Unauthorized Use of the Blood

by Dedric Hubbard
May 23, 2010

Well this the part I dislike but as I was out talking with my sister my spirit warned me something is wrong and thus it must be addressed. I sensed a spirit had try to come into my spiritual office and of course access was denied. In order to gain access you must have the key and one thing you have to realize is that when a move of God happens you cannot plead something that you don't understand, so how can you access the power if you don't understand the nature? But anyway, as I sat in my office in the spirit of course Jesus walks in with two angels and shows me the wound on his left foot and said “it's time” as a result. We decide we don't care what you may have heard, you have to understand the nature of the power in which you speak. The word of God only works when you are aligned with him, his will, and his time; then the angels perform on your behalf. This is the way the spirit of agreement works, therefore the blood only works in agreement. Be careful, this is strong meat and many may not be able to digest this but this is what you eat when you are sitting at the table.

Now with that being said, go get your favorite preacher and show him this and tell them GOD SAYS HIS SON'S BLOOD IS NOT A COVER, BUT A REVEALER! Now go get your favorite theologian or commentary and tell them to explain this to you. Now wisdom takes us to school through the Holy Spirit and because of the nature of the revelation we won't reveal it all; you seek God for the rest, just eat this rare:

1. Cain killed Abel - Creation can't kill Creation, Authority can't fight Authority, Man can't make Man look weak.

2.We were not created to die. Because God doesn’t die, Cain killed Abel prematurely as a result of his weakness.

3. God is the only one to reveal weakness and has the only authority to kill spiritually or naturally.

4. Abel destiny was never fulfilled because of a man. Cain was marked because he was the judge, jury, and executioner. The mark was a symbol of the fruit that could have come out of Abel's loins. Therefore he had to carry another's man burden.

5. Don't look at the blood, listen to it. The spirit had to return to God to give an account of what had happened on earth. Crying out revealing (your) weakness to God (reveal to God his weakness which led to him dying prematurely).

6. When you plead the blood over someone it is to ask God to reveal their weakness a little at a time, not cover it!

7. When you cover someone in the blood you are stripping them instantly, revealing all their weakness. Cain killed Abel instantly, the earth never tasted blood so instantly all creation knew. This means if you cover, everyone will know their weakness.

8. Now when you ask to cover them and thinking cover and the blood is for revealing, guess what happens? A lot of sweating and moaning because the spirits are not agreeing, however because of grace and mercy God may still do it because it's his choice. Or the devil steps in and he does it, thus he enters into your spirit and have you thinking you are something you are not. False

9. Unless you have the keys to the kingdom and you see them how God sees them and he reveals their condition is because of a sin they have God has told them to turn and it is a result of their disobedience or generational and they can't reveal it. Then you ask God to cover them, then the power of the Blood works, because the angels move, because of spiritual alignment, they heal them instantly.

10. That's how you use the power of the Blood, as seen from God's eyesight. Everything is out in the open because it is then everyone sees the power of God and not the weakness of man.

11. Disorder - Pentecost has just caused disorder. All man's wisdom has just been flushed down the toilet. The table is spread and plenty of meat on it, find your keys and access it.

Hebrews 10:26 “If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left.”

Now you are responsible for everything you say, listen to, or do concerning the blood. We are in provocation, do not harden your heart. After this move of the spirit your sacrifice was grace and mercy, it's about to leave. I don't know when, may not know ever (keeps me in check). You mess around and say something that doesn't agree in the spirit and that person is protected by God in this season and watch what happens.

If you don't have your keys in order keep your hands to yourself. Tell all your Chiefs, Masters, prophets, apostles or whatever that God said that Elijah said he is ready again, name the place and the time. Whatever does that mean? Everything is out in the open. Kindergarten is over, time for the elementary

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