The Me Me Syndrome
Melchizedek, Enoch, Moses, Elijah

by Dedric Hubbard
July 10, 2010

We are in a season where God is trying to purify his Bride before they are allowed to begin to operate in priestly anointing so you must be able to locate and defeat your 'me' syndrome. Melchizedek visited Abram after a specific battle in his life; the high priest just showed up and after conversation Abram give tithes to him. Many of you that have come out of the religious mindset have experienced God at a level that you never knew exist giving you a Joshua or Caleb spirit, meaning the ones that have the understanding and knowledge of who God is as a person, not just as a spirit or a being of worship. “You had better come along on this journey and I will show you how to get what God has for you and I know you can do it.” These are the Joshua's that are speaking with authority and boldness that many have never seen or heard because they have conquered all their battles and know that you can too. The Caleb's are the ones that since something is happening know that it's God and may agree in the spirit but not verbally or vice versa and not to miss out on anything they follow the words that Joshua releases because they are not really sure themselves and want to stay in the loop so they secret agree on the sidelines while watching the battle unfold thinking because they are connected to Joshua physically, spiritually they can keep up with what's unfolding, but they only get bits and pieces and Joshua gets the whole revelatory pie because everyone else is afraid to eat and drink what it takes to get it. And the Caleb's secretly conspire in the spirit with the 'me' mentality (or shall we say the I mentality): “I hear God, I am anointed, I don't understand, I wish,” you are no more that satan's playground when you think like this because when you think it in the spirit you draw warfare in the spirit not from the person but God and God uses that person's anointing to fight you through the spirit of his might, meaning God will have them confuse you until you know that he wants to use you.

The High Priest met Abram not for the purpose of actually wanting tithes but to see him and lay hands on him to activate the anointing on his life and the tithes was giving his all because the high priest had already given his all. It had to be so that when it passed down to Enoch it was perfected and he walked with God, so one veered off course and by the time it got to Elijah it was almost perfected but the flesh needed a little work and in came Jesus to finish the course, walking in perfection and leaving in perfection. Thus Elijah comes back in perfection to finish his course in perfection, one a fleshy being the other supernatural. So is it possible to live a righteous life before God? Yes it is, as long as you are an individual doing as God says and not as man. Each person that God took up or sent down and took up all walked as an individual in specific anointings and assigned assignments and they either taught or showed or both the power of God in their lives as individuals. The problem Jesus has is that he couldn't get everyone to work together and thus he tried until he had to go. The end-times speaks of perfection. You can have the Moses me syndrome where you think you are the only one in control and the law-giver in your church or home etc. You can have the Elijah syndrome and think you are the only prophet of God with the power of God, you can have the Enoch syndrome and think that you are the only one that can walk with God and have knowledge of the heavens and the earth, you can have the Melchizedek syndrome and think you are the most anointed person on the earth and for every word, revelation, and prophecy you release that you are supposed to be rewarded. Meaning you can be all these things and have the wrong motives, spirit, and revelations because you are stuck in self.

So I just had to run down to the valley of your soul from our priestly position in heaven to tell you Mrs. Jezebel and Professor Ahab that there has been a change in position in heaven and any religious structure, person, place or ministry that has the me syndrome (meaning you are operating in fleshy and priestly anointing) before you even think that you may go to heaven, you must pass by the seat of the beast before you get to the brazen altar. Now you are wondering how can God just say that? Because when you operate in the season of the end God puts things in play because we are at the end and he says he is making new beginnings because his powers do not end. And the beast is nothing more than his enforcers in heaven that he has combined in the spirit with people you are already accustomed to and therefore, they will strip you to the point of non-existence before you are even allowed to touch the brazen alter. Why did God institute such a beast in this critical time in heaven? Simple, many of you have never actually seen the heart of God and therefore, you don't know what he will go through to protect those who are in the secret place of his heart. Now how do you know when this spirit has hit you? When you continue to talk against a person who walks in a priestly anointing you are stripped of your finances (high priest), and then God sends a word to tell you what you have done (Enoch), your life then goes out of order (Moses), then you get mad and become hateful (Elijah) and that's when God sends the Holy Spirit to visit you and wherever you are he allows you to take your last breath in front of the people you have tried to impress with your 'me' syndrome. So in plain English the beast is the indwelling Holy Spirit that God has just released and guess who gets to be the Chief Enforcement Officer to point it the way it should go? I would tell them but yet someone would say I am just full of myself. And to that I would say yes I have the me syndrome the God kinda way because I am full of Holy Ghost power...

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