What's In God's Heart?

by Dedric Hubbard
April 30, 2010

One benefit of having a true relationship with God is the ability to go before the throne boldly, not only in prayer and words but in spirit at will and when requested. As we get prepared for Pentecost Sunday I was summoned by the Lord before he starts his introduction of those who are destined for destiny. God states that we must realize that he has angels in place on earth to warn people of the coming movements, changes, and disasters (which means be careful who you entertain). But what concerns God's heart is that we as Christians have used loosely certain terms that God says stink in his nostrils. Being (man of God) and (a man after God’s own heart) God states people don’t really realize the significance he placed upon individuals who are stamped with these phrases and being an end-time movement, God wishes to relay the consequences of such phrases being uttered as part of religious traditions and habits. While standing before the throne, God allowed me a look into his heart. Inside God’s heart is a menorah in the center of the ten commandments, five relational and five governmental on either side of the menorah. The menorah has the seven spirits of God named from right to left with eternal flames that are burning. The menorah that sits before the throne has seven branches which have the seven spirits of God named on the menorah from right to left. Behind the menorah are seven angels which are named from right to left. Facing God on the left side are the words Mercy and Knowledge, on the right side is Grace and Power. The commandments God states are leveled levels which mean they are relational levels as you gain from God you spread to one another.

God states that for a person who does not know him or his son they have no knowledge of him, which means grace and mercy are covering them because they have no knowledge of him and/or power that God possesses. But once you come into the knowledge of God you still are covered until you get the knowledge of what God is doing. It is at this point on earth that God says he wishes to share this revelation with you. In order to be called a man of God and/or be called a man of God in this season you have to prove yourself to God and not to man. God stated because of the incorrect revelations and failure to operate the church according to his standards has caused some of the people, pastors, prophets, apostles, evangelists, teachers to err in their teaching. God states his heart is for his bride to come forward and therefore he will not tolerate any disrespect against whomever he chooses to use (it is at this time fire appeared around the throne). It is a this point God stated that any and all imposters will be dealt with swiftly and thoroughly, because the church is so behind in where God says they should be, he is doing a quick work in and through ministries and individuals. Now there are those who truly have God’s stamp of approval on them because some of them unknowingly have had face-to-face encounters with God. It is at this point in your life that you are at your highest because you have faced your trials head-on with grace and power.

It is now with the mercy and knowledge you have learned that you will now be put at your lowest to be despised among the heathen and the so-called intellects of God’s word, you have to be put at shame before the world for the sake of the gospel, but as you leave you must not fear because God has your back now which means now you will have the right hand of God which is the grace and power of God that has been given to you amongst your trials and tribulations. Many will learn the mercy of God through your knowledge. Therefore, those that have been so-called in charge must become at their lowest so God can raise them to their highest. The rules are simple, God has a message he wants to covey to the world and he is using new people to do it. God states that he will perfect those things that concern him which means many will be offended, but God offends the mind to reveal the heart, but who knows the heart of a man but the spirit of a man and who knows the heart of God but a man after God’s own heart? Therefore, when God releases these people, what they may say you, if not spiritually mature enough, may considere as judgmental and at times it will be, but if judgment starts at the house of the Lord who will do it, but the people God has sent to do it? God says if a house is not kept it must be cleaned so who better to clean it then those who know the mind and will of God for the church at this present hour and after it is thoroughly cleaned, who is better equipped then to set things in order? The apostolic and prophetic movement in the coming years will be with power and grace thus making a church ready for transition into kingdom status and then home bound. You have to realize the kingdom must show on earth before we get to heaven and therefore there is much work to be done and no time for interference and games so if God called you for this season get ready to be hated for his namesake and all that don’t believe go ahead and say it “that isn’t God.” So the same way the new converts must understand, God is giving the world to understand his changes and plans so find a prophet that knows and ask. Make sure it’s of God and not of flesh.

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