How to Date, Meet
...and be Given away in Marriage in the End Times

by Dedric Hubbard
July 12, 2010

In order to not be fooled by the devil you must realize and know that God has the perfect man/woman for you and because of our fallen nature you must also realize the devil has the perfect person for you as well. Now in the end-times you must forget everything man has taught you until now. Although I have the whole revelation this is just a combination appetizer because of what God is trying to do through single people before they marry. You must understand that man and woman were made together. Therefore, there is no weakness in a woman whatsoever unless they make themselves helpless. The curse is for a woman to have to work extra hard to get what she needs physically and monetarily, but not spiritually. That is why they were cursed at childbirth, meaning to bring something to life will be extra hard for them unless they have wisdom in authority (meaning they are grounded in God).

A man must realize that there is no weakness in him at all except in his emotions and his labor which means most men's minds are on providing and they are emotionally driven when working unless they have wisdom in authority (meaning they are grounded in God).

So we have physical, monetary, and emotional limits that are different and can be in a man or a woman. The common grounds are labor and wisdom in authority in God. We have three negatives and two positives but now we have two natures, a fallen and a spiritual nature that have to enter into the equations, one built on lust and one built in the spirit. So how do we know what to do? We first go to God and make our request known. No answer? Then God wants you to speak to what's inside of you and if he approves, it will echo in heaven by appearing and speaking back to you.

Now we go to the example that our parents left. Adam recognized Eve but she didn't speak back, meaning God enjoyed the work of Adam and understood his loneliness and gave him a mate based on how he treated God. This means Adam's spirit spoke and yet his mouth didn't so his mate was based on looks and structure, but no spiritual foundation.

So how do you look for a mate in the end-times? You build on the nature of your spirit if you are still in sin, meaning you ask for negative and expect the positive as long as you use wisdom in authority and are grounded in God. Example: establish foundation and say “God I don't know if you want me to be married (godly foundation) but I need help in the monetary department. Send me a husband/wife with a decent job. I don't care what he/she looks like (lust nature), but let him/her not be violent and let them be good with kids (spiritual wisdom in lust by asking God). I don't know if you hear me, but I am trying to learn your voice, so let him/her already have a strong relationship with you (spiritual foundation in lust by asking God), and if he/she is the one I want you to let me know by showing me in whatever manner.” (Spiritual foundation in godly wisdom). Now depending on what God wants for you he might give you instructions. If you are a whore he will tell you to stop so you can hear and see because you are still being passed all over town. If not he might direct you into a store or somewhere you have never been and there that person is.

But if you know you hear God you state boldly: “God (strong foundation) this is what I want. She/he has to look like this (name what you like)(lust nature), and she/he has to make this much, but I don't care I have money, house etc.(spiritual godly foundation in lust) and she has to have a strong foundation in you so I know that she won’t be hood (or whatever word you use)(strong spiritual foundation in godly wisdom).” And God speaks and he says call this person and say “I want to marry you,” or go over to this place and tell her/him this. So how do we know in both of these situations that God has spoken? Whoever makes the effort to see in the spirit instead of speaking to it. Many people ask God to show them a person's heart and never ask God to first show them their spirit, and then asking for the heart. A man/women that has been God-ordained and uses the simple instructions above will come to that person and speak to their mind, spirit, and soul because we are in three dimensions when God sees us, but to get out of the equation we speak to the fourth also, which refers to what surrounds us as singles. He states:

“I see that God has a prophetic call on your life; my calling is____. I see you are a very intelligent woman and____. I see that you are a real follower of Christ and I guess you may be doing this, but for your call I see you should actually be doing this because____. I see you doing this and that and the ministry God is calling me to. This is what I have learned and this is where I see God taking me and I could help you in yours also because I see you learning this and you will have to learn this also.”

There is no need for him to speak to your soul because by this time God has already knitted your soul to his and then you know that you are his soulmate. If a man/woman is for you whether you hear God clearly or not, the moment he/she speaks to your destiny and changes your season that's your mate.

So there is nothing wrong with a woman or man asking the other to marry because in the beginning we all were one and they just happened to find their soulmate by being spirit led. A man can be hidden just as well as a woman, there is no difference in God's eye except in which gifts and anointing they have. So what foundation? Is the prophet lying today? The authority in a marriage is neither man nor woman because both have spiritual authority in wisdom and foundation in God. The spiritual edge goes to whomever God speaks to when they build a ministry together. To not allow a person or mate to speak while you have the spotlight is not authority but a subtle spirit of pride. For we must be mindful we all have a form of lust in us due to our fallen nature, it is how you handle it in the spirit that matters. If you are married to a man or a woman and you haven't started a ministry of your own, in God's eyes this season you either married in lust, are unevenly yoked, or were just lonely. Ministry in God's eye speaks on this wise: as I stated before but now with clarity, whomever God gives the vision to for the ministry is the authority at that point, man or wife. Which means the stronger vessel is the one with the vision for ministry, the weaker vessel prays for success for the ministry. Before the ministry gets God's stamp of approval the weaker vessel (that which prayed for the ministry) is the birther for they labored in prayer and therefore he/she is honored with the first fruits of that ministry. And what is the firstfruits? The choice to rename or keep the name of the ministry the same. The one that birthed the vision now changes position and becomes the visionary in prayer and the other becomes pregnant with potential because they want to work in the ministry too and thus m/f gifts are born to perfect the ministry.

However if the two are in the Lord and they have not brought forth ministry they are of little faith and are not fit; being unaware of the impact that they could have in the kingdom of God in their hour. You in God's eyes burning in lust see the vision, want the vision, but don't have the faith to walk the vision so you burn in potential and breath smoke (I will, I need, I wait). Pride has you standing in the filth of your faith which has come to naught. It is at this point God turns his heads Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost and everything that comes with them and places it on another for you are dead in human faith which is not of God

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