It's All Out In The Open

by Dedric Hubbard
May 20, 2010

Matt. 24:38 "For as in the days before the flood people were eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark"


As we can tell through prophetic words and posts, God is indeed moving in and through certain people that he has called to the forefront with a boldness and fresh wine being tasted like never before. But what are the attributes we as Christians must take on to be considered the bride of Christ? It is with this thought and frame of mind that God led me to this verse while conversing with a newly found friend in the gospel. Why would God liken his coming to basic and covenant functions we as humans partake in? It is because some of us have become common with God for many of us who partook of the Passover understood the special meaning it has for this season among all other Passovers. While many of us took it in traditional style as you commonly do, some really took a good hard look as I did at myself and said “it's all God or nothing” and changed habits, places, and friends as a result of that decision. While many took a look at their selves, repented, left out the door and became worldly again God has called the church to another level of authority, respect, revelation, and above all responsibility. Many people treat their lives, gifts and anointings as common. God calls them through visions, dreams, prophetic words, and confirmation through others, but they are too busy with the cares of this world, concerns, worrying or too busy paying bills, gossiping, shopping, etc., to answer God&rsqou;s voice and promptings. Their excuse is “I know God,” “I go to church,” “I pray” etc. All that is good but there is more to a true relationship with God than doing the basics.

The devil is coming in and the standard has been raised. More is required after you have been saved, and it is now time for deliverance. This is the problem with the church, everyone is saved but not many are delivered because if we were there would be many walking in kingdom authority. In other words, they are the ones in the category of marrying; they accepted the covenant and that's it, the thrill has gone. They received the blessings and are living life, have the house of their dreams, man and money and they have met the Jones' but so they think. Then there are those giving in marriage constantly communicating, working, and building on what they have it's a constant work in progress. Praying for one another, calling and telling each other revelations, washing each other in the word day in and out. Building on the covenant they have agreed on in front of God, there is never a dull moment or loss of love. What some of you may not realize many of you have covenant before God. Remember all those “God whatever you want to do,” “Purge me Lord!” “Whoever needs to leave, God let them go! Just me and you Lord! All I want is God!” SOUND FAMILIAR!! Many must understand these were vows to God whether you understood what you said or not. God needs mobile workers for this end-time harvest so he has sent me under an apostolic anointing to prophesy the word of God. Many of you have prophetic anointings, some know some don't. As a result of your words he is not going against your will, he is calling you on your words. In a prophetic anointing your life resembles his call. With that being said, 10 of you are having marital problems and second thoughts but because you don't communicate you can't talk to your mate. There are 10 women who have a heavy prophetic anointing on their life but are afraid to reveal it to their husband because of what they have been taught. There are 10 couples where instead of finding the wife they have bought a wife.

There are 10 women who have now realized they have made a mistake because they were wooed before they were soothed. There are five that were talked into marriage and not given in marriage. One of the keys to apostolic authority is communication. Many of you with these problems consulted man and not God. You listened to the spirit of this world and not the spirit of God. You are spiritually dead but naturally alive, your joy has left and you are pretending. Many of you were hunted instead of found which mean you were treated like prey. They understood your sexuality and not your immortality, they like your hips and thighs but failed to look inside, for if your spirit had connected with theirs through God you wouldn't have the trouble you are having now. You wouldn't be thinking about divorce now. Men and women of God, especially men, when you hunt a woman that is a survivor’s mentality and it is not of God. When Adam and Eve were in the will of God they didn't have to hunt, everything was provided. After the fall he hunted when he tried to provide for himself by covering himself with something that was beneath him which would eventually wither and die. Some of you the man that you have married out of God's will is withering and dying. Now is the time to go to God and communicate with him and listen for his answer; it might not make sense but to live in a desolate place pretending is not living at all. This is a sign of the cover he is about to pull off the spiritual church. The Holy Ghost is about to find that dark place out. It must be exposed so the healing can take place. You don't have a clue the power you have within you.

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