God instructs Elijah to tell a son
to speak to the Churches:

There is horror over their heads!

by Dedric Hubbard
Thursday, December 2, 2010

1st Timothy 5:8-9 “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.  Let not a widow be taken into the number under threescore years old, having been the wife of one man.”


As I took a spiritual trip last night with my angelic guards leading the way we evaluated my walk into Christ as I looked at every instance many times early on I wasn't sure of the moves I made but I moved anyway not allowing myself to be stagnant nor bound to any man. And yet submitting to those ministries out of fear of the Lord and not fear of a man some still don't understand my principles, thoughts, actions, anointing and/or conversation. It is then I understood I was walking like my saviour. Although I failed twice in my walk (once in emotions and once in timing) it never held me from getting back what I lost. It was after these failures were corrected that God spoke the most powerful phrase of wisdom to me. He stated:
I created the world in emotions of unlimited value for I have unlimited time, but no one's emotions count but mine; and on that day when you feel my emotions cease, it's in that time  I will release the emotionless beast. Your momentum will stop and you go in hiding on that day, release nothing until you have started paving your way."

As I took a trip yesterday in the bowels of hell to see the torture of wayward souls a great fear of God came over me; you see people you have watched on television, met in person, friends, family members souls already being tortured and tormented and yet they have no idea as they continue in disobedience and deceit. It was then (yesterday) I wanted to pray for the people and the church to recognize the error of their ways and I heard the spirit say “prophets in this season don't pray, they declare the kingdom.” It was then that I felt no emotions for the lost as I replayed his words he gave me 1 year ago today. So as we reviewed my walk into Christ it was then I saw the manner in which God called me to preach this gospel of grace in the foundation of a prophet. It was then on that day I understood the grace of God as I immediately became an outcast and ridiculed as many prophets experience (you all know the story), and there is no prophet in the house to train up a prophet. It was then I asked God “where is the meat in the house. The substance of what churches should be made of?” and I realized there was no room in that inn. A church that doesn't have gifts in place to train other gifts is nothing more than an inn; food, fellowship, and fun. No equipping just stripping a person's self-esteem so they can be taught a servant mentality. So where do I go Lord? Because if you calling me to preach a gospel of grace I don't want nobody else's anointing, revelations, character, ministry, I want my own. And yet many churches no matter how they try to operate different they are all carbon-copies of each other in that one they have not the foundation of God as stated in Eph. 2:20. It was then I understood my mission, passion, and death: to bring all the tithes/gifts into the storehouse (Talents Inside Talents Helps Each Son) . The church hides and controls the people's gifts inside the tithes thinking it's all about money. It's the hidden gifts inside a vessel that brings the meat into the house. The meat of God is not in money it's the spiritual gifts inside each individual that produces spiritual money, reproducing seed after it kind.

And what was my death? To die to be equipped with every gift, anointing, revelation, and knowledge God led me too. Although my visit was in the natural, my mission was in the spirit and in doing that some deposits were made as well as some withdrawals, all for the sake of the Gospel. It was then I fast-forwarded to the end of that which I was called to do as the angels placed me in a position in which I saw the horror over the landscape of America's churches for claiming to be the head and they are the tail, for claiming to be a hospital and they are the jail, for claiming to be led by the spirit and yet they are led by man. The Spirit of Ziz that God is releasing will darken the minds of many who stand in a solo position of authority in direct rebellion to Eph. 2:20 foundation. This self-righteous spirit is released to destroy the works that man has built and allow the Elijah prophets to build the works of the spirit. As I saw the spirit about to take flight, it's destination was made manifest by the wisdom of God. He said “son I am going in alphabetical order destroying the works of man”. It was then my angelic guards positioned me over my state and we foresaw the destruction of what's to come. God's heart was not heavy neither did he repent. He laughed and quoted his own scripture Proverbs 1 in its entirety. It was then I saw the 5 churches and 2 ministries light up amd the angel instructed me to watch the bright light. As the light moved through each ministry angels surrounded the ministry and placed an Elijah prophet to guard the gates of the church as the sign of the Bride was placed upon their forehead. It was then we saw the two ministries become churches and the angel said “enough” and we were taken back to a place called safe in which the seal of the Lord was placed on me. As I then turned to the right I saw others receiving seals in which their spiritual nature was changed instantly. It was then we heard the voice of God say “Speak those things you know above and do not fear those who are beneath for that is the wisdom of man.“ We understood the nature of his language; it was then I understood the significance of releasing end-time revelations for I was not bound by the things that others were bound by in which they submit to a leader as in order and yet the church is not in order. It was then I understood the nature of 1st Timothy 5:8-9.It is a freedom scripture for lost sheep and a warning scripture for people who stand in a pastoral foundation.

To know, understand, and acknowledge a person has a call on their life and the church does not take care of that gift, they have denied the faith. They overlook a person's calling if they are intimidated, threatened, and/or may lose their place of authority in doing so. This denies the faith of that person who has been praying for their gifts, callings, and anointings and has not yet had the chance to operate in the fullness of who they are called to be in God. The widow is any person who has submitted to one foundation for more than three years and understands they have a gift and the one they are assigned to wanders looking for help to equip them when it should be in that house. You pastor, are worse than an infidel and as many are hustled into groups and trained to be ministers of the gospel their foundation in the gospel goes stagnant. They become premature gifts all because of the self-righteous works of pastors. The horror assigned to these pastors is worse than they can imagine for saying they are preaching the Gospel and yet not following the Gospel as stated in Eph. 2:20. Many pastors will commit suicide, have reprobate minds, become institutionalized, experience divorce, close churches. As the Spirit of Ziz becomes the sword that separates the wheat from the tares as they who taught people to be humble cannot humble themselves to be taught by a prophet. The mindsets of pastors and prophets are that pastors tend to think prophets come to take over and prophets think they are supposed to take over. It's then you go to the Word to solve issues. When God sends you a real prophet it's for that prophet to build the foundation of that church which leads you to come into compliance with Eph. 2:20 for they are the only gifts considered holy by God. This is because a real prophet who comes directly from the throne of God will always have an edge over the others for equipping the gifts in that church. That is why a God-sent prophet will have a heavy anointing on their life and will operate in all five gifts. God only sends a prophet when the church is about to grow in an uncommon manner.

The pastor’s mindset is always in a protective frame and they are always cautious. This speaks to their call and yet this has caused them to unknowingly enter into a spirit of judgment which introduces pride. They fail to understand the nature of a prophet’s mission because they fail to communicate with the prophets. In the perfect work of the Holy Spirit the prophet comes and equips the gifts and introduces the prophetic flow the church will operate in for its next level of destiny. In doing this the anointing of a pastor's promotion in the spirit is already deposited in the prophet's spirit and the weight of their anointing is rewarded by their obedience to humble themselves to a foundational gift. When a prophetic anointing is introduced into any atmosphere it automatically draws provision, members and growth because the real ones speak “right now” words. This is why most prophets are struggling monetarily in paying physical money because they are spiritual money; this leads many to introduce prophetic-pan-handling. In the prophetic the mantle comes with a mantle of finance that is released when people have the faith in them to build the foundation of the ministry. A pastor who hasn't been faithful over his sheep when a prophet comes in they will appoint the foundational gift and the pastor will remain in his gift until he/she grows to a level that pleases God eyes. The church has to understand the meaning of the scriptural gifts when he says in 1st Cor. 12:28 means that the ones he sends will operate in all five gifts and they are set over a region, number, and/or group of churches according to the grace of God. Eph. 4:11 means when he gets ready to grow a church he will lead people to a particular church, region, and location as well as stir the gifts up in that church and/or awaken them to their is more in them than meets the eye. In the midst of this call to duty it's the spiritual authority's job to find who is the set prophet and which are gifts that are given to help the ministry. The set prophet will never volunteer this information because it's a test. First, to see how sensitive a vessel is to the Holy Spirit. Second, are they really moving to the unction of the Holy Spirit or is it flesh and spirit? When a set prophet is finished with their work it should look like 1st Cor. 12:28.

 The mistake most pastors make is thinking a sent/set prophet joins or becomes part of a ministry. You cannot make a foundational gift that is sent to be a member when it's sent to establish your ministry. This speaks to the humility of set prophets. They will do things even though they know it's not right but just because they understand authority they do it until there is danger in becoming a part of something they are called to destroy or it will endanger their walk with Christ. It is here that I close the chapter on this revelation for the time has come in which the judgment of the church is starting in alphabetical order in which those 5 churches have to become impregnated by those 2 seeds to bring forth a power and a Glory the world has never seen. Each of the five churches represent one of the five gifts. Each spiritual leader is married and each have a form of religion, but the two ministries are unique in which one leads you to the key and the other knows the door because they are branches that will build trees. When those ministries become churches look to the sky for Jesus will not be far behind. If the church does not submit to the foundational scripture of the Bible and if the leaders do not submit to the authority of who God sends to them, I don't care who you are your work is in vain and you will not enter into the kingdom of God all because of your foundation is not set as in Eph. 2:20. From T.D. jakes to olsteen God doesn't care who you follow, if it's not according to his foundation it is sin.

The reason most people and churches are not getting end-time revelations and/or Elijah revelation is because your leaders are in sin and the reason most prophets can't be specific in end-time revelations and/or Elijah revelation is because they are out of place and fleecing the sheep so if God was to give it to them do you know the magnitude of cash they will generate? This is why Elijah prophets are not prophetic pan-handlers, they are prophetic soul-handlers and will give their all to win one. When a person stands in a seat of accountability and yet is handling the Word deceitfully, the punishment is death in this season. You must come to realize that to omit from the word the foundation of God is to omit from the people their foundation in God and this has offended God in such a manner that if it wasn't for the love of Jesus many would be destroyed in this season. So it has become the Elijah prophets job to offend, intimidate, and convict everyone who is not building their church upon the foundation of God. Although you cannot see it, there is horror over the head of the pastoral authority.

Any vessel that has a call from God and you didn't go to get equipped and/or taught, you get to sit in this chair of fire in a pit of fire!! While getting lashes in the equivalent of what pastors get. Only difference is you get a cooling off period of 5 mins in which the fire stops (but still continuous lashing!!). Somebody better find Elijah before Jesus comes to get your house in order.

Any prophet/apostle who has manipulated/ridiculed and hurt the sheep knowingly and/or unknowingly, in hell you are allowed to watch yourself as demons enter in and out of your body. That you might not want to think about!!

Any person that stands in a pastoral foundation over a church your lashes in hell are determined by the number of ppl in your congregation!! Multiplied by the gifts that you did not nurture in them!! multiplied by the fruit they did not bear!! multiplied by the fruit that their fruit did not bear etc................multiplied by the stripes Jesus received. Which means you are accountable in hell forever!!


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