The Pentecostal Papers
Spiritual Authority

by Dedric Hubbard
May 20, 2010

In two days we will be 50 days from Passover which will be Pentecost and there should be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is within this timeframe now we have to understand spiritual authority before then. Although God has released various concerns and revelations concerning the church we who are Christians fail to understand spiritual authority. For what man can operate in authority without his own rebellion having been dealt with? For what man can pen that he has finished his course unless he has ran the course set before him to his point of rest? For what man can be heading toward destruction and see the light, and in that light he sees himself and the authority he can obtain. Authority is given by God and it constitutes a certain change in lifestyle. Far be it for my natural mind to understand, but my spirit recognizes authority. It was in one of my heavenly encounters as I sat at peace when the heavens opened up move the darkness out of the way and I was handed a baton shaped object and then the heavens closed.

Yet, the spirit understood but the curiosity of the natural man was of avail. It is with this piece of wisdom the Holy One expressed how be it the natural figure out the spirit? For in the natural the spirit heads for destruction but in the spirit it heads toward life. With that being said, in order to walk in true spiritual authority one must cease from the understanding of the natural mind because God doesn't speak to the natural he speaks to the spirit. It is that in reverse that has caused the church to err in certain revelations of scripture. Although I write with natural hands, I speak and operate from the spirit of a man and that man is Jesus. For what kind of man tries to figure out the spirit of a man, unless that man's spirit was sent of the man and that man is God.

For to take a spiritual thought and make it fleshy requires a lot of work but to make a spiritual thought spiritual thought spirit is with ease when the flesh has been done away with to perfection. For one to know and operate in authority they must know all authority comes from God. For what is a man who questions a man's authority? Has not that man become God? For at what time does the spirit of God speak to the spirit of man and the spirit of the world answers? For if a man is sent in authority under authority and the spirit of authority recognizes authority then why should the flesh answer? For when one opens his mouth to respond he has given authority to his judge and therefore he has lost his authority by responding to his critics. Did not Jesus silence himself to the world and yet open himself to authority. Who did he speak to in his trial, the world's authority or God's authority?

For one in authority does not depend on his ideas, thoughts, and suggestions it depends on knowing the will of God. God establishes his authority on the basis of the revelation and/or his will he gives to those in authority. The level of revelation is equal to the level of power is equal to the sign of authority one has in the kingdom. For what is a man who elevates himself at the time of exposure? For that man all revelation cease. But what is a man whom God elevates and everything increases? It is then no longer the man that worketh but the spirit of that man which is the spirit of God in him. For what at any time that a natural man judges that which is spiritual for God says deep calls unto the deep. For what man cuts in and answers a call in the spirit that was not meant for him? It is the natural man that judges the spiritual man without cause for his spirit man is corrupted. It is then no longer the spirit of that man that judges the natural man but the spirit of that man who judges and that is the spirit of God. That spirit of God works through the spirit of that man and silence is enforced, for at what at any time did God speak to a natural man concerning a spiritual man unless through the spirit he speaks and that spirit speaks through silence which is submitted to authority.

For spiritual things make no sense to natural unless you understand authority for at what time did God make man in 12 dimensions of creation for God does not exist in time so at his pace did he work. The rest wasn't for God it was for that which he was creating, for how can God rest when he upholds authority in his hand? For did not God send his son in authority and immediately he picked 12 disciples representing the 12 dimensions of God's creation knowing one of the disciples of creation was a devil. For wisdom speaks on this wise. To have spiritual authority you must walk with God and know the devil is among you so that you may defeat him at his own game. To be elevated in authority you must go from knowing why you were created to upholding why you were created. This is done by becoming one with the creator. For I speak from this point apostolically, does this makes me an apostle? But it is not I that speak but the spirit of the spirit that sent me and that spirit is of God. For how can I become an apostle if I don't understand the basics of creation. Was I sent by God or was I elected by man?

The latter is of importance for if I be sent by man then power is bestowed upon me by man, which means my work is of man and if of man my work will cease because man's days are numbered and I say what man says and move according to man’s rules which means I am man’s authority and my words are not of power because they are not of God but man. But if sent by God then my words are power because they are not of me but of God and not of God but the spirit of God within me for that man is now a representative with the one who sent him and his words won't fail for they are God's words with power. For what is a sign of apostles but miracles? And what is that miracle but to speak the word in faith and believing it's done for you have authority. For at what time does authority get tested but never. Authority isn't tested it's exercised and how be it spoke and it doesn’t manifest.

For an evil world seeks after a sign but authority speaks to the evil before it happens, for an apostle to operate the basics must be exercised and that is to speak the word into existence. For what is an apostle but a representative with power for how can you hold power without the keys and what are the keys they are within you and you are in creation. For what is a man who holds a key but doesn't open the door? It is a prideful man not willing to share the secrets of the kingdom. A man of understanding shares, a man of lack hoards for what he has is considered 'his' and he wants the more in case at any time he may not eat. But a man of authority constantly feeds for his authority isn't from him but he that sent him and he that sent him is God.

So who are you starving that you should be feeding? And why are you starving when you have authority to eat? For to have access to food and don't eat is a man void of understanding and a fool, for what man starves himself when there is abundance unless they are prideful and don't care for who holds the plate. For when there is no foundation there is no order and where there is no order there is confusion, so how can one be out of order when there is no order? Unless God sends you to build foundations so order can be set so the table can be spread, for when a man rebukes being built on his foundation it crumbles. Prophets are in a season of restoration, tearing down and building up not for the love of man but of God.

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