awaken the Bride for kingdom assault in which you roll with them or get rolled over. For Elijah has come to be a storyteller in which he reads your Bible back to you from beginning to end in the spirit and not in the flesh.

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