Officers positioned around the throne
waiting to be seated in heavenly places:

Is there a God-sent prophet in the house?

by Dedric Hubbard
July 16, 2010

Well this is the day Jesus has been waiting for; we have come from behind the throne to give honor where honor is due. We have souls which have been praying all night and are now before the throne of God looking for a seat in the heavenly places. God is giving their souls a stern rebuke in the spirit because in the first time in their life their spirit is actually being fed and not in their flesh. Jesus has just finished preaching the installation sermon ("A prophet is honored in his own house') and the witnesses shouted the clouds down, expect rain in a minute. Because most didn't understand the verse in the bible I will not reveal the meat of the sermon, I'll just use the bones so that the end-time prophets/apostles can line up. This is for bridal prophets/apostles and everyone can accept pure revelation from the mouth of the babes in heaven for we have two newcomers at the table and we must address them so they can feel the atmosphere of what's about to happen. We have Entitled Warrants and Angel Eyes.

Entitled Warrants - Suffers with rebellion, obedience, respecter of persons, and illicit sex times two.

Angel Eyes - Suffers from a broken heart, due to an induced form of a witchcraft relationship. Illicit sex acts times two.

Now the table has ten spots some spirit and soul and some just spirit waiting on the soul, if you found your name yesterday as it was written on the place card you realize your hinderances. Your souls are in the hall of honor and it consists of every color in the rainbow and the glory of God will be released in your life times 10 because you are all king’s kids operating in one form of another in Elijah's anointing. Many of you if you make the correct choice will noticed a release instantly in wisdom, knowledge, and anointing when you make a soul's choice of honor. Inside the hall is the priest of the most high God and the prophet of the most high God-head. The priest controls the lever to the window and the prophet Elijah controls the flow of his anointing. In the sermon Jesus stated that the only reason that a prophet does not receive honor in his own house is when 1. The people assigned to the prophet know he is anointed and yet they still see him in the flesh. 2. They get all the answers they want and yet still look to the flesh for confirmation. 3.They use a prophet's ladder for release and then they try to crossover into unknown territory. 4. They see with fleshly eyes and not their spiritual eyes.

These are the four foundations for how a true prophet he states turns into a false prophet. All deal with uncontrolled lust for God and yet people don't want to do it according to spiritual knowledge. A bridal prophet has to know and understand colors, they are the basics of walking into the spiritual office of a prophet or apostle because this will be how you identify each other in the middle of tribulation and it will allow to release anointing on specific days. For instance, if God says today is red day (which it is), he wants you to acknowledge a sin or shortcoming for he wants you to come into obedience to his will. An Elijah prophet must know that you have a male and a female side. One is the power side and one is knowledge. If you have honored the knowledge side but not the power side you do not get a release. If you honor the power side and not the knowledge you do not get a release. Because these are one eyes but yet two individuals and what this causes is an episode of fleshly prophets because you are ministering with wounded hearts and therefore, you will not be fit for the kingdom of God. Now some of you have known what colors your anointing operates out of but because you have contaminated yourself with the unclean things you have not repented and therefore, you cannot operate in an office contaminated. You can try but it will not be from God because you must possess the knowledge and understanding before you are released into position.

Now there are only 4 prophets on earth who can see the spiritual colors around a person's life and no more because this is a glory anointing and the color around a person life's represents the anointing and glory they are able to release in a person's life. If you try to bypass the structure of the bride for any information in its infant stage you will be marked as transgressors for not honoring the prophet of God's house. God states in order to know your color you must be in a priestly state of mind because when a person tells you the color of your soul he is entering into a priestly office because only priests are allowed behind the veil in the spirit to see your life. Meaning those that pass the honor trial will get a nod of approval by the spirit to call specific people and say “what's my color today” no more than two if it doesn't add up you go back and say God who knows. God states that all offices in the bride are confirmed in the spirit, no paper trails. For when the rapture happens if you have anything that have lead you to Christ is traced back to a man you won't make that trip. God states everyone must have a priestly anointing or color for it represents your 12 tribes that are waiting on you behind the throne in the secret place. There are those who have already spied the land and yet we cannot make mention of it, but believe me there is a heaven after earth with all the trimmings of home.

Many of you have the wrong idea of sowing and reaping in the spirit. It represents a man walking, meaning when a person takes a step of faith and encounters a move or word of God that may impact someone's life they release it in faith which is knowledge that person is connected to a power source who builds on that faith and it takes you out of bondage, that is power. Therefore when you sow in power and knowledge you then get the increase of God 30-fold (faith word), 60-fold (power word), 100-fold (movement by the power of God). This is how the bride will operate. Many of you have sown into one vessel who gives you a flesh increase but no power. That is why your change is short-lived and you go back into bondage; it's because you are infertile ground sowing in rocks and or dirt. The Jezebel spirit is behind the throne and the pastors voices are slit.

The only thing keeping most of you from a major move of God in your life is rebellion, honor, respect of persons, sowing and reaping, lack of spiritual authority, not hearing the voice of God constantly, and honoring where honor is due. This is because of the lack of all foundational gifts in the church house. The bridal party must not have any of these defects in their character because if you found your name in the spirit you are a part of the bridal party assigned to hand out invitations. Marriage is honorable in all and the marriage bed is undefiled. God says this where you must count the cost. You cannot be defiled by operating in any illicit acts when God invites you into his bedroom, which is behind the veil. Your marriages are uneven, especially one of you. This is where you want God or man, family or God, job or God; this is where the sword divides your soul from your flesh and your true colors are revealed: either you are a child of God or a seed of satan. This is where the priest reveals your colors.

When you find a prophet that releases your destiny and you do not follow their instructions when they speak from behind the veil, your destiny will be fleshy, of the earth, and short-lived; not eternal as the heavens for you did not hearken to the voice of the Lord. If you pass the test you get the gifts and blessings. If not, God will call up the next group and assign them the task of the bridal party. If there is a prophet that enters my house of the bride, they are to be honored with the gifts and offering from the bride.

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