Understanding Kingdom Grace vs. Church Grace
Find Your Position in God

by Dedric Hubbard
May 23, 2011

We have a reached a level of kingdom discipline in which only those who are fully grown spiritually will understand the nature of what God is speaking in this hour. As a result, many will begin to become offended when your perfect salvation in people's individual doctrine will be exposed, rebuked, and corrected to a point where your relationship with God will be challenged; a point where you realize that you have been deceived by human wisdom but yet failed to change to true revelation. In that many have been mistaken by inadequate revelations of the grace of God and have brought in the deceptive doctrine of demons in which they teach you are a sinner saved by grace, thus thinking your actions, responses, and falls are covered under this doctrine of protection. When you are in the world you go about your worldly systems in days, in seconds, minutes, hours, months and years, thereby you know right to the minute your plans responsibilities and goals for this world. When you are introduced to Jesus you no longer should move to the world's system of time, therefore you are introduced to God's timing, therefore you are given the timing of what you called “Grace” is actually the measuring clock of heaven. Inside Grace are two types of time: Chronos time - which is the time of physics, and Karios time - which is an unmeasured but ordered time outside of space. Thus Karios is fundamental and Chronos is derivative. In that you are given a certain length of time (grace) to figure out who you are in God, what is your assignment in God, what is your foundational heritage in God, and what is your destiny in God. Therefore, your grace is limited to your relationship with God. The more you become like him the more you operate in Karios time; the more you operate in the world you are operating on the world's system and Chronos time in which they tell you grace is forever and you are covered no matter what you do.

When you enter into the presence of God and establish a relationship those that live in world and Chronos time don’t understand Karios timing, which means if it's your time it's your time. There is a limit to the timing God allows for your sins to be hidden (and yet manifest to those who are assigned to help you), and then there is a time your sins are openly exposed because you have failed to operate in the standard of grace (timing) that God has allowed for you to become who you are in him. Thus he exposes your sins openly and allows satan to torment you consistently until which you are at the mercy of whatever God desires for you.

Therefore, to be a sinner saved by grace is not spiritually feasible nor is it impossible for you are saved to do work for the kingdom, thereby you become delivered through a set of timed trials (Grace) thereby you crossover to life from death. So your grace and/or time is from when you acknowledge God and become conformed to or deny his power in you; its between you and God. Thereby the favor that is in Grace is to be used in your sin while perfecting your relationship with the Father. Therefore, your sins become covered if you are seeking and discovering your gifts, callings, anointings, and destiny in God. In that many have come to abuse, abort, and/or deny the grace (time) God has given them for they choose to run to the frontlines, run to be loosed, run to the Elijahlist, Jones, Pierce, Bynum, Jakes, Dollar, Joyner, etc., taking off their grace and denying their own grace with God.

Many have been misled to understand that Grace is forever and yet it's not because anything the Father has written there is a season in which it stops. The Kingdom prophets operate outside of Chronos time and operate in Karios time. There is no grace in Karios time because they operate in the timing of God, thereby there is no set place and/or time these prophets will begin to manifest. Thereby the grace the church teaches keeps people in bondage in which you sin constantly and at will because you don’t like conviction and/or offense so many of you listen to preachers of love, grace, and prosperity and anything that agrees with your flesh and yet the behind the cross preaching of these Karios-time prophets will rip the flesh and grace from around you just like the cat of nines on Jesus back, signifying you cant just stand to listen to one of the 39 Gospels he left in the spirit and turn your back on the other 38. You have to understand the front of the cross as well as the back of the cross to understand the grace (timing) of God. Many of your sins are about to be revealed because you have sat in pews, ran to conferences, bought books, chased websites, and hung on to the grace and favor (time and opportunity of others) and not finding and revealing the grace (time and favor) that you had to find out who you are in God. Your mission is God is to never follow these choice leaders and name-brand prophets all around the country, sowing your money, buying their material and thinking you are getting closer to God. Your mission is to see these people in action and find what you have to offer the kingdom of God. As such it's not for me to prove my and/or God's revelation right, it's for you and your leaders to prove me wrong. Thereby just dismissing what many say in this season may constitute the judgment God needs to lift Grace off of you and many will see that you are blind, wretched, naked, and poor and allow the ministry that you favor so much to finally close its doors.

They have made other men's gifts their Idols and I have counselled them to acknowledge their grace in me. They follow the heathens around the country and they dont see they do not speak for me. O what does a Father do when the children will not listen to my voice? I show them what they love and I shut my ears to their voice. No I did not hear the cries around Noah's ship, I shut my ears two years before; karios time of course. No I did not hear the cries of Sodom and Gomorrah, I shut my ears 1 year before, karios time of course. And now I will not hear the voice in 7 days before I the Lord will strike (karios time of course). I sent Noah to the heathens, I sent my angels to the perverts, I sent my son to the church and they have killed them all on the altar of that porch. Behold a fearless messenger now will I bring, unleashing the spirit of the past to condemn what was lost: respect for my Throne, for man has been a thorn to those who want to believe. Now I will show them love for burning them in their sin right where they fornicate and sleep with the demons of men. Therefore tell the preachers of love and grace the Lord of Hosts is back to destroy the love that I give when they look back and reveal how I long for peace. Now I will destroy them in the manner of a feast in a week.


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