Stay In Your Lane And Run That Race

by Dedric Hubbard
June 27, 2010

1st Corinthians 7:20 "let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called."

While sitting still before the Lord my spiritual ears were adjusted to an interesting thought by a few individuals; although separate their thoughts equated to the same thing. The church, people, and the remnant must understand God is not in a move for foolishness, pride, and high-minded lofty individuals who try to remain at the forefront of the gospel scenes with false end-time revelations dedicated to try and keep all eyes on themselves. Many will try to become apostles and prophets as well as end-time ministries in the last days and thus you will seal your fate before you even have a chance to deceive the end-time harvest. The church has to recognize that these are foundational gifts and what is a foundation? Something you use to build on and what are you building? To a relationship in heaven with God and it has to be built with your own individual relationship with God. If not, you are just building another tower of Babylon in which you are trying to get to heaven with someone else’s anointing, advice, and knowledge. This is unacceptable as a Christian. When a person, leader, prophet, pastor tells or suggests to you that you have to sound like them, dress a certain way, or pass certain tests in order to be a minster or be a part of ministry, you are taking their route to God and not your route. This is a season where God is looking for individuals who can work as a group. I am sorry to inform you that in order to start building a relationship to heaven you must first find your foundation in which to build on. Are you a teacher, prophet, apostle, evangelist, or pastor? If you haven't found your foundation then how can you build? Is your foundation in helps, government etc. If you are just a person who sits on the pew then you have no foundation in which to build.

Listening to a pastor is not a foundation, it should equip you to find your foundation and guess what? Everybody is not a minister and thus shouldn't be trained or taught as such! This practice has kept the church in bondage for pastor scared, intimidated, and/or ignorant thinking these are titles which represent authority in the church. These are not “I am more than you” gifts but basic equipment needed to build and equip the people of the church in this season until God releases the model bride of how a church should operate. Any pastor that does not recognize and acknowledge the gift in a person's life will not enter heaven nor the kingdom. Any person who knows what they are and called to be but allows a person in authority to misrepresent them will not enter heaven or the kingdom either and that is a “thus saith the Lord.” God states that what you allow a person to do is deny you your inheritance that he has given you before the foundation of the world and a man that is that intimidated, ignorant, or fearful of a man is not fit to preach the gospel. Not only that but he has put himself in a god position to dictate who he says you are according to his rules and not according to what God has already instilled in you. The reason that many of you allow these leaders to put man-made rules on you is because you both really have no knowledge of God's heart or the spirit realm as you portray in your Sunday morning traditions. If you knew as much as you think you would understand that all gifts flow out of the heart of God and for you to not operate and/or be denied access to operate in your gift because of ignorance of other individuals you wound God's heart.

Many will learn in the coming months that God has raised the standards of Christianity. In all fairness what he is doing is knocking down your tower of babel that you have been building and the ones who speak kingdom will go one way, the ones who are ignorant will go another, and the ones that do church will go there way. There will be no more names on the outside billboards, churches, and cards because they will be coming to see gifts and foundations not men and women and with that they will see the power of God and not some flesh-driven leaders. So let your preachers preach and your prophets prophesy because when God's elects steps in the power will be evident. Many have already claimed gifts as titles thinking they are big-shots; in order to be able to operate in an end-time ministry or gift your calling must be sure. Many will learn some are only apostles and prophets by name, language, and their friend’s endorsements which will be unacceptable. You will not be able to talk heaven's language and not understand the workings, effects, and movements that happen when you speak. This will be necessary in a little while for when the Holy Spirit indwelling falls the angels and creation will only respond to those who possess the Spirit. Meaning for many to portray, have, or be called to a ministry and not have the experience, training, and angelic assistance for that ministry is as good as being considered false. The standards are raised and many are drowning; it's up to you to ask for the lifeboat.

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